Youpimon! - Chapter 2: Elementals (English Subs)

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TV: But even if we believed experts, the economic development of tourism in Creuse allows an opening to **ZAP**
TV: In a moment, dogs that dances macarena, and the martyred Youpi by pokemons scandal! All the pictures after the commercial! Don't zap! **ZAP**
TV: It's Teletubbies(tm) time! **ZAP**
TV: Woman: "No! I can't leave you, Christopher! The child is from you!" Man: "What? It's impossible! I love another woman!!!!" **ZAP**
TV: So either you leave with 6000 francs, or with what's behind the curtain... **ZAP**
TV: Focus, Louis. 2+2= ? A. 124 / B. 4 / C. 0 / D. 464317 / It's a question worth 500.000 francs, Louis, remember that you have 2 jokers left... **ZAP**
TV: News Flash! Youpopulaire (Youpi), Franck (Human) and 'Zed' (Human) have been arrested in the Pokemon Arena of the East.
TV: They got in without paying and dared to attack Pikachu. We remind our audience that this crime is punished by death.
TV: Tomorrow, they will be executed. The day after, they will be judged.
TV: All right, I thank you to watch the news, in a moment, the Weather forecast, then at 8:50 PM, Pokemon: Believe in Yourself(tm) and at 10:50 PM, 'The good tips of Pokemons'.
Mister Rabbit: Oh my god! I'm late! Late! Late! I have no time, I'M LATE!
Math teacher: Ax+b-C+3nI*4= 3ab+c Prove it.
Math teacher: Prove it.
Vivi: How to prove that we exist? Maybe we don't exist...
Morpheus: Hello, Neo. Remember, I'm just offering the truth. So choose well your pill...
Franck: He's still not awake? What did they do to him?
Zed: ...In the police, we did that sort of drug. We get three hours of violent hallucinations...
Zed: Youpis are very receptive with that kind of treatment. Some of them falls into a coma. But Youpo is stronger than the average. He will resist.
Franck: We need to find an exit.
Zed: Down here?
Zed: Bad idea...
Zed: We teleport behind the bars with Youpi's spell, then we get down by the right wall!
Zed: Bad idea...
Pyro: If Zed is actually involved...
Youpyromane is a Youpi who refuses the pacifism of his race. He proved it by his actions, especially by lending money to the Pokekill Agency.
He knew Zed while he was driving at 225 km/h (drunk). Zed didn't arrest him.
He mostly uses FIRE attacks.
Age: 1st Rupture / Gender: M / Class: Attacker / Weapon: Axes, Shotguns
Pyro: ...What should I do?
???: No ideas, but I'm sure you're one of them.
Blastoise: This house is not authorized as the Jungle Laws says. I will then take action as necessary...
Pyro: NOOO!
No need to go here.
Police Station
Pyro: MOVE!
CoWboYz: Adjutant Dupont, to serve you!
Found 40 rings! You have 270 rings!
Locke: This is a #@$&#@$ miscarriage of justice! I want my lawyer!
Cop: Shut up!
Commissioner Moulin: Hello!
Pyro: Someone destroyed my house so move your ass and take my deposition!
Moulin: Yes sir! Good sir!
Pyro takes his deposition.
Pyro: So, now you will release Youpopulaire, Franck, and Zed. Right now!
Moulin: Umm, well... It's... We can't.
Pyro: WHAT?!!
Pyro: Do I need to remind you that you belong to me just like everyone else?!
Moulin: We can't do anything about that, damn it! It doesn't depend of us!
Cop: Shut up! I'm trying to sleep!
Pyro: NAH!
Locke: Oh, well, I will maybe just take advantage of this moment.
Cop: Shit! The prisoner!
Moulin: It's your fault!
Cop: WHAT?
Pyro: Moulin! Get here! Set the teleporter to where they are!
Pyro: You, set the teleporter to "LA KATRAZE"!
Scientist: Sir, I don't know what are yo-you-you...
Moulin: Go ahead, Georges.
Scientist: Uhh... yeah, yeah...
Scientist: If you go into the teleporter, you can't go back. It's not like movies, you know?
Scientist: Are you ready? [YEAH!] [Nah]
Scientist: Come back any time.
Scientist: That will take about a half-hour. You can move a little inside the vortex, even if it's pointless. Just be patient, that's all.
Scientist: Okay, go!
Moulin: I go too!
Pyro: Why did you come?
Moulin: In case they kill you, you won't be able to finance us...
Pyro: I hope you won't be too late.
Moulin: Don't worry! I have a big gun, and I can invoke SABIN!
Moulin: When Sabin comes when I invoke him, then we can't arrest him if he fights in public!
Pyro: Yeah...
The prison where you can't get out. "LA KATRAZE"
Cop: Stop right there!
Singer: Don't leave me. Don't leave me.
The enemy suicides. That's the police distress. Try to understand them. Singer: Don't leave me. Don't leave me.
The enemy suicides. That's the police distress. Try to understand them.
Pyro: Oh! What is this?
You found a thingy!
Found 15 rings! You have 285 rings!
Service Note: The entrance to the special floor is hidden.
You have to use the short radioinactive Beta XI4+y wave scanner to find it.
First, the scanner makes a signal (@=5X+3z/50%v+7) to have a response. That's why you have to hold the scanner to the horizontal.
When the response is slow, and low amplitude logenitusondal, it means there's not much particles gravitating around the core N (or N=4x+3c-@) and then the entrance is far.
Otherwise report yourself to the page 58 of the manual of your scanner.
The [ENTER] key will be used to open the nuclear tridimensional wave entrance and evaluate your distance.
Beep... Beep Beep Beep!! PLEASE WAIT!
January 11th - I can't stand it anymore. Food makes me wanna puke. ARGH!
January 12th - No way... They want to kill me...
January 13th - In no particular order: 1d, 4a, 5c, 4b, 2c.
January 14th - NO I DON'T WANNA DI
This emigma uses the sound - Please turn on your speakers
Voice: Hello! Press the red square.
You have chosen National Security.
Press the 1st square of the secret code. You have chosen National Security.
Press the 1st square of the secret code.
Oh no! You missed. Try again!
Press the 1st square of the secret code. Oh no! You missed. Try again!
Press the 1st square of the secret code.
Good! 1 point.
Press the 2nd square of the secret code.
Good! 1 point.
Press the 3rd square of the secret code.
Good! 1 point.
Press the 4th square of the secret code.
Good! 1 point.
Press the 5th and last square of the secret code.
Good! 1 point!
Youpi: ... What happened?
Franck: Hefty... invoked four robots... They beat us.
Franck: Then, they drugged us... and...
Thierry: And yeah, my little Jean-mimi, prisoners are still here...
Jean mimi: Ya, Quite, Thierry.
Thierry: We look forward to you to watch at 8:50 PM, after the news, to comment the execution.
Jean mimi: Quite, Thierry! So have a nice evening on TF1!
Pyro: Where are we?
Moulin: In the loft. We're taking here the most dumb prisoners. They got stuck here by their own.
Pyro: What?! There's no way my investment go in that stuff!
Moulin: Nah, it's Muk who invests the Loft. Don't worry.
Pyro: I think I will watch you a little bit more... I'm sure you got like three salaries!
Moulin: WHAT?! NEVER! Just two, nothing more, I can assure you!
Pyro: I will never understand officers...
Fabrice-Edouard: I'm sure this Johanna bitch fucked Hazy!
Quiny: Yeah!
Azzige: **farts**
Azzige: Oh! You got a thingy! Wanna trade it with the key of the Loft?
Pyro: ... [Yes] [No]
Azzige: Bad!
Azzige: Yeah!
You got the key of the Loft!
Nohanah: I will fuck Lhorre!
???: **farts**
Stivi: Yeah!
Found 25 rings. You have 310 rings!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Yeah? Didn't you want to say something to me?
Lackey: Yep! You haves to present za special show tonight! Yep!
Jean-Pierre Focul: And that will be?
Lackey: Well... You will laughs, I don't know what's the show that you will presents!
Lackey: Well... nah, I don't remember what show are you going to show... Zep!
Jean-Pierre Focul: So... that must be the "Saturday Night Live Execution"...
Jean-Pierre Focul: Judging from the guests we have, Youpi and his friends, that can't be anything else...
Jean-Pierre Focul: They could have warned me earlier...
Jean-Michel: Prisoners have been transfered to the studio!
Thierry: And yeah, my little Jean-Mimi, that will be a great execution!
Jean-Michel: Ya, Quite, Thierry.
Thierry: In 10 minutes, find us for the Saturday Night Live Execution! Just after the weather forecast!
After the commercial and tens of commercials...
Jean-Pierre Focul: Hello! Welcome to the Saturday Night Live Execution with a CRAAAAZY public!
Public: YEAH!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Tonight, we will execute not one, not two, not three, but FOUR, yes, FOUR people!
Public: Yeah! Bravo!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Attention! Here's our 4 candidates!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Don't worry for your security, in the public, there are armed men to protect us of these criminals!
Jean-Pierre Focul: So, are you ready?
Public: YEAH!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Good.
Jean-Pierre Focul: We'll come back after the commercials!
With Colle Gate, your teeth will be more white!
Pokemon 6 is released on DVDs! Buy it!
For my cat, it's MEOW FOOD!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Welcome back to the studio of Saturday Night Live Execution!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Don't forget that, at home, too, you can vote for our 4 candidates.
Jean-Pierre Focul: Choose who we will execute first with the number which appears down your screen.
Jean-Pierre Focul: All we need left is... The executioner!
Public: The executioner! The executioner!
Public: YEAH! BRAVO!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Here's Hector, our executioner! And with us, tonight, to comment this execution, I would ask you to applaud Thierry Roland and Jean-Michel Larque!!
Public: YEAH!!
Jean-Mimi: Do you hear us, Jean-Pierre?
Jean-Pierre Focul: Yes, yes, I can hear you my little Jean-Mimi!
Jean-Pierre Focul: But before that, is the public READY?
Public: YEAAH!!!
Jean-Pierre Focul: What does the public thinks of this execution? Let's see!
Jean-Pierre Focul: Sir, what is your name?
Someone: My name is Pierre Dupont.
Jean-Pierre Focul: And is it the first time that you come see an execution, Pierre?
Pierre Dupont: Yeah, but I don't miss any on TV!
Jean-Pierre Focul: And what do you think of this one?
Pierre Dupont: We should kill these bastards! KILL THEM! KILL THEM! KILL THEM!
Jean-Pierre Focul: And you, what are your reactions?
Pyro: Some people here have sinned. It's a shame.
Public: Yeah!
Pyro: And as I always said...
Pyro: God gave us the fire to repent of our sins...
Franck: Watch out! Youpis are fakes!
For independent reasons of our will, we can't assure the retransmission of this program. We apologize. The editorial team of TF1.
Zed: Youpopulaire... and the other... they are statues!
Pyro: Shit!
Franck: We can't do anything! By the way, who are you?
Moulin: We'll introduce ourselves later! Let's get outta here!
Bouncer of TF1: You won't get out.
Pyro: Oh yes!
Franck: Let's get outta here fast before the others comes!
Franck: We can't do anything for them.
Pyro: I don't care, I found Zed.
Moulin: We should get out before other bouncers gets here.
Pyro: Ok, we're going.
Pyro: It's locked.
Franck: No more doors anymore. Hehe.
Maker's Note: I always dreamed of doing this in many games...
This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.
[Click on "Details"] [Punch it]
It's now safe to turn off your computer.
Windows has created an exception in the module FF0243B6489C6D3F. Battery Status: 054DF2C31B58A6E3F14C
[Press ENTER] [Do a headbutt]
The enemy is weak to the 'Beethoven' element, he loses 666 HP.
Pyro: Almost the night...
Franck: It is 09:30 PM GMT+02.
Pyro: We'll stop at the village?
Larvingrad (It's cold)
Pyro: Go to the Inn? [Shops first!] [Go to sleep!]
SPORT 2000 - Closed because of Low season.
Barmaid: Tourists? Oh, nothing... What can I serve you?
Professional: HEEEELLLLOOO!
Why did you come, sweeties?
Pyro: Because it's the only place where we can sleep in this shit hole...
Professional: (shit!)
I will lead you to your suites: suite 69 and suite 43!
Some moogle: Kupo! Choose a story!
Franck: So, you are a commissioner?
Moulin: Yup.
Moulin: The 15th commissioner of the repression squad of diverse crimes on public, parks, and gardens.
Moulin: I'm changing of topic, but... That Zed... is he one of your friends?
Franck: Well... just someone we know... Why? Is he wanted?
Moulin: Nope, not at all... But I advise you to not trust him too much.
Franck: Why?
Moulin: He's not what he claims to be, but I'm not authorized to say more.
Zed: Thanks, Pyro. Without you, we'll be...
Pyro: You're welcome...
Zed: You know... That Youpopulaire... I wasn't mistaken.
Zed: If he was at the head of an army, pokemons would be no more...
Pyro: But your Youpopulaire is dead... or in jail.
Zed: I know he's alive. They wouldn't kill him...
Pyro: Why?
Zed: I prefer not to talk about it. By the way, who's Blue?
Pyro: A dumbass. A failure of life.
Blue: Why they released us?
Youpi: I don't know.
Blue: Why you don't know?
Youpi: I said I know nothing!
Blue: So?
Youpi: Let's go to the hotel.
Blue: You're fast!
Youpi: It's late, we should sleep!
Blue: Everyone says that...
Youpi: You can sleep outside if you want!!!
Blue: All the same...
Professional: HEEEELLLOOOOO! Want a room for an hour?
Blue: I KNEW IT!
Youpi: Uh... But...
Youpi: We want TWO ROOMS!
Professional: Sorry, we only have one left. (hihihihi!)
Professional: Follow me, I'll lead you to the Bridal Suite.
Youpi: They released us without saying anything. They threw us out of jail...
Franck: So, what should we do now?
Pyro: Well... I'll just go to where Zed will go.
Zed: There's a train station near here. We'll just take a train and go back to the north. We'll see later.
Blue: I think I'll follow you...
Pyro: I saw that dog before...
Pikachu: Each reality is a possibility. The void is true. Be welcome.
Pikachu: You are dust, and you will stay as is, as they say. But this dust will never change.
Pikachu: Mankind is a malleable dust, or every other intelligent civilization, equal or superior.
Pikachu: Beneath his intelligent animal, all it is, is a social animal. It belongs to us to be their will.
Pikachu: Do you imagine? An insignificant overmediated World War? We have the power.
Pikachu: I'm just asking to go back in your place. Be a nice victim, and avenge yourself.
Pikachu: Accept to declare war, or brave the void...
Pyro: It's maybe just a feeling. Let's go.
Professional: Hey! You need to pay first!
Only 349 euros for the night! (Escort service not included.) [Yahoo!] [No]
Young drug addict: Get off!
Squirtle: Don't put your hands on that door. You would feel a big pinch.
Syndicated Mocking Employee of the National Society of french railways' cat: Meow!
Syndicated Mocking Employee of the National Society of french railways: Hello!
Youpi: I would like to go to the north!
Mocking Employee: Okay. There's still some Next Gen trains.
Youpi: Next Gen?
Mocking Employee: Next Generation. They are ecological trains.
Mocking Employee: Simple, there's cranksets, and YOU move the train. Hehe.
Mocking Employee: It's ecological, silenced, and you do sports.
Mocking Employee: The price of this revolutionary transportation is very affordable. 1000 euros for 80 secondes. Hihi!
Youpi: This is robbery!
Mocking Employee: No. That's monopoly.
Mocking Employee: It's simple, you buy 80 seconds (non-refundable) and you go forward.
Mocking Employee: If you pedal too fast, it's possible that the tires actually blocks for 2 seconds. (Safety Measure, hehe...)
Mocking Employee: If you go too slow, you lose some time.
Mocking Employee: If you don't have enough credit, hihi, you will be sent here. And do it again.
Mocking Employee: and your money will not be refunded. That's the progress!
Understood? [Yes] [No]
Mocking Employee: It's 1000 euros. [Yes] [No]
Mocking Employee: Go to the door.
Revenge is waiting at the end of these rails.
Don't miss the next episode of Youpimon!
Man in black: Mister Youpopulaire and Youpyromane?
Man in black 2: You can't continue...
Man in black 3: This is just a demo.
Man in black 4: Please gently follow us without fuss.