Shiryu versus Death Mask

Uploaded by chibidella on 01.04.2010

Fitting end for such a meddling child, isn't it?
Thank me now, for I have sent your fiancé to the other world!
Soon you shall meet each other again, forever united in death!
Yes! Now!
...My hand!
But, Shiryu... How could this be?!
Never have I felt... so great resentment towards an opponent, never like now, Cancer!
I shall have no mercy for you!
...I cannot believe my eyes.
He was all but dead, utterly exhausted...
Then why...
...Is his Cosmos so strong, so unbelievably powerful?
No Gold Saint could be his match as he is now!
Cancer, your evil ways have awakened in me the most terrible aspect of my sign.
Your victims scream for vengeance, as does my beloved Shunrei.
You have stepped on Love and Mercy for far too long to be deserving of life anymore!
You have never shown doubt nor hesitation, there is no trace of Athena whatsoever in you!
You have awakened the rage within me! Why did you do that, Cancer?!
Why did you make me so terrible and merciless?!
You have not spared not even the defenseless that crossed your path...
You have not even hesitated to render your enemies as Zombies!
You had no mercy of a fragile maiden...
...Whose only sin was to pray for my sake!
Oh, how I feared that this day would come! Do you know, Saint of Cancer?!
How long I feared that rage could get such a hold over me!
And despite this now I can do nothing...