Move-in 2012 - Time Saving Tips

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>> Gabe Davis, UNC Charlotte student
Hey guys, I'm Gabe, and I'm here to give you some time-saving tips.
Did you know that you can get your 49er ID Card anytime over the summer, before classes
As a matter of fact, I would suggest it.
I don't know about you, but I have a lot of other things that I could be doing with my
time, instead of standing in some line, you know?
Like, dancing.
Now, your 49er ID card is your 49er Account, your Optional Dining Account, and your meal
If you've already chosen a meal plan, and you want to change it, you can do so online
before classes start.
I bet I know where you're going to be eating the first day of classes! Chick-fil-a and
Crown Commons, am I right?
Sure, those are popular places, and they might have a line.
But, did you know? We have a lot of other great places on campus to eat.
We have Feisty's Franks and Fries in Prospector, Bojangles and Wild Greens in Main Street Market
in Cone Center, and oh! Bistro 49, if you're feeling a little fancy.
My last time-saving tip for you guys is to get your books early.
You can order them online or you can shop in person at Barnes & Noble on campus.
And, if you shop over tax free weekend, which is the first weekend in August, you get 7.25%
off of any purchase you make.
So, do it!
Make sure you do that.
Saves money, and time.
For more information about your 49er ID Card, meal plans, books, and a full list of dining
options, visit
Now that you've learned about these time-saving tips, let's do this!
[mouthing words: "let's do this]