Hang Out with Beth! - 10/1/12 (Full Ep)

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BETH HOYT: Oh, that's, that's where Alabama is.
They all, I get those mixed up.

Hi, friends.
You're watching My Damn Channel Live, and
its host, Beth Hoyt.
That's me!
It is indeed Monday, and the first of October.
How do we feel about that?
I love it.
Fall is summed up in three words.
Pumpkin, spice, latte.
I don't even drink it, but Starbucks like, they really--
I mean, I would, I just don't often.
But they--
don't they just nail the essence of coziness of fall
right there?
They did that.
Give me a sweater, let me put it on in front of a fireplace.
OK, what else is happening in the world?
And by the world, I mean like, the trash blogs that I read
after too much wine.
Anne Hathaway got married, you guys.
Why aren't they giving us any warning these days?
Also, Anne Hathaway didn't want to wait for her hair to
grow out to get married?
I mean, a marriage lasts however long it lasts, but
those pictures live forever.
Also, Justin Bieber puked on stage this weekend.
You know, oh my god, just another example of how much of
a stronger performer I am than he is.
I did an entire show and a vlog back to
back with Andrew WK.
Partied hard, totally kept it all in.
Just saying.
Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes made a driving tutorial video.
You should watch it here.
I don't think we should trust them.
I'm glad the NFL refs are back, although my Packers
hardly needed them last night.
Go Pack.
Oh yeah, we sure, it's fine.
We're going to be fine.
We needed that loss, actually, to get our butts in gear.
Because we weren't playing the best.
Anyway, we've got two men, what else?
We've got these two men practicing their cue cards
like crazy.
And prep for the first debate on Wednesday night.
They're at home being like, and I can't stand him.
Front of the comments?
Five bucks.
I don't know.
I have empty pockets.
It's false.
It's a false prize.
What else have you been up to?
I want to talk to you.
What are you talking about?
We have someone telling me something in a comment in the
forum from YouTube.
Have you seen the pilot for "The Mindy Project," or "The
New Normal?" Both shows are super good.
The remaining characters aren't enough to describe how
good "The Mindy Project" is.
That wasn't enough.
It is good.
Many Kaling is so funny.
That's a really smart, funny show.
I like it.
I like the bright colors that she wears.
And "The New Normal" is the new "Modern
Family?" Also, right?
It's very good.
And I love the main character who was the lead on "Book of
Mormon." and he was also in "Bachelorette." I was in the
scene when he stripped.
It was very sexy.
He's very gay, it's fine.
He's gorgeous upper body, and lower.
Check it out.
I don't work for them.
Next comment.
Did you ever run your lawnmower into anything?
Guess what, you guys?
I have a story that's not been approved by the animal people.
I, one day I was running my lawnmower around.
I had a riding lawnmower when I was growing up.
And I wasn't just riding it around, I was cutting the
effing grass, you guys.
And listening to "Reality Bites" soundtrack on tape.
And I, all of a sudden my--
oh, I forgot about this.
The lawnmower just stopped.
I didn't know what happened.
I thought-- once I ran over a hose, and so I thought that
whoops, I did that.
Because like, the sprinkler would be out.
It wasn't a hose, but it was similar.
Oh my god, you guys.
I ran over a snake.
And we didn't know that.
We turned the lawnmower over to see what was happening, and
in the thing there was-- ugh.
There was a snake like, ugh.
I cut him up.
I cut him up, but not enough.
He was still kind of intact, it was so gross.
I don't think we ever used the lawnmower after that.
I think we let the lawn grow.
My house is--
that's why I haven't been able find my childhood house.
Someone needs to go cut that lawn.
Someone needs to help out my mom and go cut that lawn.
We have another comment from YouTube.
Thank you, take me away from the snake.
Ellen Paul.
Ummmm, who is your fav singer and why?
Right now--
I mean, this varies a lot.
I really love me some Whitney Houston, some Cher.
I don't love all--
you know, I'm not just--
I'm not a gay man, but I do love those.
And I also really like Rob-- and again, I guess I have this
similar taste.
But Robin right now, if I put that on and I'm
listening to it.
And I'm, it is on.
We are, I am a queen.
Again, I am not a gay man.
If I'm walking around listing to Robin, I am
ruling New York City.
I feel great.
I also really love David Byrne.
I like the new album, too.
I love The Talking Heads.
I mean, the list could go on.
But I'm not going to keep going.
I'm going to stay Robin for right now.
Robin is doing it.
She's doing it, like me and her roll in the city.
Next comment from YouTube is from TotalTonix.
Did you just link barelypolitical?
And then that face.
They're amazing!
They are amazing.
Mark Douglas was on this show a while ago, and we had a big
birthday party.
And Grace and I just went to their offices and filmed that.
She was Lindsay Lohan, I'm Amanda Bynes.
It was the super fun.
You guys should watch that video.
We parodied the crap out of those two.
Not hard to do, because they are parodies of life.
You guys, today is not just someone's birthday.
Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it is.
It's also McMayhem Monday.
Here's a brand new one.

STEPHEN SEIDEL: Winning is everything.
We're here to help.
Winning is everything.
All right.

What was it again?
I forgot it.
-(SINGING) McMayhem.
What, you didn't know?
Naw, he ain't playin'.
MCMAYHEM: The park has hired me for a couple of days to
assist people and coach them a little bit.
MCMAYHEM: You guys are doing a great job out there, but
you've got to hustle.
Hustle, hustle.
We're gonna to make sure that Benitas doesn't see his
girlfriend for a couple of weeks.
-All right.
MCMAYHEM: Because every time that he has sex, that's one
more game we're not going to win.
Now, I put you on varsity for a reason.
-Did you?
MCMAYHEM: All right, now stop.
Push ups.
Three push ups.
One, two.
Yeah, yeah, do the clap.
I haven't had sex in a month.
You haven't had sex in at least three.
Take a knee.
Take a knee.
We beat Islip?
We beat--
MCMAYHEM: West Islip?
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
We've been working for this for a long time.
-Leave me alone.
MCMAYHEM: Now, other leg.
Other leg.
Switch it up.
-Dude, what is this for?
MCMAYHEM: First of all, I'm not dude.
I'm coach.
Now, and I'm only your coach for the next four games.
And then you're going to go away to college.
What if they get your jewels in a knot?
-Nice job, guys.
Keep going.
MCMAYHEM: You might want to have them run suicides.
No, no.
I want to kick your butt as hard as I can so that you can
kick that team's butt.
-Yes, coach!
MCMAYHEM: Thank you.
-And I want to win.
MCMAYHEM: He wants to win That's that.

BETH HOYT: How are you doing?
What else are you guys talking about?
Throw me a comment.
I got it.
It is from Ellen Paul.
Try to make these faces.
Oh, my gosh.
Ha ha, but do it really fast.
OK, wait.
Let me see.
Smile, frown, I don't know what the S is, and the tongue.
OK, ready?

And uh, mm.
We're done for the week.
See you guys later.
Oh, I think we should look at another comment.
This is from MinigunFiend.
If you had a donkey that could fly, wow, where
would you fly it?
And what would you feed it?
What's it been fed that let it fly?
I would keep feeding it that.
That would suck if you're like, let's fly over the
Atlantic Ocean.
And then you were like, I brought along a
bunch of Pop Rocks.
And then you're like, this will be fun.
The donkey will like, you know, be exciting.
And the donkey eats that, and it's like, that was exciting.
But then it's like, but also I need fuel.
And you're like, we're over the ocean, and
there's octopus in there.
And then the good thing is you have a panic attack and die
before you even hit the water.
So I'd keep feeding it like, whatever's letting it fly.
Probably Jello?
Jello's very light and airy.
Jello with little, little little bits of banana.
For potassium.
But not a lot, because that will weigh you down.
It'll just poop over everyone below you, and then everyone
would be like, that girl with her--
And I want everyone to like me and my flying donkey.
Thanks for comment.
I liked that.
Let's look at another one.
It's from DonutNawzi.
Beth, I missed you.
Do blondes hate brunettes the way brunettes
tend to hate blondes?
I don't know why you're bringing that up, but I've
lost a lot of friends.
I've lost a lot of friends that, when we were younger and
we weren't sure what our hair color would be, we were pals.
And then we got to be five or six, and that's when you
determine that hair color is staying.
Sometimes kids are red headed when they're younger, and then
they grow out of it.
And a lot of my friends who then turned brunette would no
longer talk.
And yeah, no, I love brunettes.
I love all hair colors.
I have nothing against any hair colors.
I like them all.
And I actually just got my hair done today, guys.
Just got it cut, and blown out.
And I debated for like, half an hour--
no, five minutes-- about going redheaded.
But that would be a mistake.
Anyway next comment is from zeonio.
Looking good today, Beth!
Yeah, thanks for noticing that someone that was professional
did my hair.
Blow dried it correctly, instead of just going--
That's what I do.
I just like, hate my life.
Don't you hate blow drying your hair?
I'm just like, argh.
This needs to be over.
That's how I do it, but he did it like,
we loved life together.
It was really fun.
That was my day, and that's our show.
Tomorrow, Daily Grace is hosting.
She's a year older, you guys.
Don't tell her.
Just kidding.
Her guest tomorrow is Dan Dobi.
If you don't know, he made his new
documentary about YouTubers.
It's called "Please Subscribe," you
should check it out.
And Wednesday we've got a really fun show planned with
the Wing Girls.
And Thursday, DC Pierson is here.
So funny.
And on Friday, my sister Julia is going to
join me on the show.
It's going to be a great week.
I'll see you on Wednesday.
In the meantime, don't drink milk before you do a concert.
You're my favorite.