O Legado de Chuck Berry - The Legacy of Chuck Berry

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“While no individual can be said to have invented rock and roll
he comes the closest of any single figure to being the one who put all the essential pieces together.”
The Documentary Company Project 5 Presents...
The Chuck Berry’s Legacy
Revolutionary Style
Chuck Berry ...
A pioneer in the rock world,
A lot people cannot even hear
but, when hears a riff, knows ...
The rock attitude begin with this man.
Their dances very appealing to the teens ...
His songs, everyone can say they do not recognize by the name
but when you hear will recognize that, like, "rock and roll music"
"Roll Over Beethoven"
"Johnny B.Good", this is the music most famous of this man.
I think ...
what I have to say about him is that.
A man who was successful by your attitude
an revolutionary attitude at the time
very much attractive to teenager
always talking about fast cars
womens, the life school in his songs,
He revolutionized R & B
and is the black man who begin with the rock in roll.
World Influence
The Chuck Berry songs are pearls in rock history
Were marked on music forever
There are several bands who did cover
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
and many other bands…
And the guitar techniques of his songs are absolute criatives
because, him used an effects what that time no one enjoyed
like chocke cranckset
studio recording
and his techniques have been applied by a lot of guitarists
like Keith Richards by Rolling Stones
Angus Young by AC/DC
and are facts will live forever.
Wait just a little moment …
Reference to The Veterans
Chuck Berry ...
has a big influence in rock and roll
many critics consider the best of all time
for his style and attitude.
Like John Lennon said:
“"if you tried to give rock and roll another name,
you might call it 'Chuck Berry”.
A lot of bands follow your style until today,
Status Quo
are examples.
and like Keith Richards said
Keith Richards, big Keith Richards
...and like Keith Richards said
“ I cannot criticize Chuck Berry, because i imitated your chords”.
This is a influence of chuck berry in the rock world.
The Immortal
How we said before,
chuck berry was a revolutionary artist
and receive a lot of awards
and in activity since the last century
in 1984 won practically your most important award
the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
in a moment where other artist were amazings
like Michael Jackson etc...
Won also,
the award of the "lifetime magazine"
in the list of the 10 best guitarists of all time
in the rolling stone where him always appear
and in this time,
appears like the sixth best artist of all time,
and is a great merit,
in a magazine where just appears The Beatles to me is a great merit.
Him won also other awards in rolling stone,
with your 8 sons includes in the list of the best musics of all time,
and your song Johnny B.Good
won the best music of all time with guitar,
with the best solos
that inspired big artists until today,
and in activity until today,
him continues winning awards and a lot of money.
The End.