Mahabharat - Episode 78

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The Sun rises and sets at its own pace
Truth and Untruth light at Kurukshetra
One day follows another
The story is the same : war continues as people die
I stand in the arena, pierced by arrows ...
... wondering when this war will end
From the manner in which it is fought ...
... its seems the war will never end
Sometimes the Kauravas win sometimes the Pandavas
Day by day, Gandhari's sons are lessened
On the nineth day she had only 74 sons living
O Sun God! My respects to thee!
I, too, shall take refuge in darkness and ...
... wait for you to rise
Tonight is the night to stay awake ...
... the night to think
Tonight is a night to respect ...
... because it is going to unveil a scene ...
... never before witnessed by any other night ...
... and never to be witnessed again
Everyone in Yuddhistir's camp is thinking
That is tonight's locus
O King of Matsya! Is there a way to win this war?
Not as long as Bhishma lives
But he has the boon of wishful death
That's the problem or I would have killed him by now
Don't use harsh words against him
Should I fall at his feet?
Should I thank him for prolonging ...
... this one-day war to nine long days?
That's a worthwhile thought!
Do you really want me to touch his feet?
Why not? It will be your good fortune to do so!
There can be nothing more divine than his blessing
There's no point in your going
Yuddhistir should go ...
... and return his blessing of victory
Return his blessing?
Yes, Brother!
What use his blessing if he himself stands ...
... in the way of its fulfilment?
An empty gold plate in front of a hungry man
Will the hungry man eat the plate?
If he has given you a blessing of victory ...
... then he must also protect it
But Krishna ...
There can be no ''buts''
He knew he would oppose you in this war
He also knew of his boon of wishful death
He knew he was the chief of the Kaurava Army ...
... and the Pandavas could not win till he died
Why then did he bless you with victory?
Don't you know the answer?
Of course, I do but ...
... why should I interfere between ...
... grandfather and grandson?
So, let Yuddhistir tackle the matter
Brother! You may take Arjun with you
Our respects!
May you be victorious!
We are not here for your blessings
We are here to thank you for the opportunity ...
... to see Sage Parshuram's disciple in battle
Also, to thank you for our wounds ...
... which are your gift to us
But please do not bless us!
What are you saying, my child?
Does refusing my blessing mean ...
... you consider me to be an enemy?
We cannot even think of that!
Still we cannot take a blessing from you
Why, my child?
Because we don't want ...
... your blessing to remain unfulfilled
You yourself stand ...
... between us and victory
You are right, my child
I stand between you and victory
But I am helpless
I cannot stand aside
Neither my defeat nor my death ...
... is possible
That's why Krishna said ...
... I return the blessing given before the war
O so Krishna said that!
Tell him I do not take back what I have given
Not even a blessing!
But Grandsire ...
You may cut my bow or my arrows ...
... but please do not ...
... interrupt me ...
... like Duryodhan
Forgive me!
May you live long!
What was I saying?
Tell Krishna ...
... I can't take back what I have given ...
... not even a blessing
Also tell him that he very well knows that ...
... he'll win in the end ...
... because he is the beginning and the end ...
... as also the middle
He also knows ...
... how to remove me from the path of victory
If a woman comes before me ...
... I'll not raise my weapons
Then there'll be no difficulty in...
... removing me from the battlefield
How can a woman come on the battlefield?
It is contrary to the Warrior Code
I have told you what Krishna wanted to know
Ask him to solve your other problems
My respects
May you live long!
May you be victorious!
Will you eat a guava?
I don't feel like it
- They are sweet - No
Will you eat one Arjun?
Answer Elder Brother's question
Where do we get a woman to light Grandsire?
Cannot anyone see me?
I will lace Grandsire tomorrow
There you are! Your problem is solved
Draupadi will lace Grandsire
Will that not violate the Warrior Code?
If women light when there are men ...
... men will be shamed
That's true! Why should women light ...
... when there are men?
Don't talk to me of men. I, too, know a few men
These live great men are hoping that ...
... they need not kill the Kauravas
After all, they are all related
I am an outsider
So what if I have been insulted
Now that is doing them an injustice
As great men they cannot counter-attack ordinarily
You are an extraodinay women
Learn to behave like one
Do you want History to say that...
... Lakhs died for your unbraided hair?
Can you bear the burden of so many corpses?
You are not only a woman
You are a symbol of pride for all women
So, don't talk about your insult when ...
... fundamental questions are being debated
You are right, Brother
Draupadi cannot light when you are there
But surely Shikhandi can light!
He may be a brave warrior but...
... he cannot light Grandsire
Besides, Grandsire had spoken of a woman
Shikhandi may be hall a man but he is a man!
He may be hall a man for you but ...
... Grandsire won't raise his bow when he sees him
Because, dear Sahadev ...
... for Grandsire, Shikhandi is a Woman
Grandsire will recognise Kashi Princess Amba in him
It is true that Bhishma did not ...
... knowingly or unknowingly insult Amba ...
... but an insulted Amba did not agree
She even vowed in the Hastinapur court that ...
... she would take birth after birth ...
... to become the cause of Bhishma's death
So, she was born again and again ...
... till she took the form of Shikhandi
But will Grandsire recognise her?
Had he not been Bhishma he would not recognise her ...
... but he is Bhishma ...
... and so he will surely recognise her
My respects, mother
What blessing shall I give you?
The blessing of salvation
How did you come here at this time?
I was thinking
Weighing the past days
Tying to decide whether my life ...
... was worthwhile or useless
Someone who has done nothing for himself ...
... his life cannot be useless
Only Amba's debt remains unpaid
When Krishna sent Yuddhistir ...
... to return my blessing I realised ...
... the time to return her debt was at hand
I recognised Amba hidden in Shikhandi's form
What are you doing here, mother?
Honouring this piece of land
What's so special about it?
Tomorrow your bed will be placed here
You are very tired, son
You have a right to rest
You have served me well ...
... like sons serving their lather
I am pleased with both of you
We hope to serve you in your new life
Don't talk of the new life
From today I release you from slavery
From this moment, you are free citizens
What have we done to deserve this?
Slavery is a taint on mankind
Man is born free and he should die free
Now go!
Begin your free life from today
When you return at Sunset ...
... who will help remove your armour?
Who will letch you fresh clothes ?
Don't worry about me
Now go! I need to be alone
May you always be born free!
Bhishma frees his slaves
He himself is enslaved
He hopes slavery ends
Remains no longer in India
My respects, Brother!
I have no blessing worthy of you
Your stature has grown so much...
... that no blessing can match it
Your stature is bigger than victory
Victory is now your shadow
If you do not wish to bless me, don't but ...
... you must accept a request of mine
What can an ace archer like you want?
What do I have to give you?
There is something!
I want you with me in today's battle
It will be my last battle with Grandsire
I cannot win it without your help
Will you ride with me on my chariot today?
By the grace of God!
Of course, O son of Kunti!
You don't know how eager I am to light...
... your Grandsire
My respects!
May you live long!
I would rather have a blessing for victory
Accept what has been given, my son
Do not embarrass the giver by asking questions
How do you know ...
... if the giver has what you are asking for
Even if he has ...
... he may not want to give it
If he does not have it he will be shamed
Both the giver and taker have their limitations
As your son, I want to know whether ...
... you don't have it or you don't want to give it
Are you questioning your lather
Then allow me to kill Duryodhan
I cannot bear his barbs any longer
He says you and Grandsire favour the Pandavas ...
... in spite of being in the Kaurava army
He has already told me that
Duryodhan is like the child who cannot ...
... distinguish between the moon and the flame
Don't listen to him!
How can I not listen to him?
When he says that, Karna smiles
His smile pierces my heart like a dagger
That's why I am questioning you
Tell me on whose side are you?
Maybe I am on your side
You cannot understand Bhishma's and my pain
We are like the setting Sun
Till we do not set ...
... the new Sun cannot rise
So, don't worry about us, we are about to set
This is our nature and historical duty
Relationships mean nothing while doing one's duty
Every person is alone in doing his duty
I am responsible for what I am doing
You are responsible for what you are doing
So, do not ask why ...
... I do not bless you with victory
Accept with respect whatever blessing I give you
If you wish to win this war win it on your own merit
You cannot win this war with a blessing
What is this that Sage Drona said?
He is right, my lord
If the Kurukshetra is a holy ground then ...
... this war cannot be won with blessings
Few people know the limits of a blessing
A blessing is a matter of responsibility
Even the Queen did not bless the Prince with victory
A blessing is not a gift ...
... to be given to anyone who asks for it
I perceive that your tone is slowly ...
... becoming bitter like that of Vidur
The bitterness is not in the tone but ...
... in the heart of the speaker or listener
Had you not been the King or Duryodhan's lather ...
... whom would you have blessed with victory?
But I am the King and Duryodhan's lather
I will remain what I am
I may not remain King of Hastinapur ...
... but I'll always be Duryodhan's lather
So, control your bitterness and let me live ...
... with my own bitterness
Just look at the event of my bad luck
None has blessed my son Duryodhan with victory
It is also a holy war for me
Whether Drona blesses his son with victory or not
Whether Gandhari blesses her sons with victory or not
Duryodhan represents me in this war
For the wind, the flower and dust are equal
The flower has pollen
The dust has nothing
The flower is attached to the stalk ...
... the stalk to the stem, the stem to the roots
The dust has no roots
It flies and gets into the eyes
Like you got into the Prince's eyes
Hail Prince!
Shikhandi is riding the chariot with Arjun
Shikhandi on Arjun's chariot?
What is he doing there?
When he could not do anything alone ...
... what will he do with that impotent's help?
But why two warriors on one chariot?
In any case, ask Grandsire
Yuddhistir met him yesterday and ...
... today, Arjun is with Shikhandi
I suspect a plot
Go find out!
Take me to Grandsire
My respects!
May you live long
Why did Yuddhistir meet you yesterday?
He did not ask me to give you up
Even if he had, I would have refused
He must have come there to say something
He had come to return something
He had come to return my blessing
What blessing?
The blessing I had given before the war ...
... something you had resented
He came to return the blessing of victory
Actually, that blessing was futile because ...
... I cannot be defeated
If I cannot be defeated they cannot win
What did you say?
I cannot take back a blessing
So I had to tell him how to eliminate me
You told him how to eliminate you?
What could I do?
I had to protect my blessing
I don't understand on whose side you are
I am on your side, my child
I am lighting for Hastinapur
Nothing deserves greater respect than the motherland
If God asks me whether ...
... I want Heaven or Hastinapur ...
... I'll ask for Hastinapur
I'll opt for Hastinapur a thousand times
I, too, am asking for Hastinapur
You cannot let them take away Hastinapur
I, representative of the King of Hastinapur ...
... order you not to leave the battlefield
I give you my word that ...
... I'll not leave the arena till the war is over
Why did you tell them how to eliminate you?
It was nothing special
Any warrior can be made to leave like that
I told Yuddhistir that I would not light if a woman ...
... is my opponent
Even your Uncle would do the same
Then why is Shikhandi on Arjun's chariot?
Is Shikhandi on Arjun's chariot?
Yes, Grandsire!
In that case don't let Shikhandi lace me
But why are they together?
Because he is also a woman
A woman!
What's the news?
The news is Grandsire won't light Shikhandi
He will lower his weapons on seeing him
And that coward Arjun will attack him ...
... from behind Shikhandi
So, don't let Arjun's chariot go near Grandsire
Order all your warriors ...
... to keep Grandsire and Arjun apart
Bhishma will not ...
... attack Shikhandi
How then does one ...
... protect Bhishma?
All, including Shakuni, think...
... of an appropriate solution
What can be done ...
... to save his life