Creole Seafood Stew Recipe : Add Crab to Seafood Stew

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi, my name is Karl James, owner of Creolesoul Catering located in Round Rock, TX and on
behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you my creole seafood stew. Now it's time
to fold in our last seafood ingredient and this is going to be our crab. Like I said
we are using these cocktail crab claw we are going to add those into our stew. Mix those
around in there, those are for just the novelty. Add that in your bowl and you'll have a little
crab claw that you can grab a hold to it should be nice and hot too. I don't mean just spicy
hot and then we also have some lump crab meat that we are gently going to fold in cause
we don't want it to break up too much, at least not initially. We are just going to
gently fold that into the dish, now this is the way I make it, like I said I put everything
in it. I guess not everything I didn't put any oysters in and you could do that. The
thing about oysters though the flavor of the oysters really over powering and it can take
over the flavor of the entire dish. One thing you can do is add some oysters on the side
and just let individual drop them in your bowl as you like. Now with this once again
I put everything in it except for the kitchen sink and that is going in the next step. But
you can omit anything you want, you can use just fish different kinds of fish, you can
use just shrimp, if you don't want crab leave the crab out. If you don't want scallops leave
those out put some crawfish in it if you like, so it's up to you anyway we got this folded
in and now we just need to let this simmer for about ten, fifteen minutes on a low simmer
so all these flavors can come together and I'll see you back at the next step.