Get a Better Butt & Core with a Stability Ball

Uploaded by ACEfitness on 08.06.2010

Jessica Matthews, Academy Exercise Scientist, ACE-CPT, ACE-GFI: Today we're going to show you
two summer shape-up exercises, using a stability ball, that target the abs and also the butt.
So, today we have Michelle demonstrating these exercises, the first of which is a stability ball hamstring curl.
So, to begin this exercise, lie flat on your back with the lower legs and heels in contact with the ball.
Now, notice Michelle's feet are a shoulder width apart, and the toes are pointing upward.
And, for stability in the exercise, she's opening the arms out to the sides, with the palms pressing into the floor.
Now, to begin this movement, she'll engage the muscles of her core and, as she exhales,
begin to lift the hips up off of the floor, using the glutes; contracting them to create that movement.
Now, notice here, she's not lifting the hips too high, creating any arching in the low back,
and simply the legs are in line with the torso.
Now, to move into the exercise, she'll once again exhale and draw the heels in towards her hips,
allowing the soles of the feet to come in contact with the ball.
She'll hold here for a moment and then extend back out to her starting position.
The second exercise is a stability ball knee-tuck.
So, to begin, Michelle's kneeling behind the ball, and she'll come to a plank position,
rolling herself over the top of the ball with the core engaged, until her thighs and knees rest on top of the stability ball.
Notice here that she maintains that core engagement, keeping a nice, straight line from the torso through the legs,
avoiding any sagging in the low back or hiking up of the hips.
So, with the torso and legs in line, she'll relax the shoulders down and back and position her hands directly below the shoulders.
Now, as she exhales, she'll draw the knees in toward the chest, allowing the hips to move upward.
She pulls all the way in until the knees are below the hips and the shins rest on top of the ball.
She'll then inhale, push the knees away, and move back to her starting position.
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We'll see you next time.