Alejandro & Diego - Part 41

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Lupe, good evening.
Good evening.
Thank you so much for coming.
I called you because I needed to talk to you.
You didn't tell Nora that you were coming here, did you?
No, of course not.
You told me not to, and I followed your instruction.
But I have to admit that your call made me very nervous.
Are our kids alright?
I'll be honest.
When I first met you ...
I sensed something amiss with you and your daughter.
I checked Diego's computer.
I found a chat he had with your daughter that confirmed my suspicion.
Lupe ...
You are illegal, aren't you?
That can't be.
Please ...
Don't report us!
Nora doesn't know another country.
The United States is her country, her reality, her life.
Lupe, calm down.
You have my unconditional help and support.
My husband was deported.
It was horrible.
We've suffered so much over that.
Nora didn't know that we had no documents.
She found out in the worst manner.
It's horrible living like a fugitive, like a criminal.
Always afraid that we'd get picked up at any corner.
Lupe, you are good people.
Nora loves Diego.
I think that ...
the best way to fix her legal status as soon as possible ...
is for ...
Nora and Diego to get married as soon as possible.
Yes, dad. I'm at Cervantes. I have a senior orientation class.
You have time to stop by a jewellery store before 9 pm tonight.
A jewellery store?
I've told you that marriage is the basis of society.
What have I told you about Nora and you, Diego?
Yes, dad. I like Nora a lot, but ...
We can date for a few years and see how it goes.
Yes. I'll be of legal age in a month, and she in two. We still have time, dad.
I want you to go to a jewellery store now and get your girlfriend an engagement ring.
Use the card I've given to you.
I want to see the ring when you come home tonight.
Is that clear?
When I'm near you I get nervous and clumsy ...
Diego ...
I like you a lot, Alejandro.
That's the truth. So there it is.
You don't know how much I've dreamed of this moment ... - No, no.
No, it's not that easy.
I'm in love with Nora.
I know I shouldn't.
And I can't.
But the truth is I am in love.
But with both of you.
I'm so glad I found you here alone.
I was thinking about you and I ...
And I don't want to pressure you.
Nora is my best friend ...
And that I can still keep my hopes up that we can be together.
I need you to help me buy something. Can you come with me?
Yes of course. I'm already done with the orientation class.
Shall we go?
Not yet. I need to go to my class. I'll let you know when. - Okay.
The orientation class went on for hours and hours.
Would you like to go to the movies?
I can't.
I have something else to do.
Like what?
I cannot tell you, either.
I'm running late. See you later, okay?
Diego is up to something.
Ale, want to go to the movies with me?
I can't.
I have something to do with ... with ...
... no one. See you tomorrow! - Bye.
Diego, Diego!
Shall we go?
Yes, but wait in my car. I don't want Nora to see us.
Yeah, sure. I'll wait in your car.
Something is going on between Diego and Alejandro.
I'm going to find out what.