La camara oscura (2008) - Dir. María Victoria Menis

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My God!
Help me!
Stay with Mama.
I'll go for help.
Let me pass!
I's coming!
I's a girl.
A girl?
The medical examination was fine.
But as the translator explained,
the child will be Russian or German.
She was born on the boat, not in Argentina.
What a fiasco!
How awful!
What name shall I record for your daughter?
For a girl,
I don't have a name.
Eva, what shall we call her?
Herfirst name?
They don't know what to call her.
You could name her Gertrudis.
I's a pretty name.
Like my fiancée.
A good Argentinean name.
Gertrudis. What do you think?
She's so ugly!
Come on, sweetie!
My beauty.
Keep your hair off your face.
Hold him tight.
Aaron, stop tugging at your clothes.
Sarita, keep still.
Be patient. One second.
You'll look better over here.
Like that.
Look down when he takes the picture.
That way, your squint won't be noticeable.
Don't move.
The Flower Queen
I assure you that God plays a part
in our lives.
Just as God appeared to Moses
and to our people on the Red Sea...
each day, God
appears before our very eyes,
in the beauty of this worid,
which He created.
You must learn to see.
To see.
In the universe, this worid we live in,
how do we become aware...
of the presence of God?
Who can answer me?
come up to the front again, please,
and help me make these dunces a little less stupid.
My father told me
that God drew the paths of the planets in the sky.
Please go on, child.
Carry on, Gertrudis. That was very interesting.
Ready for the picture?
Don't move, please.
May I have this dance?
- Did you like that? - Yes, thank you.
The widower Kohen is a dream match.
A very good match. What a surprise, don't you think?
We're thrilled for Gertrudis.
Tha's something!
How wonderful!
I's been a year since Kohen lost his wife, Ruth Berstein.
What a terrible illness. Such a beautiful girl.
But what a reputation!
Tha's it.
You ought to have it cut.
- Look. - It looks new.
- I like yours. I's pretty! - With that hem.
I'll put it on right away.
- You'll crease it. - No, I won't. Come on!
Have you seen the widower Kohen's estate?
I's enormous.
Would you like some tea, Mr. Kohen?
Or a nice cordial instead?
Mama makes a delicious lemon cordial.
Thank you, but I'd prefer tea.
Good afternoon.
- Stay, Ruth. - I've decided to go.
Don't shame me. You're my wife.
Don't go to the village. They'll gossip.
You go to Aaron's shop every day.
What do you need today? Flour?
Maté? Tea, maybe?
Your tobacco smells good.
Please have a seat, Mr. Kohen.
A cup of tea, then?
How is your estate, Mr. Kohen?
I's going to need a lot of work, Mr. Nathan.
But, with some hard work,
and, God willing, a good wife
and lots of children,
i'll be the most prosperous land in Villa Clara.
After your misfortune, God will help you move on.
God will give you a beautiful family.
I, Léon Kohen,
have the honor of asking for your daughter Gertrudis' hand.
I's an honor to accept your request.
A great honor.
A three-day wedding celebration! I's unheard of!
20 years later
I said we'd go next month.
Why not this week?
Can you pass me the sugar?
I'm half asleep in the morning. You're a pain!
Sorry, Papa.
You're always half asleep, Esther.
You think you're clever, don't you, son?
- But you're more asleep than she is. - Fool!
Yesterday, in the village,
I heard that an itinerant photographer
arrived a few days ago. A Frenchman.
He's got to be better than Goldschmid's son!
Le's have a family photo taken.
Will you take us, Papa?
Yes, Papa, take us, do!
Where were you this time?
No, son.
I was thinking how beautiful the countryside is in the morning.
Look at that light.
I's magnificent... Isn't it?
Wha's wrong?
Why should anything be wrong?
David, le's go!
I have to go.
Wait one second.
I have to go.
One second.
When are you going back to Concepción to finish high school?
I don't know.
One day.
I have to go.
Listen to me, son. You must study.
You were such a good student. I's a shame.
Wha'll you do here forthe rest of your life?
The Argentine Republic
has a surface area of 3,700,000 square kilometers.
Good luck.
Its capital is La Plata.
No, its capital is Buenos Aires.
The capital of Buenos Aires province is La Plata.
The capital of Santa Fé is Santa Fé. The capital of Entre Rios is Parana.
The capital of Cºrdoba is Cºrdoba.
He's so damned smart!
You're so smart, pass me some bread.
- You hungry, boss? - He's always hungry.
I'll ask Samuel if he's ever been to a dance.
Tha's true, Samuel, you never go dancing.
Are you going to ask him then?
I have a surprise.
Léon Kohen has hired the itinerant photographer
to come with his equipment
tomorrow afternoon to take a family photo.
Tha's great!
You can't imagine how interested
my students were in the sun and the moon.
Tha's a lovely subject.
Very interesting.
Isn't it?
Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated by the planets.
The universe, the stars,
the earth...
What a mystery.
My glass of water, please!
How long does Esther's boyfriend
think he can keep coming around without setting a wedding date?
I's been two years!
The minute he shows up tomorrow,
I'll throw him out unless he sets a date.
Oh, no!
Oh, the photographer's coming tomorrow.
I'll ask him to take a handsome family portrait under the vine.
Not underthe vine. I's not very nice.
In front of the house. I's prettier there.
See you in the morning.
- I'm the photographer. - How do you do? May I help you?
Thank you.
- Hello. - Hello, Mr. Kohen.
My sons - Samuel, David, the eldest.
This way, please.
I used to sleep here,
when I first came from Santa Fé and I started out here.
I was young, 15 years old.
Mistress Gertrudis and Mr. Léon were very good to me.
You know,
some people are very critical of the Jews but they're good people.
They're good to us. Sometimes we even eat with them.
Those are the jams and conserves Mrs. Gertrudis makes.
They're delicious!
Well, sir, see you later.
Juan, at your service.
Thank you, Juan.
My name is Juan, too.
Jean-Baptiste. Juan Bautista.
- How do I look? - Fine.
- And me? - Elegant.
- Who looks better, he or I? - I do.
Does this dress look good on me?
- Very pretty. - Horrible.
You're mean!
You're more up-to-date than Mr. Goldschmidt,
the Concepciºn photographer.
You know what?
I'd like my young son to study engineering.
Excellent. Tha's a very interesting field.
As usual, your mother doesn't want to appear in the photograph.
Excuse me one moment. I'll be right back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Aren't you coming for the photo?
Thank you, sir.
If anyone should be photographed, i's most certainly you.
Thank you, but no.
I know what i's like not to want to be in a picture.
step slightly forward.
Young ladies, you sit here, please.
You, here.
Very nice.
Thank you very much.
Don't move.
Let me help you.
Allow me.
After you, please.
That smells delicious.
Is it fish?
A fish tha's served whole?
No, i's ground.
And is that vegetable stock?
Vegetables and other things. I's my own invention.
I'll make a note of the recipe.
Do you cook?
I make the best omelet in Marseille.
Fresh eggs, nice creamy cheese.
Heat the pan with homemade butter.
I have my secrets, too.
A pinch of finely chopped parsley during the cooking.
I's delicious!
L'll be an honor to dine at yourtable.
I'll let you work.
- Thank you, miss. - You're welcome.
Bon appétit, everyone.
Thank you. Bon appétit.
- Do you like it? - I's wonderful.
Have you been in Argentina long?
I've been here for nine months, traveling around.
Tha's a long time.
Next year, I'm going to Concepciºn
to finish high school.
Then I'll go to Rosario.
How about taking more photos tomorrow?
Good idea.
I'm used to traveling.
I've seen almost all of Europe.
I've been to Africa, Asia.
All the way to Australia.
I was a war correspondent, a photographer.
I traveled for four years.
I've seen many battles.
Wha's the worst battle you've ever seen?
Turkey, 1915.
A terrible battle.
A massacre.
Tha's where I first witnessed horror.
The horror of war.
I's awful, the worst thing in this worid.
Young soldiers were dying
all around me.
They fell, torn to bits,
into the trenches.
In the hospitals,
they had no medicine.
The wounded moaned, wept.
There were no days, no nights,
just a never-ending nightmare.
I couldn't do anything.
Except pictures.
Take pictures. changed. It wasn't the same afterthe war.
And that renewal,
that change in art was necessary.
After the war,
all artists
- even myself, with my humble camera -
we needed to come up with a new form of beauty.
A form
that revealed the dark side of man and the worid, as well.
Wha's hidden from the eye,
but appears in the dreams and fantasies
we all have.
Tha's how Surrealism came about.
Excuse me,
I'm going outside to smoke.
Pick up the pace, Samuel.
I'm taking my time to think.
Afraid I'll beat you?
You won't beat me.
The bishop.
Thanks, Papa.
Without Papa's help, you'd never win.
Good night, everyone.
Good night, Mr. Rollet.
Good night.
So, you were born in France?
In Marseille.
Europe is so far away.
My parents always said
the voyage had seemed interminable to them.
I was 5 years old when we came here.
I don't remember the voyage. Or Russia.
Our grandparents never spoke about Russia.
My father was grateful his whole life
for having made it here.
They escaped the pogroms, death.
This place was their salvation.
But he remembered his native Russia every day.
I could see it in his eyes as he gazed out at the countryside.
He was a good tailor back there.
He may have been a good tailor back there,
but here, as a farmer,
he was a disaster!
Well, le's get to work.
You going to photograph us at work?
Shall we go?
Were you born that way?
I's a war wound.
"Fly away
"Be a swallow
"Look for the beach of the golden suns"
Mr. Baptiste, can I see how you make photos?
Of course.
I'vejust hung them up to dry.
But I'll show you with some others,
the ones I took for myself.
These are negatives I've already developed.
Each sheet is a photo I took with my camera.
Wha's black is white
and wha's white is black.
Back to front.
Things aren't always what they seem.
we'll mix things up a bit. Tha's nicer.
We'll take the fish from this photo
and have them fly in this sky.
Fish don't fly, they're not birds.
Our fish are going to fly. You'll see.
Watch the magic moment
as the image begins to appear.
Here, where there was nothing,
we have our fish flying in the sky.
You see, these fish can fly.
It was late.
The night was heavy and the sky blacker than ever.
The seventh son, Gervasio, went off into the fields.
The sorceress followed close behind.
Then she suddenly appeared and said,
"This is your night. The night of the werewolf."
You startled me.
You wanted to see some of my experimental photos.
- Here are a few. - Thank you.
See you later.
You were scared, Samuel.
They're more horrible than the werewolf.
God, they're awful!
I hope ours come out better.
I wanted one for my boyfriend.
- They're for the family. - Just one.
You're about to have a wonderful meal.
Mrs. Gertrudis is a fine cook.
On this occasión,
we've all come together to have lunch and welcome our visitor.
Hear, hear.
Mistress, would you mind writing a letter for me?
Certainly, Martín.
Thank you, ma'am.
When you write them, they're always so beautiful.
"Dear Carmencita..."
Tell her I love her with all my soul,
that I think only of her.
And not to be mean and answer my last letter.
We look wonderful in this one.
The frame is handsome...
And this one, of my daughters, is lovely!
You've worked hard today.
You deserve a good rest.
I have some pictures for you. They're for you.
- For us? - Yes, they're a gift.
- Let me see. - Wait.
Hey, we look good, eh?
Thank you so much,
Who'd have thought that we'd ever be photographed!
With Gods help,
the harvest will be very good. I's rained a lot.
We haven't had any plagues, locusts - touch wood -
like we did two years ago. A real disaster.
Worse than in Egypt.
Goodbye, Mr. Rollet.
Bon voyage.
Good night.
And Mama?
She must be busy.
See you tomorrow.
Until tomorrow, son.
For my family