WTF - Super Happy Cutie Ducky Chicky Fans!

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 03.08.2011

So what you're saying is
my fan is a duck.
So I think we need to redo the into
because Martina says it's a duck but I'm pretty sure it's a chicken.
How do you know it's a chicken?
Because it's yellow and it has a little beak on its mouth.
No it's ducks that have big beaks,
chickens have the little ones.
Yeah, so it's a little beak.
That's a little chicken beak.
That's a huge beak! It's totally a duck!
I'm gonna look at the picture here,
and if you look at these indescribable animals,
This one here is the yellow one, and that looks like a chicken.
And this one is terrifying! What is that?
But that does look like a chicken, I'll be honest,
so that's what I think this is.
But that looks very different from this.
It's like someone who airbrushes their photos online
it's like "hey I'm such a blablablalbalba"
No? Ha hee hee haw.
If I angle the camera just right I
Wait are you ready? I got one.
Regular: ULLZANG!
Oh, I like this one on the bottom,
We're really, we're really past the point here.
It doesn't matter if it's a duck or a chicken.
How about we call it a dicken?
Oh boy. How about we call it a
A Chu...this is a Chiducken.
Anyhow, so we're working with the chiduckin today,
and the chiducken is totally amazing, because
- I don't really want to unfurl this because I'll never be able to refurl it again.
I didn't know that you can refurl something.
Ok so if I was to unfurl this, it would kind of go around my neck like a necklace,
And the duck will...I'm sorry. The duck...eee...churr..dduer
Durkin. Anyways, it would hang,
and then what you're gonna do is squeeze the hair like this,
And then you press the button on the side,
and it becomes your own personalized fan!
You turn it upside down. It's hanging, right?
And then you turn it like this and you have your own fan!
Like, this is the kind of stuff you'd expect to find in Asia,
these are the Wonderful Treasure Finds that we love,
The Churkins that hang around your neck
and personalize your fan experience!
To be honest, though, I have seen a lot of these around,
I've seen Hello Kitty ones,
and I've seen a lot of flat ones that open up, they look like a jewelry case,
And I've seen just the plain, boring ones,
But why would you want a boring one?
If you could have a churkin/durkin/wtf?
What is this called again? I don't know.
I really like you to go through airport security with this badboy,
because it looks really suspicious I think.
If you squeeze it, first of all, that's a really loud sound,
and then it looks like some kind of secret missile weapon,
and you turn it on like "what is it gonna do?"
And they're probably gonna confiscate it, because they confiscate nail clippers,
at airport security, which, for some reason nail clippers are dangerous?
Like, you can take over airplanes with nail clippers?
How about using your fists? I think fists are more effective,
If you can take over an airplane with nailclippers,
I'm pretty sure there's a very good chance that you can take over it without them.
Back to airport security! I like the instructions on the back,
It says: this product is forbidden to shoot at body,
the fanblades can't be cut-edge!
So all you gotta do if you wanna go through airport security
is you just gotta show this! It's forbidden to shoot at body!
The blades can't cut edge!
Is this...I think this is from China.
It is from China: this is Chinese writing.
well then I was right, wasn't I?!
OMG plus it says made in China
Well, isn't like, 90% of the world made in China?
And the first thing of writing here is Chinese.
Simon: I think I had an epiphany. You know what this is?
This is the little body. Look at its little arms!
And those are his little duck flippers, because he's a duck!
No! Those are his little chicken wings!
...cuz he's a chicken!
Now, you already know that you're in the wrong.
Chicken wings are on the edge there, see?
And then those are his little feet, and he's like
[highly inaccurate duck sounds]
So then he's a duck with a ginormous head
that takes up 97% of its body weight,
and he's got a little tiny torso with little tiny legs.
So he can float!
Well, because you need your head to float?
Well, I guess you do need your head to float.
Yes you do! OH!
But ducks have small heads and big bodies!
No, ducks are just one big fluffy thing.
When is the last time you looked at a duck?
Ducks have small heads and big fat bodies.
and how about chickens?
Chickens have small heads and huge puffy bodies (P.S. No they don't)
Oh! I can't do that snappy thing with my hand but I'll pretend it!
Oh! Simon can do it for me!
It's my Jamaican side.
Uh. I think I'll be honest here guise. I think it's broken,
and we're not gonna be able to send it out to you.
Oh yeah! We're gonna have to find something else to give to you
because Martina's gonna keep this for herself to repair it.
It's...damaged right now so I think I should...
What the heck is that...over there?
Oh noes put it away!