Fastest Way to Lose Weight

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thanks for joining me on this video about the fastest way to lose weight.

this is a gimmick free approach to rapid weight loss
and this will be a series of videos
um... they give you
several of the rules of fat loss
and when you put these rules together
you can lose weight fast. Faster
then uh... you've ever thought possible
didn't get started rachael waiting and uh... with fat la small number one
that was true number one
most important role of fat loss that to burn fat and lose weight fast,
you must create the calorie deficit
now suppose this may sound
it is
actually the reason why so many diets fail
so let's look a little bit closer
we've talked about a calorie deficit overtime calorie deficit
persons calorie restriction
now most of us on a diet we typically start by reducing calories and that's
because we're told
to lose weight
we need to eat less an exercise more
now the problem with this is that we can produce
calories in our diet
still gain weight
again this is why some diets fails that people
reduce calories
after doing so they see themselves not losing weight
and uh... kind of leads to frustration and then the people
you've got the diary of a job
from one diet at the next forty for something that works
now calorie deficit is different
and that's because we all have
each of us have our own unique
uh... amount of calories to lose weight
everyday whether it would just laying around in bed or watching tv
there's a minimum
amount of calories that the body needs everyday
when you exceed this amount of calories
you end up putting on weight
when your calorie intake is less than what your body actually needs
it was good
now this is the number one will fax you have to create a dot calorie
and that is you have to
consume less calories
then your body actually needs
tagged again this is the number one rule fat loss of doesn't change
and this must be present for and got to work
now the problem comes with
most of us just don't know how many calories of body needs every day
you know blindly were eating you know what we think we should be eating
you know speaking calories instilled in weight mats
what often happens so for example of your body needs just fifteen calories
per day
and you're reading two thousand calories a day
those extra five hundred calories
the body has to do something with them and what they did it
puts those five hundred calories into our
fat cells
to use for later
now if your body needs just fifteen hundred calories daydreaming two
thousand calories a day
and uh... you find out your gaining weight one m
you wanna lose weight now you decide to
cut calories from your diet now let's say
you cut out four hundred calories a day from your diet
even though you cut out four hundred calories a day do you think you should
be losing weight
you're actually still gaining weight because you're still leading a hundred
calories more
then your body needs each day
came again this is the source of frustration for so many dieters
because calories and don't seem to lose weight
and no they're not given up on their diets with a jump to another diet
looking for you know
something that works
now since burning thirty five hundred calories peoples uh...
about a pound of body fat many of us tend to think that if we cut-out thirty
five hundred powers from a diet to lose upon the fat
but again
utility cut thirty five hundred calories l
you're not necessarily going to lose upon the fact
because it is just as long as you're beating
more calories
than the bonds that meets your polythene gain weight
so the fastest way to lose weight is to create the calorie
first have to know how many calories your body actually needs
and this number is so important and it is the key to
your weight loss
nauman expedient to give you a scientific calculation returning how
many calories you
york specific body needs each day
once you know this number you're going to have the fastest way to lose weight
do you know if you'd like to learn more right away on the about the fastest way
to lose weight
please visit my website at W W debit dot three-week diet dot com
this three-week diet sixteen unique approach to rapidly burn body fat
and it is truly the fastest way to lose weight
how many people seemed robson twenty pounds of more than just twenty one days
on this diet
now i appreciate you watching this video and i'll see you in the next