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We’re here live at the Showbix Expo where movies, TV’s, stage come together to make ends meet. Let’s talk to some people.
For the robot, did you use technologies, or was it a non-technology?
There’s a lot of technology that –
Great. Thank you.
Sure thing.
This is a fantastic show, and we train motion picture script supervisors, producers, production managers and production accountants.
[mumbling] And seeing it in the theater.
The what?
And seeing it in the theater.
I didn't understand that.
Seeing it in the theater.
Oh! Yes, the ones I train, one just finished Iron Man 2.
Great, thanks so much.
It worked out quite nicely.
Never thought I would –
Never thought I would be the—
Never thought I'd be, never thought I'd been here when it happened.
Never thought it could happen to me.
And Hollywood is back.
They need to pick up some more original stuff. This is why the video game industry is kicking their ass.
Amen, brother.
What’s up?
I have to think about everything when I'm modeling. You think about your facial expressions and everything.
Umm, but it’s all, it always come back to the –
Yeh, it does.
It could be me some day.
Great movies. Great TV.
Ask questions?
Oh, yeh, sure. It was like you kind of got me off guard.
I'm sorry.
Hello. Are you going to get out there?
For what, like just –
And I love seeing movies and TV shows all over.
Sounds good.
I might see a movie later. I might see a movie later today.
Cool. Hope you enjoy it.
I know it’s live at the show.
This is what Hollywood needs, I think, for to get it.
Absolutely, I mean the practical effects has really fallen by the wayside in the last few years, but I like to bring it back.
And is it true that movies, magic magic?
Absolutely. Absolutely.
That's right. That's definitely absolutely right.
For making it happen, for, at, show biz, for all TV movies
I have no idea what you're saying.
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