Possesed (불신지옥) Part 1 Eng subs

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Please hand in your test papers.
Executive producer PARK Hyun-tae
produced by JUNG Seung-hye
Do you have any stronger medication?
Starring NAM Sang-mi
Go get a flu shot. You've had this cold for too long.
RYU Seung-ryong I'll get better.
KIM Bo-yeun
SHIM Eun-kyung
If you multiply five times this, y is cancelled out and it makes ten.
Then x is two, right?
Wait! Wait!
Here's your change. Thank you!
Producer LEE Jung-sae
written and directed by LEE Yong-joo
Sis, were you sleeping?
Why are you calling so late?
Sis, are you okay?
What did you say?
So-jin? Hello?
Hee-jin, it's mom.
Why are you calling so early?
Something terrible has happened.
What's happened now?
So-jin is gone.
Who is it?
It's me.
What happened? Why did she disappear?
I told you.
I came home yesterday and...
Did you report it to the police?
The police?
Then what?
Think she'll come back if we do nothing?
We have to pray.
Let's pray together for So-jin's return.
Mom, please stop it!
This is why So-jin left.
Hi, honey.
How is she?
She drank some water and slept a little today.
Say hello to daddy.
Say hi.
Dad, when will I go home?
I want to go home.
You can when you get better, Ji-eun.
When will I get better?
You'll get better soon.
In a few days, you won't feel any pain anymore.
Of course.
You trust Daddy, right?
Who is it?
Ms. Hee-jin Kang?
Yes, what can I do for you?
You made the missing person report?
Name, So-jin Kang. Age, 13 years old.
So she must be in middle school.
So she has a scar behind her neck?
Yes, about this big. And it's right here.
So your mother came home in the afternoon and she was gone.
But where's your mother now?
She's at church.
What's your sister's cell phone number?
Why isn't this pen working?
My sister doesn't have a cell phone.
All kids seem to have one these days.
Well, it doesn't look like she's missing.
Looks like a mere runaway case.
A mere runaway?
You see, when kids run away from home they don't say that they would.
So if you wait a few more days...
Is that all?
So is that all the police can do is to tell me to wait a few more days?
Don't worry too much.
These days, kids suddenly leave home and come back a few days later.
Forget it. We'll take care of it ourselves.
Cops are no use anyhow.
Who is she to say that?
Do you know the family that lives in 1308?
Who are you?
The police.
Did something happen to them?
Oh, so do you know them?
Well, not really.
Don't tell anyone that I told you this, okay?
That place is freaky.
Very evil.
A mother and her daughter live there alone and...
Don't touch anything.
I'll be down right away.
I'm leaving now!
What happened?
Is she dead?
Do you know the woman who committed suicide?
It wasn't a suicide. She was trying so hard to live.
That's natural. They do that all the time.
How do you know? Do you have proof that it was a suicide?
There was a will.
Where is he?
In the bathroom.
Bring me that will.
It's a will.
But it's written on a talisman.
Your sister's name is So-jin, right?
So-jin, I'm sorry. Her name is Jung-mi Kim, age 27.
And she's lived here for one and a half years.
She was supposedly close to your sister, but you don't know who she is?
I told you that I don't know her.
Give me a photo of your sister if you have one.
Someone is here...
Who are you?
He's a police detective.
Oh, so you're So-jin's mother.
I have a few questions.
Get out of here!
- Get out of here! - Please calm down.
Get out!
Get out!
Mom, what are you doing?
Hee-jin, they're all with Satan! You're not supposed to let them in!
Mom, please stop it!
This is So-jin's photo.
You must've been surprised back there.
I'm sorry about what happened with my mother.
It's my fault for being with Satan.
Don't you have a religion?
I don't have that kind of stuff.
Then what do you believe in?
Do I have to believe in something? It's hard enough making a living.
My mother wasn't like that before.
She got worse after So-jin got sick.
Your sister is sick?
There was a car accident two years ago.
My father passed away and So-jin was near the point of death.
With my father's funeral, debt, and So-jin being sick,
our family became devastated.
It was a living hell for us.
Mom said that she prayed So-jin would get better.
Then So-jin survived, as if her prayers were answered.
But she became strange afterwards.
She didn't talk and was always panicky.
I thought it was because of the accident at first,
but she gradually got worse.
She'd have convulsions later and couldn't go to school.
What did the doctor have to say?
My mother didn't take her to the hospital afterwards.
She said prayer would help her. That it was all God's will.
Why didn't you turn on the lights?
Are you going somewhere again?
I have to go pray. I'll be there all night.
Is this the time to go pray, when So-jin is missing?
That's why I need to pray more.
Why do you pray so much?
So that So-jin returns.
And for our family to be happy.
That's all?
That what else is there?
Hee-jin, it's still not too late. Repent and be saved.
Mom, please stop.
My daughter may go to hell, but you want me to live as a deaf-mute?
You call that family?
Is this how we got saved through your prayers?
This is hell for me right now, got it?
There's no worse hell than this!
You know why?
Because you don't believe in God.
That's why it's hell.
Mister, about that family in 1308...
You know, the freaky apartment.
When was the last time you saw that little girl?
I saw her just now.
Over there.
She was sitting there and stared straight at me.
Come on.
Stop talking nonsense.
Why is that nonsense?
Do you know who that girl is?
She's possessed. She's half-human.
She'd stare right at you. Her eyes aren't human.
What are you talking about?
I killed a lot of Viet Congs in Vietnam.
I killed a lot of those commies with my M-16.
You need to put commies like them into camps and fix them right.
Talk doesn't work for Koreans.
If I say one word, they all tremble.
If I tell college elites to crawl, they crawl on their hands and feet.
That's who I am.
- Mister. - I won't take it anymore.
Mister, pull yourself together.
Crawl, you son of a bitch.
You bastard!
What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?
I'm tired. I'm going home.
Who is it?
How could he vomit this much?
This is a Guinness world record.
What the hell happened to him?
What else? He poisoned himself to commit suicide.
Then you call this a murder?
Why would he drink so much of that stuff?
No signs of him resisting at all.
No matter how much you wanted to die, would you drink that much?
It's not like it was one or two bottles.
Looks like some piece of paper.
Man, he even ate paper.
He's dead?
Get some rest for now. You don't look so good.
Who are you?
Who are you?
I heard So-jin had disappeared. I was worried so I came by.
So many bad things have happened lately.
Are you close to this family?
We shared some food time to time.
Since we're all the same neighbors.
Then did you know the woman who lived in 307?
That poor girl.
Why did she do such a thing?
Do you know why?
So-jin, I'm sorry was written on her will.
Do you know what that means?
I don't know anything about that.
But I'm not sure if I should tell you this.
Please tell us.
I thought something was wrong with her head since she didn't talk.
But I learned that it was something else. How could I put it...
I can't say it.
She's possessed?
Not too sure if that's the right word for it.
Anyway, she's a very special girl.
At first I thought she was just sick.
But then that girl from 307 told me one day...
She went to church often with So-jin's mother and was close to them.
So when her mother wasn't home, she'd look after So-jin.
So-jin, what are you doing?
Come out and eat, okay?
So-jin, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
I feel sorry for Chang-shik.
What did you say?
Poor Chang-shik.
Who's Chang-shik?
Don't you know Chang-shik?
Kim Chang-shik!
Chang-shik's crying.
He's sad that he couldn't see his daughter before he died.
It was so strange. Chang-shik was her father's name.
When she was a child,
her father left home after he had an affair.
She didn't hear from him for many years afterwards.
Then he called her two years ago, saying he'd come visit.
But she said no to him.
She told him not to call and said he wasn't her father anymore.
It's so freaky.
A girl who didn't speak suddenly mentions someone else's father.
But what was freakier was that she had a strange feeling.
Anyone would feel the same after hearing that.
So she went to the district office to look at her father's records.
And then she found out that her father was reported dead.
She was shocked after hearing that.
That's so freaky.
Don't you think so?
Don't you think?
Aren't you going to do something?
How do you expect me to trust what she said?
You believe that story?
- But we should still look into it. - Look into what?
You expect a detective to investigate some superstition?
Go ask those American detectives. You know, those X-file people.
Then what about the will and the keys?
Do you have any intention at all to find So-jin?
We're just looking for a junior high girl who ran away from home, okay?
It's not some murder case, you know.
So don't overreact.
People have died!
They were suicides!
Don't you get it?
What is it?
Okay, I'm leaving now.
Where are you going?
Do I have to tell you every single thing that I do?
I have a lot of other cases, you know.
So go home.
I'll call you if something comes up.
Damn it.
Searching for Missing Person
He's drinking it.
He's drinking it again.
I told you it was a suicide.
He's drinking it down.
Does it taste that good?
There's nothing to it. It's all the same.
Rewind a little bit more.
A bit more.
Doesn't that look like a talisman?
- Maybe. - It is a talisman.
Did Shaman Mansoo make it?
There's this shaman that lives in that apartment building.
Her name is Mansoo. She was close to the security guard.
Do you know where you're going?
There it is.
Let's come back later. No one's here.
You know how to pick locks, right? Open it.
We have to look for that talisman and find out why it was made.
Wait, so that talisman killed people?
Or maybe they needed it because they were scared of something.
What are you doing here?
I had left something behind.
What is it?
But why in this room?
Well, you see...
Is this it?
Why that?
Because they're scared of something?
Get off!
Get off me!
Are you okay?
You really don't need to go to the hospital?
I'm okay.
How far do you remember?
I remember getting hit all of a sudden.
And then it felt like I was dreaming.
But when I woke up, I was standing.
It was strange. It was a dream but how...
It's me.
Put out a search for that shaman for assault.
There's a possible kidnapping. So call for backup.
Yeah, I just confirmed it.
Yeah, idiot.
That shaman is a key suspect. Hurry and move it.
We'll get something after we catch her.
Excuse me.
You're a cop, right?
Please arrest me.
Please save me!
What's going on?
I saw So-jin.
You saw her in there?
She was standing there. Over there.
But no one's there.
She was there earlier.
I swear. Please trust me.
Do you know that shaman?
Do you have that talisman? The one made by the shaman?
The shaman didn't make it.
So-jin did.
I have uterine cancer.
The doctor said I only had six months to live.
So-jin's mother said I got cancer because I didn't go to church.
She said I'd be healed if I believe in God.
So I went to church, thinking it was my last hope.
And that woman from 307 as well?
Jung-mi and I were like sisters.
So-jin's mother told us to go to church together.
So the three of us went...
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry. Give me some food.
I'm hungry.
Give me some food.
I'm hungry.
So-jin, we're going to church.
Put all the empty dishes in the sink after you're done eating.
Bring an umbrella with you.
That guy will die when it rains.
He's going to die today.
He's going to die.
The man who lived in 709 suddenly passed away that night.
So-jin said he was going to die and he really did!
So-jin, you ate all this?
I'm hungry. Give me some food.
How did you know?
How did you know that he would die?
It's hot!
Oh no!
I'm so sorry!
What happened? Your face is okay now.
Are you okay, Su-kyung?
What about the talisman?
What about that shaman?
When I was depressed long ago, I'd go to the shaman to ask my fortune.
But So-jin's mother said all that stuff was Satan and superstition.
She told me never to go there. So I didn't afterwards.
I was so scared.
That girl wasn't a regular person.
I couldn't make out what she was. I was so scared.
So I called the shaman.
I need to see this girl in person.
What are you doing?
Let's just find out.
How could we do such a thing?
That girl is possessed. And it's very mad.
What's that got to do with me?
So your father lived with regret?
And she said that he'll die and he really did?
But you all prayed to the wrong God.
Then what shall we do now?
What else?
You beg for mercy.
There are only two paths after we die. It's either heaven or hell for eternity.
You must be on your way to church.
Mister Kwon, believe in God and be saved.