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It's you again, Nagara. Get yourself together!
You use your muscle to swing your sword,
so you give in to the weight of the sword.
Learn from Azumi. The strength comes not from muscle, but from speed!
Where is Azumi?
Oh yeah, she's not here. She was just here a while ago.
Yeah, she often disappears.
Azumi! Azumi!
I wonder how far this sky goes.
It'll be any day now when we cross that mountain and enter the outside world.
That's right. We are going to pursue our mission then.
Yes, we are always going to stick together.
Can't wait to leave this Mountain and raise some hell!
I can't see any stars.
Of course you can't. It's still daytime
Stars only come out at night.
Then where are they during the day?
Time to eat!
I'm starving.
We're starving!
Master, isn't this a bit overcooked?
Fresh water fish tastes better when it's burnt like this.
- Nagara. - Yes, Master.
You're soaking wet. What happened to you?
We were training in underwater combat.
Master, he lost again today.
- He fell into the river. - He lost and fell into the river.
Skip your meal today.
No food, no mission, you have no chance.
- What do you mean, fools!? - Hey, stop.
Let's get him.
Hey, let's eat.
- Come, hurry up. - Ouch, that hurts.
Lately I'm beginning to see who's the strongest.
Either Nachi or Azumi are number 1 and 2...
Azumi is fast, and Nachi is strong.
Ukiha and Hyuga are an even 3;
the rest of us are more or less the same.
I think I am one of the strongest, wouldn't you all agree?
Hey, is that your only response?
Nachi, that looks cool.
Good luck charm, is it supposed to work?
Something like this only works for someone who believes in it.
Then it won't work for me.
Yeah, well, you're a monkey.
I don't want to hear that from a frog-face like you.
He's a frog, a frog!
We are going to leave this mountain.
Leave? This mountain?
Do you really mean it, Master?
At last, the time has come for us to carry out our mission.
Finally, we'll all get to carry out our mission.
Is this your son?
Our Lord Tokugawa won the war, yet all this misery is left behind.
It's time we put an end to such wars.
We must try everything possible to build a peaceful nation.
I doubt very much that the Toyotomi Allies will retreat now.
Most likely this conflict and chaos will continue for some time to come.
Unless we eradicate ambitious warlords trying to take over the nation,
we will never see any peace here.
Assassins are the answer.
Train a group of master assassins and have them exterminate
every single warlord who intends to cause conflict.
Priest Tenkai, I, Gessai, swear on My life to accomplish your wish.
Azumi, wake everyone up and bring them to the clearing.
I had acknowledged your potential when you were yet very young,
and have trained and brought up all ten of you.
Your skills in the martial arts already exceed
by far those of warriors in the outside world.
The time has finally come for you to go to the outside world,
unknown to you since you were brought here,
and use your skills to perform your duty.
You all grew up and trained together,
thus you all know one another truly well and have strong bonds.
Now, make a team of two with the one you like best.
Are you done?
Listen to me well.
The mission that will be given to you from this moment on
will be most severe and rigorous.
An assassin is unable to choose whom to kill.
Depending on your mission, sometimes you must kill a child,
or a great and respected person.
The way of the assassin is to have a mind of steel and to become inhuman;
thus, I give you this final test.
Slay each other.
Slay your teammate.
The one who loses this fight and loses his life has no aptitude
to pursue the mission that lies ahead of us.
The weak-minded one who can't kill his friend
will not be able to pursue his mission either.
The winners of this fight should terminate their counterpart
and come back to the hut.
Should you think of escaping without fighting,
you must know that you cannot survive.
It's Master's order.
We have no choice.
Nagara! Come!
I want to pursue my mission.
I trust that you do, too.
One of us will be left alive and pursue our mission.
Nachi, don't do it!
Azumi. This is our destiny.
Get ready!
You have become really strong.
Take this...
This is crazy!
I don't know why either.
But if we try as hard now as they would have tried in pursuing our mission,
their deaths won't be in vain, right, Master?
So this is a village.
Aren't we going to help?
- Master. - Don't move, don't get involved!
How come? We can easily get rid of them.
You have an important mission.
This is no time to be mixed up in a trifling matter.
They will all be massacred.
Don't draw your sword unless it is your mission to do so.
Isn't it our mission to slay those kinds of bad guys?
Why, why not? Why, Master? Why couldn't we kill them?
Merely killing a hundred bandits will not change this nation.
As always, well done.
These kids have grown up to be pretty sharp.
What's going on?
I brought a letter from Priest Tenkai.
Guys, good luck.
Who was that?
He is a Ninja called Nagato.
Throughout this grave mission, he will be in and out,
but always moving along with us.
What does it say?
"The following three warlords, Nagasama Asamo, Kiyosama Kato"
"and Masayuki Sanada will not regard the battle"
"of Sekigahara as the ultimate defeat of the Toyotomi."
"They claim the young prince, Hideyori,"
"to be the true loyal successor to the head of the nation."
"They press for the leadership of the nation to be"
"returned to Toyotomi once he becomes an adult."
"These three are dangerous rebels who will harm Tokugawa."
"They should be eliminated."
Hey, girl. What are you doing?
Stop right there.
It's a young girl on her own.
It's okay.
Yes, sir.
What a pretty girl she is, isn't she?
What are you doing?
Can't you see what I'm doing? I'm fishing.
Haven't you ever fished?
Oh, I see, you have never gone fishing.
Fishing is fun.
And, when I am fishing like this,
I can for get about all of the terrible things that go on in this country.
Moreover, if you catch a big fish like this,
you can boast for the rest of your life.
Furthermore, a couple of fish from this pond will make you full.
So you are hungry, and you want to eat a fish.
This is how you catch a fish.
What the hell's she doing?
Kill him now!
That's enough. Let's go!
Well, you are very amusing. What is your name?
What's yours?
Girl, you'd better watch how you talk to our lord.
My name is Nagamasa. Nagamasa Asano is my name.
You are the one that wants to start another war.
Such a young girl.
What a pity.
I feel sorry for you...
Are you sure about that?
Yes, sir. Asano clan is concealing the fact, but Nagamasa was assassinated.
All of the guards were killed. How did they do that?
Who are these assassins?
They must be of the leyasu clan.
If I may say so,
we do not have any proof that they are of the leyasu clan.
Ever since leyasu won the victory over the Ishida Forces in Sekigahara,
leyasu has been acting as though he has the whole nation under his thumb.
The regime belongs to our prince Hideyori Toyotomi.
Nagamasa, Masayuki Sanada and I had pressed him
to return the regime to prince Hideyori.
The result is Nagamasa's assassination. I am next on the list.
I am quite aware of that. Please remain cautious, my Lord.
This talk of proof and caution, Kanbei, what happened to your warrior's way?
Kanbei, it will be too late once my head is cut off.
I, Kanbei, will not die after you, my Lord.
I, Kiyomasa Kato, am not intimidated by any enemy.
Leyasu is a stupid fool.
If all the warlords of the Toyotomi side unite to fight against leyasu,
he doesn't stand a chance.
I am troubled with a temperamental boss.
- Saru. - Yes, sir.
We'll let them kill our Lord.
It's a signal. They got Kiyomasa!
Okay, let's go.
They would be happy up in heaven for us.
But Master, they weren't tough at all.
Those slowpokes were no match for us.
It's not that they weren't tough, it's that you are too strong.
That's why you can't easily show your strength outside of our mission.
That Ninja who looked like a monkey, he was funny, wasn't he?
Ninja? Has anyone received any cut from their weapons?
Master, there's no way any Ninja can get us.
Ninja or any other, no one will be our match.
But be careful, Ninjas daub poison on their weapons.
Even if it's just a pinch of poison, it may take your life.
Oh, man, that's scary! Hey, Azumi, are you alright?
What's the matter, Azumi?
I was wondering if that Nagamasa we killed the other day,
and this guy today, are they truly bad guys?
What are you talking about? What's gotten into you?
But we don't know a thing about the guy we killed.
He must have friends like we do.
No time for silly nonsense, Azumi.
They have to be bad guys, otherwise, why would we have to kill them.
Right, Master?
No need to ask such a question. Enough of this nonsense.
- Have a mind of steel. - Be quiet!
Just eat!
We have completed out mission. I'm going to take a piss, then.
Well done in finding a double who looked exactly like me.
Can you kill those assassins next time?
Definitely, my Lord.
It amuses me to see your failure, but the fun is over now.
Yes, sir.
We will start the attack this time.
It hurts!
I made a hole.
That's cool!
Big brother you're very strong.
- You're not so bad yourself. - Know.
Right everyone, right? Hey old man...
Listen big brother, I think I should open a hole in the left,
that would look awesome.
You dumbass! If you keep doing stupid things like that,
mom will get angry.
No, I am scared of our mom.
- She is scary! - I'm scared of our mom.
Watch your step. It's slippery with blood.
- I'm back, you guys. - You're back.
I brought a client. He's got a job for us.
Brother, he looks like a monkey.
- Oh, oh, he got mad. - So, what's the job?
As a matter of principle, I don't read letters.
These are horrible assassins.
As soon as you find them, kill them without a word.
It reads like that.
This is the drawing.
Sorry, they're a bit slow.
This girl is cute.
So, one girl, one old man, guys, one, two, three, four...
...that's it?
Don't underestimate them. They are tough, very tough.
We, Sajiki brothers,
have nothing to complain about if we can kill and make some money.
She is very beautiful.
Oh, look over there.
Master, can we go take a look?
Yes, go and have some fun.
That was great.
Yes, thank you, thank you.
My name is Hyuga.
I am Yae.
- You guys are better than us. - Please, join our troupe.
Have you trained yourself since you were little?
Yeah, you can call it training.
Hyuga, are you guys performers?
No, but we've been living up in the mountain, so we are flexible.
I see. We've also been doing this ever since we could remember,
but we're not as good as you.
Since you could remember?
That's just like us.
This is beautiful.
It's from a foreign country.
A foreign country?
Yes, beyond the ocean.
Come on, pack up quickly. The sun will go down soon.
Yes, boss.
Are you leaving?
We are leaving tomorrow at noon. We are traveling performers.
If we perform the same act in the same place, we won't have an audience.
No, I'll come tomorrow, and every day after that, to see you.
Thank you. But I have been living like this since I was little.
Stay well.
I'll see you again someplace.
Come on.
Hyuga, let's go.
How are the Sajiki brothers?
The Sajiki brothers are chasing the assassins.
They've confirmed the whereabouts of the enemy.
I have little confidence in those dim - witted brothers to kill the assassins.
I know. Those Sajiki brothers are just meant to be the first attack.
Saru, go to the prison in Nishikawa.
You mean to get that guy out?
Eye for an eye. Poison for poison.
Amagi, Hyuga, time to wake up.
Get up.
Oh no, I slept in.
Master, can I go out for a while?
Where to?
I want to see the street performers one more time.
Oh, that sweet one.
I think I can learn from her movement for my technique.
Don't fall for a girl in a traveling company.
Shut up!
Well, Master, may I go?
We're leaving at noon. Come back by then.
- I'll go with you, too. - Me, too.
Amagi, aren't you coming?
They are in a playful mood. Are you sure it's okay, Master?
Hey, Amagi, wake up! How long do you need to sleep?
I thought we were to meet tomorrow evening.
Things don't look good.
They killed Kiyomasa's double and not Kiyomasa himself.
The enemy is onto us. They've sent a party of pursuers.
Master, what's wrong?
We've been deceived.
Kiyomasa is still alive. We killed his double.
Go get everyone. We are leaving at once.
Amagi, I've been telling you to get up.
Amagi, what's wrong?
Why didn't you say anything?
- They are gone. - Oh well.
Yae was so sweet.
You're fond of Yae, aren't you?
I wanted to spend a little more time with her.
I finally met someone I liked.
They may not be too far yet.
Let's go. Come!
Oh that's it! Let's look for them. Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry, Master. I can still do it. Our mission...
Enough. Don't talk.
I messed up. I swore I would work... as much as all of our dead comrades.
They were a lot of fun.
Yae, I know who you like.
Who? Azumi?
No, I am talking about the guy.
What are you talking about?
You can't hide it. I know these things very well.
Even if you fall in love, he's a traveler and so are we.
You'll never see him again. Such romances don't stand a chance.
Are these them?
The ages are right on the mark.
And there is an old man too.
One, two, three, one two three, one...
Aren't there too many?
There are more girls, and not enough boys.
A rough count will do. By the way, do you see them?
These girls are incredible.
No two ways about it, they are the assassins.
- They don't look like the drawing. - A rough resemblance will do.
Excuse me, sirs. What can we do for you?
Where are you going.
Where are you headed?
You're cute.
Come, I won't do anything. You sure are pretty.
What's your name?
Tell me your name.
Let me touch you a little.
Get this out of the way.
Damn, brother. What a waste.
Nisai, don't you go too far.
Don't waste your life.
Don't come near me.
Give it back.
You scared me.
Stay back.
They look like the assassins too.
That's them, brother.
She is cute.
Are you pursuing us?
Yes. You're getting the idea.
They have nothing to do with us!
We kill whoever we like...
Oh, I see.
Then you have no complaints if you get killed.
You are gorgeous.
You fool!
You are truly cute.
That hurts!
It's not over, yet!
Now you got me.
I have a job for you.
If you accept my offer, then all of your past crimes will be forgotten.
If you get me out of here, that means many more people will die.
What have you been doing at a time like this?
You killed someone?
Our swords are only for the mission!
You don't understand!
The performers were attacked instead of us.
They had our drawing.
So Yae and-
We must leave here immediately.
Kiyomasa is still alive.
We killed his double.
What did you say?
Amagi, what's wrong?
Ninja's poison got him.
Say it isn't so.
Let's go. Quick!
Let's go?
Master, what about Amagi?
Amagi won't last.
Master, what are you talking about?
You are going to leave him behind?
We can't do that!
Why do you think we have worked so hard until now?
Damn it, I am totally confused!
Have you forgotten that we live only to carry out our mission?
We killed our dear friends, and stood by when villagers were murdered.
Killing an enemy we don't hate is one thing,
but not saving innocent people from dying...
What is our mission, then?
After everything we've been through, how can we leave Amagi here?
Who are you aiming your sword at?
Withdraw your sword, Ukiha!
Your sword can't even kill an insect at this moment.
It's like swinging a mere stick.
You are no longer an assassin.
...please go.
Don't be silly, Amagi.
Why did you do that?
I'll walk you...
to the main road.
Good bye.
Good bye.
Listen Hyuga.
Why don't you come to Tangou?
It's my hometown.
We'll have Azumi come, too.
Sorry, Yae. I may not be able to come to Tangou.
I thought this smell was familiar.
I guess my sense of smell is as sharp as a dog's.
Who are you?
Me? I'm Bijomaru Mogami.
We just finished off three guys, now a newcomer.
I hate to break up such a nice romantic scene, but I want you to die.
She has nothing to do with us. Let her go.
Sorry, no.
Being slashed before the girl you like and exposing your misery
will increase your pain and suffering all the more.
What did you say?
Have you ever thought of yourself being slashed?
Blood comes gushing out. No matter how much you endure,
it's useless, you know you are going to die.
You want to die quickly, but you can't. What will you think then?
One sword is broken.
That's no good. Saru, loan your sword to him.
It's no fun slaying an enemy who is not properly armed.
Don't worry. We have no business with the girl.
I would be offended if you blame your defeat on fighting with only one sword.
Do you know why this sword does not have a hand guard?
I never defend. I will immobilize you with one blow.
I was also taught to do as much.
I am totally thrilled!
You are quite quick.
But you failed to notice that you are cut?
Don't come! Run!
Don't move! Stay and watch! If you run, I will kill you.
It hurts, right? Do you want to die quickly?
I won't let you die so easily.
Enough of that. The fight is over.
If you spoil my fun, you will die, too.
Go ahead! Your bad taste creeps me out.
Pity to leave her on her own.
What significance is there to kill a girl who has nothing to do with this?
What significance is there to live, anyway?
Shall we go?
The next one better be stronger!
If not, then I will fight against you! You got that, monkey-face?
He fought masterfully.
We'll wait for Nagato here.
He said you were sweet.
He wanted to stay with you a bit longer.
Hyuga truly liked you.
What will you do now?
Will you seek revenge?
The friend of your enemy will come to kill you.
A never-ending story. Will you continue to kill each other forever?
There are many evil people in the world. Someone has to kill them.
It doesn't have to be you. Someone else can take care of it.
Frighteningly good swordsman... he's already killed one assassin.
But can hardly like him. In fact, I hate him.
Don't be so harsh. Saru, I want you to do something.
The final showdown will be in Gamo.
- I wonder how they are doing. - They are dead.
That's not true. They will definitely come.
Master Gessai,
Kiyomasa is heading for Gamo.
It's a ship! He plans to leave Gamo by ship.
We must get him in Gamo, on land.
But the enemy is aware of our moves. They won't sit still.
I know. We have no choice but to start the attack.
Take these. They might be of use at some point.
- Great! - Be careful.
If they explode too close to you, you'll be blown to bits.
Don't touch me!
I am counting on you.
You have a beautiful face. How much is your ass?
You want to die that much?
Don't kill our allies recklessly.
Do you want more money?
We need your help.
You guys help us a little, and more money and rewards will be yours.
Look, when we cross those mountains, it'll only take 5 days to reach Tangou.
I see.
You will get to see your mother soon, Yae.
You don't know your mother?
Ever since I was little, I've been with Master and everyone.
- Put this on. - Girl's clothing.
I prefer this. This is more convenient for hiding my swords.
You are a girl.
- I'm- - Girls don't talk like that!
Stay still!
There we go.
You look beautiful.
Don't say that!
The swords don't suit you.
I don't want to see another person die.
Kiyomasa is in that mansion. Let's go.
Okay, spread out!
I won't let you get away!
My nose is that of a dog's.
It's me, assholes!
That bastard.
I'll get him.
It's incredible you made it this far.
Why won't you finish him off?
If I kill him, he won't be of any use to us as bait.
Did you say bait?
A few more assassins need to be killed.
Run, run away. Wait for the next opportunity!
Run away, I want you to complete your mission.
What are you doing? Run away quickly.
Don't worry about me. Go, go!
Smell is nice.
Be quiet.
How fortunate we are on a mountain like this.
Which one should I pick?
Stop it.
Stop it? Okay, I'll stop it. I pick you. Taro, I'll give you this one.
No matter how much I try to escape...
...I can't avoid it.
Even if I don't want to kill...
...I am forced to kill.
You bitch!
I'm sorry, Yae...
I have no...
...choice but this.
If it weren't for Master, I would never have lived.
He will protect you.
He always will.
I am going to wait for you.
I'll be waiting for you in Tangou.
If you hadn't been injured, our fight would have been more fun.
It's a pity I can't stay and fight your assassins.
Saru, I'll leave the rest to you.
Assassins are not going to show up no matter how long we wait.
Such heavy security for a few assassins.
General Kanbei is too cautious. I'll be back.
Hey wait a minute. You just took a break a while ago.
It's my turn now.
Let's decide with this.
- I'll bet on tails. - Then I'll bet on heads.
I hear the strongest one is still alive.
I can't wait.
Hey old man, are you still alive?
Stop it.
You annoy me constantly.
Are you ready to die now?
Do you really think someone will come and rescue a dying old man like you?
Huh, old man?
She's already here.
Don't come! Don't!
No, you must come. Otherwise, he will die.
Damn you!
Wow! Incredible, she is just incredible!
Hey! Samurai bastards! Who are you aiming at?
Damn it, who do you think we are?
Just because you're Samurai, don't act so damn important.
This is bullshit! This is our town!
Never mind about her, let's get them!
This is getting to be fun!
What the hell is your problem?
This fire ball will blow everyone up into pieces.
Let's ignite this!
Oh, no...
I am delighted. No one is left to disturb us.
How splendid! I didn't even scratch you.
This is the first time I've had to defend.
You are wonderful.
Why not die?
It's over. Everything is over.
Ukiha and Nagara are both dead.
But I'm still here.
There is no further mission that you need to pursue.
From now on, live as you wish. Survive and keep on living.
Master, I don't know what to do without you.
You never used to cry.
It's so quiet.
No, don't.
Where do the stars go during the day?
Time to eat! Let's go!
The stars are always there.
You can't see them during the day,
but the stars are always watching over us from up above the sky.
Even if we get separated one day, we will always be together.
I'll be watching over you at all times.
It's been a stimulating journey.
Saru is not back yet. We can't let our guard down.
I can't be scared of assassins! When it's time to die, you die.
Don't worry.
Lord, you won't die so easily. Your luck is too strong.
the time has come for war.
That stupid old leyasu...
we will blow him up into pieces.
You have done well in protecting me.
Once we get home,
I'll take you to a hot spring for some rest.
What are you doing?
We are the only two left.
What shall we do now?
Nagamasa Asano, Kiyomasa Kato... the next target is Masayuki Sanada.
This time, we'll probably be killed.
We are not going to die.
We will survive.
Everyone is with us.
Let's go.