9º Congresso Diante do Trono - Helena Tannure fala sobre expor o outro pela internet

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Someone already told him you are very bad or bad mood?
Oh God, Oh Pain, Oh bad luck.
The sound is bad, right? Heat is not it?
You delay the preaching, is not it?
Is not nothing good in the mouth of another, God of Heaven
Only known claim
You like that? Or you're that person that day is boiling.
The Ezenete is so business is boiling and it is
Oh, just to glory in glory of victory in Victoria
The greater the struggle, the greater the victory
All that I can strengthen
It is an inspiration to us
A person so it contagious worldwide
The brawl also
Nobody saw it was cloudy
But the brawl: Is Cloudy
And the other guys that exposes the internet
This close, is not it?
I think before the throne ...
No, but in fact they were ...
And now ...
Let me talk son
When David was being chased hard by Saul
Had the chance to kill him
Saul lost the anointing of God, began to pursue David
For jealousy and envy, David was anointed King
David could have finished with Saul
But David said: Woe to me, in playing an anointed of God
Saul was anointed one days, if he is doing something wrong
His problem with God
Helena No, we do not kill anyone before the throne of
But forest with their mother, or with your fingers
The Internet is the greatest tool for evangelization
Use internet you speak evil of his brother
Before the Throne or other ministry
Not involved it is not based on the wheel of the scoffers
You are being called to be Holy
If before the throne of doing or leaving do
They hit that with God
They will have to give satisfaction to God for all they do
Why was God who put them where they are
Now, do not close the heavens on its head, my brother
If you can not kneel, pray and cry
That God incline our hearts to your will
So shut your mouth
For the Diversity not you come on
Once the people speak, speaks, speaks
Key, key, key.
And question: "God that the Lord will not bless me?
"God! The heavens are made of bronze. "