Black Jack TV - Full Episode 58 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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It's the fantasy between an old man and a big tree.
The big tree that has lived for a long time
uses its last remaining energy to give the old man a miracle.
What are you trying to do to this tree?!
Of course, that zelkova tree will also be-
No! Please don't cut it down!
We'll squat around it.
I will protect him!
Come back, old man!
Perhaps both you and I have lived too long.
Black Jack, Today's Karte - An Old Man and the Big Tree.
I'm going to fly to where you are.
I know I can spread my wings when I want to see you.
Nobody knows
when a miracle might occur,
but it feels like my wish is finally coming true.
Because there's only one place I want to go,
I gather my feelings whose colors never fade,
and now it seems I'm dreaming.
I'm living for your sake.
I will be your strength,
no matter how far apart we are.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
I will send you
the beautiful blossom of this flower.
So let's look for shooting stars.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
You're alone here, Master?
Kumi went out with Pinoko and the others.
You take such good care of her.
She said they were going to the park in the next town.
The next town?
The park with a big zelkova tree?
You know about that?
Yeah, I saw it once before.
I wonder if that old man is still there,
standing by that big zelkova tree.
The Old Man and the Big Tree
Originally "The Old Man and the Tree" by Tezuka Osamu
It's Pinoko's joyous forest adventure...
Parks are so relaxing.
I didn't know there was such a green place so close to home.
I can't wait for lunch!
You darned dog!
What are you trying to do to this tree?!
What was that for?!
That's my line exactly!
Excuse us, but did Largo try to do something wrong?
Heck yes, she did!
What did that dog just try to do?!
Are you the owner of this tree?
I don't own it.
But I've been looking after this tree for forty long years.
So you love this tree.
Yes, I do.
This tree saved my life after all.
It saved your life?
Wanna hear about it?
All right!
Yeah? Then I'll tell you.
It was during the war.
I was still a kid then, and I had just been separated from my family.
I didn't know what to do.
We were surrounded by flames.
I ran all over, but every place I went was burning.
Just when I thought nowhere was safe and I was about to give up,
I found this zelkova tree.
I somehow reached this tree and spent the long night under it.
It was a mysterious scene.
Nothing was left as far as I could see,
but for some reason there wasn't even a single burn on this tree.
Its big trunk and strong roots protected me.
That's how he saved my life.
That's a mysterious story.
My life's been with this tree ever since then.
I became the manager of this park, just so I could spend time with this tree.
If I found worms, I got rid of them.
If he didn't look well, I gave him fertilizer.
When he caught a disease, I cared for him without any sleep.
Over the years, the tree became very dear to me.
I know he's far older than me, but it feels like he's my son.
Your son...
He's older and you're younger, but he's your son?
I don't have any family.
I think I was able to live for so long because of him.
Now I understand why you care for the tree so much.
Yes, that's a wonderful story.
So Largo almost made a huge boo-boo.
Somehow, this tree looks a bit troubled.
Do you want us to arrange that?
Yes, I'd appreciate that.
Here it is.
Who the heck are you?!
We're from city hall.
What are people from city hall doing here?
This park will be remodeled soon.
We came to check the place.
No one told me about that!
Then what about this tree?
This area will become an athletic field.
Of course, that zelkova tree will also be cut down.
Bull! I won't let you cut this tree down!
Make it stop now!
But you know...
It's already been made official.
We can't overturn the decision.
The area residents have already agreed to this as well.
No! Please don't cut it down!
Sir, it's already happening.
We will be cutting it down in a week.
The decision is official already.
Please cheer up, sir.
How can he when the tree he's been caring for like a son will be cut down?
That's it?
You're giving up just like that?
It's such a great tree.
There must be a way to stop them from cutting it down.
But how?
We'll start with direct negotiations at City Hall.
I see.
I understand your point.
Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill your request.
That's the way government works.
We cannot stop a project we have been working on for so long for just one old man.
Then we just need to prove that the tree is valuable, right?
Well, maybe.
What's the matter?
I know how to save the tree!
We can have the tree certified as a precious tree!
Some well-known precious trees we know include
Jomon Sugi on Yakushima Island
and Usuzumi Zakura in Neo-Mura Village.
They might not carry as much weight as national monuments or World Heritage sites,
but, if it's approved as a precious tree, we should be able to prevent it from being cut down!
I see! That's a plan!
But who decides whether it's a precious tree?
A tree doctor?
There sure are many unique occupations in the world.
Everyone. Unfortunately, this tree can't be certified as a precious tree.
W-Why not?!
It's a zelkova that has been watching over this town for such a long time!
It's half-dead.
Even if it stays here, it'll only last for a few years at best.
No way!
Then cure it!
That's not possible.
It's dying of old age.
Can we transfer it somewhere?
If we can move it elsewhere...
As I mentioned, it's dying.
Even if we move it, I don't know if its roots will settle.
I believe there's nothing we can do.
Listen here.
We still have a week, so don't give up hope.
You should cheer up too.
Thank you all.
You're right. We should fight to the end.
That's right!
We'll protect this tree!
Let's do it!
"Protect This Tree"
What are you doing?
We're protecting the old man's zelkova tree.
Zelkova tree?
What about that tree?
The city is cutting it down for an athletic field.
The tree is half-dead, and the tree doctor won't help either.
I didn't understand the whole thing, but I guess it's being cut down?
That's right.
Then that old man must be bummed out right about now.
Do you know about that man?
He preached to me when I drove by that tree.
He said that the exhaust from the car would damage the tree.
But, if that zelkova is taken from that man...
How can I give up?
I'll protect him,
no matter what it takes.
Please read this!
"Don't Cut This Tree!!"
The tree is to be cut down tomorrow, but there is still something we can do.
Like what?
What can we do?
I don't know what it is, but I'll do it.
I know.
This is our last resort.
So what are we doing?
We'll squat around it.
They won't be able to approach it if we do that.
Let's do it!
It'll be for the long haul, but there's no other way.
That's enough.
Thank you for going along with this old man's dream,
but it's all enough now.
What's enough?
It's not at all!
We've come this far!
It's OK.
There's no one else who will suffer from losing this tree,
and he's dying too.
His days are numbered even if he stays here.
So really, that's enough.
Thank you so much for what you've done.
This will be my last night with you.
We've been watching over this town for a long time.
Yes, for a long time.
W-What was that?
A vision?
Perhaps you and I have lived too long.
Sheesh! Really!
Pinoko? What is it now?
Doc! Listen to this!
I've had it this time.
See? Isn't it terrible?
Maybe that man's trying to die with the tree.
Let's hurry to the zelkova!
Now the booze is gone too.
I should get going.
Zelkova tree, I'll be going first.
It's him!
We're too late!
Come back, old man!
Come on!
He's still alive.
Let's rush him home.
It's an emergency operation.
Pinoko, this is a critical one.
Commencing the operation.
Doc, even if he survives, maybe he'll–
Cut the chit-chat.
We're in the middle of a procedure.
It's lucky he fell the way he did.
Otherwise, he could have died instantly.
Suturing the incision.
Pinoko, prepare the respirator.
I'm going to shock him.
Come back, old man!
Old man!
Is this...
T-This is that fateful day.
It's a dream.
It's the perfect last dream for me.
I was supposed to die on this day.
I'm such a lucky man to be able to see you until the end of my life.
Are you telling me to come there?
Now what, Zelkova?
Do you still need to tell me something?
A-Are you...
M-My thoughts came through?
So you knew how I felt!
He'll survive.
What a man he is.
I guess I failed to die.
Sir, um...
The mountain pass to the west...
Can you take me to the mountain pass to the west?
That's it!
Is that...
A zelkova tree?
I'll walk on my own.
This is it!
See? There's a white scar right here!
Is there something special about this zelkova tree?
I died once.
And that's when I met that zelkova tree.
The zelkova told me,
"There's a zelkova from the seed I spread on the western mountain pass,
so take care of it like you did to me."
I was so happy.
That was the first time I could talk with him.
I promised him that I'd take good care of it.
Then what do you think he said?
He said, "Thank you."
That's a mysterious story.
Do you think the zelkova really said that?
I couldn't care less.
The tree branches saved him from the fall,
and the tree cheered him up in his dream.
Either way, the tree saved him.
You don't believe his story?
The old man found a reason to live.
That's good enough for me.
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it were a lie.
But I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer despite my cowardliness,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
A female Black Jack makes her appearance.
She's beautiful, cold-hearted, and a queen of the scalpel.
People call her "Black Queen".
We have a serious injured patient!
All right, prepare for an amputation.
He was planning to go abroad to play soccer!
The decision is best made quickly.
His mother was very sad about it.
Will you marry me?
It's suspicious.
You want me to choose between you and my job?
Do you want your boyfriend to die?!
Black Jack, Next Karte - Black Queen.