Fe-male: wooing Art في ميل مع تيما الشوملي: معاكسة 101

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I don't know... I don't think I like this song.
This song sucks.
Come on, it's awesome!
I wonder why was I stupid enough to listen to you...
"Sager we can pick up girls there"
We've been driving around the nieghbourhood for 15 minutes and nothing yet.
Around the niebourhood? All you're doing is driving around the circle.
WOW!! Score!
Give me more suger you sweet dessert!
I want to stomp you and become the first to set foot on the moon!
Seriously! I don't what do guys expect when they harrass girls in this manner.
That the girl will actually get in the car with them?
Or maybe give then her phone number?
Or just fall head over heels for them?!
If they had some kind of chance with the girl, it'll be gone after this stunt.
But there's one factor most guys don't take into account when they are harrassing girls.
I'll call you back in 5 minutes.
By the way, our work is dessert delivery... We drive sugar pies home all the time.
Really?! That's so great!
Yes for real! Where do want us to drive you?
Get over here!!
Sorry buddy...
I was kidding.
I... love... violent girls...
From this point on imagine that the girl your harrassing is hard as nails, not scared, and ready to fight.
I imagine that you'll think twice before harrassing her.
And what about if the situation is reverses, and the girls start harrassing guys, would that work?
Would the guys put up with that?
No one here...
Thanks a lot. What's that are you filming?
Yaeh, strange huh? I live (love) you!
What's your favorite line for harrassing girls when you see a pretty girl?
Hmm... "What's your name Ms. Bombshell?", "hey there, lioness with perfect body!"
What's your favorite method of harrassing girls?
-I don't do that. -At all? -Absolutely.
I have sisters... Those practices are shameful.
It depends on the girl, for example if she's wearing a...
So you even harrass girls with hijab?
Yeah I do, there ways to make harrassment sound conservative...
I tell her: "my nickname is seeker of heaven and god's praise, what's yours?"
I love your wax, send me a fax, there are plenty more that you may hear...
When the girls are grouped they will comment aloud about your shoes, trousers, and many things.
To be honest, here in Jordan the verbal harrassment gives a strange feeling...
Their words doesn't make you feel pretty, you just feel like they've never seen a girl before.
Then if she's wearing a viel do you still harrass her?
No because she respects herself, for some people the way they dress shows that they are respectful.
So you mean unless she's wearing a viel she has no self respect?
No that's not it, even if she's not wearing one but acts and dresses decently.
But some girls behave and even walk in a manner that you feel they are asking for it.
Do you ever feel that what you're doing is bothering the girl?
No not at all.
If she comes and starts beating you, what do you do? If she slaps you on the face for example?
No I don't let it come to that.
So you run away?
No I don't run, but I keep a retreat plan.
What about you? How would you react if a girl started harrassing you?
If it makes her happy then...
So you like it when girls harrass you! You don't mind it at all.
It's OK or so-so.
So it seems guys like to be harrassed by girls, but at the same time they think it's so-so.
There's one thing I like to know, just who is this person with a lot of free time, who comes up with those harrassment lines?
Almost always using cherry, banana, and lettuce! Are you hungry by any chance?
So I decided that guys might need some assistance on this topic.
Before we start this class, let's review the reasons for harrassment from your prespective.
For example some guys say the reason that makes them harrass girls is because of the way girls dress. Lets see.
At least 4 stars, outstanding!
If only you were a convertible... Do you have an email? Facebook account? Youtube channel? Phone number? Anything?!
Lestin to my eyes weep... So what shampoo do you use? Pantene right?
So regardless of what a girl wears, you guys will still harrass her.
On the grounds that you can't restrain yourself... What are you? Are you cats?
But since you intend to continue Harrassing girls anyway..
I will give you some directions and advice that might benifit you, and not bother the girls.
Avoide the following lines: First: Vegetables
Lets see an example on the screen.
What's up you fresh lettuce! Is it OK with you my lemon?
Don't use that.
Then we have inanimate objects.
Who can give me an example?
Curved like a kittle!
Correct... Yes Sager.
Tilt like a barrel.
Yes. Those sentences... Don't use them.
And then there are animal descriptions, let's see this example.
Tilting like a goat! So pretty like a camel!
Also I really want to know why does it feel like you're going to battle when you are harrassing girls.
Even if you consider your self a bad boy with wicked reputation, there is no need for violence.
What do you think Iyad? Do you like violence?
Let's check out another example...
What's up you rocket! Stab me in the gut!
Your pleased with your self is that it?
Do you really expect that lines like this would sweep a girl off her feet?
And finally we have the joker types who like to tell jokes...
Like when two girls are walking together and the clown says: "The one in the middle is the prettiest."
And when there are three he says: "The forth one is the prettiest."
If I wasn't especially trying to joke but just miscounted?
Miscounted? Stand! ..Come over here dear.
OK I won't miscount!
Write "4".
WRITE "4"!
Write it!
That's a 4?! I will beat the living daylight out of you! Hand me the kane!
No please not the kane! Please!
Quite! Go back! You! hand me the kane!
Now write "4" write it!
I'm going to beat you to a pulp! Is that how you write a "4"?
What does this video remind me of?
Shut up and be quite!
Is that how you write "9"?
Hand me the kane! I'm going to beat you I swear!
Does this look like a "7" to you?! Are you joking? Is this a "7"?
Pardon teacher, but what does that video have with Wooing 101 class? Nothing, never mind.
That's none of your business! Leave class at once!
Hmm... what does it have to do with it exactly?
Finally let's not place all blame on guys, I point my finger at the girls...
From this point on if a guy harrasses you poke your finger into his eyes, slap him, tell someone..
That way their harrassments will decrease gradually, but if we stay quite they won't stop.
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You can walk on my eyebrow!
Oh? Is that so? I'll stomp on your head!