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What d'ya want? Go away!
Watch out!
Wait, boy!
You tryin' to get some thanks from me?
I don't need your thanks!
Now, I said wait!
Let's see...I don't really want to give ya any money...
Hey, mister! Hurry it up!
Oh, yes. I'll give you this.
You came from another world, am I right?
No worries! No worries! I won't tell and I won't ask.
The truth is, I'm the same.
When I asked a wizard by the name of Merlin,
he brought me with him to another world.
It's a way to enlarge me business!
Hey, are you done?
Oh! You were in a rush, right?
Here's a year round ticket to the openin' of Disney Town.
It's my home town, but it's a pretty fun place, so you should take a look.
And these are for your parents.
How noisy! What's the meaning of this?
Stay inside your house, gramps! It's dangerous out here!
As if I'd be frightened by danger! I'm Merlin, the greatest wizard there ever was!
Oho...You look like you, too, wish to awaken the abilities within your heart.
Huh? How'd you know?
I told you, did I not? I'm the greatest wizard there ever was!
I left the book on a table in my house. View it as you wish.
What book?
Terra! Aqua!
Ven! Now!
We did it!
Thanks to our great teamwork!
Oh, yeah! I got these tickets!
What for?
Year round passes to the opening of Disney Town.
It's supposed to be lots of fun.
I was told to go with my parents.
Your parents?
But, Ven, I can't believe you've come all the way out here.
I'm fine!
I even beat up this masked guy who was badmouthing Terra!
You met the masked boy?
You should go home with Aqua, afterall.
No way! I'm going with you guys!
No. We have important duties to fulfill,
and they're bound to bring danger along.
What are these "important duties", Terra?
Somehow, it doesn't sound like the same mission Master sent us on.
The fact that I'm fighting to destroy the darkness hasn't changed.
Since I first saw you in another world, I thought maybe...
you're getting too close to the darkness.
What're you talkin' about, Aqua! Terra would never--
Have you been spying on me?
Is that part of the Master's orders?
No way...
I see.
Don't follow me!
We must each follow different paths.
Terra, you're wrong!
Master isn't doing this because he doubts you!
He's just worried about you--
I can't believe you, Aqua.
It's true those are the Master's orders.
But that's just the way he shows his love.
Did the Master order you to bring me back, too?
Aqua, since you became a Keyblade Master...you've changed.
I'm gonna go look for Terra!
Hurry up and run!
Ienzo! Where are you?
Answer me!
Ah. There you are.
I told you not to go out. It's dangerous.
It seems I must thank you.
This child's parents have passed away, so we've been in charge of raising him.
Oh. So you're alone, too...
I'm looking for my friend.
Have you seen a guy wearing clothes like mine, but taller?
I think I saw him in the castle garden. It's just up this path.
No, thank you. I'm truly grateful to you for saving Ienzo.
I have a feeling we're fated to meet again.
I'm coming with you!
You can't come, Ven.
Why not?
You might be the one to save me someday.
You better believe it! We're friends, afterall!
I guess so.
Thank you, Ven.
"You might be the one to save me one day."
I've gotta let Aqua know--
Did you find Terra?
Yeah. But he went off on his own.
I see.
I must go, too.
Then, I'll come with--
You can't.
You have to go home on your own.
So I can't go with you?
I don't want to get you involved in any danger.
Please understand.