Moon River, 18회, EP18, #06

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Everyone who is sick, both physically and emotionally, come to me!
Come to me if you're sick!
- What the... - Let me borrow this for a minute.
I took this medicine 3 months ago, and I'm still going strong!
I have too much energy!
I may look weak, but my bones and muscles are made of steel!
I never had a cold! I never suffered from fatigue!
I don't know what headache is! What's diarrhea?
How did I get this way? From this cure-all!
It's made of a buck's horn, a snake's semen...
...wild ginseng, a bear's rear, and a seal's dick!
It's made in China!
There was an old man who was sick for 62 years!
After he took three pills, he turned into a 26 year-old man!
He had 9 children ever since, including a set of twins!
If your parents pass away...
...give them this medicine before you place them in a coffin!
They'll come back to live!
- Guess what, I'm 99 years old! - Huh?
But look what happened to me after I took this!
It can bring a person back to life?
I doubt it, but it looks like a good medicine.
I'm leaving tonight, and you'll never see this medicine again.
I'll take 30.
That's too many. I don't have that many. You can take 10.
I'll take some, too.
That's a scam.
Why are you ruining my business?
If that pill works, take some yourself.
Take it.
Right, take it.
Come on, eat it.
I took too much of this medicine. I'm not supposed to overdose!
But if you say so, I'll take it! It's good for you!
Look! I'm taking this great medicine!
- Swallow it. - What?
I'm going to swallow it.
It's a scam!
- He was a quack. I'm not buying! - Let's go.
Don't go! This works!
Stop it. You're embarrassing yourself.
Why did you ruin my business?
I'm embarrassed to see you sell that bogus medicine.
Why do you care if I sell bogus medicine?
You wretch!
Is this why you came all the way to Joseon? For this?
Do you want me to kill him?
Why did he wake my sleeping soul?
What did you say?
I'm depressed.
While Wang Hengbu went through a patriotic awakening...
...Geol-Chi, who got arrested while saving Wol-Hee from…
...the police's sexual harassment…
That stinks.
Still, smelling dung is better than staying in prison.
No, it's not.
I can't stay here much longer! I have to go! Move!
Where are you going?
What the? Hey!
Why did you find me so fast?
I can't believe you tried to get away while we were watching.
Who do you think we are?
- What seems to be the matter? - Lieutenant!
What's going on?
We sent him on a hard labor, but he tried to get away.
Aren't you…
He tried to get away while we were watching. He must be a runaway expert.
Why would an expert get caught?
Look, I can't stay here.
You haven't seen Iljimae ever since?
No, I haven't heard from him since he left Wol-Hee in Gyeongsang Province.
Look, tell us where Iljimae is.
If you don't, you'll be sorry.
- What are you going to do to me? - You...
We won't let you eat, we won't let you sleep...
...and we'll hang you upside down and skin you.
Still, I don't know where he is.
I was going to look for him in Ui-dong, but I got arrested.
What are you going to do to me? I didn't do anything wrong!
I don't want to hear it! Take him away!
Sir! Wait!
Get the arrows.
You mean the archer's squad�