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I am so glad right in front of Saudi ally was he's a real tell you know that
my it's actually I need to talk to you or perhaps a way to have a daddy and me
he still want to hang know why can't rush
I'm trying to have sex that means
was it they didn't
they told the daylight on the Wall
you mentioned the initial home
he named shown things have seen the most dangerous
malcolm the new law which
an illusion deeply you unit
but you would have filed
he asked
well was told there was some funny business you know what all this I was just
I can't help but feel a little bit afraid crime
well this is my wife and
well I mean all a drive for in part for you over the years you know well you don't deserve
a regional that say what now
you don't deserve her she does nothing but give and give and give
any repair with selfishness in their quest
you barely spent any time with her on the street Asian well who the hell I you know
to tell me how to run my marriage to Canada and I will go from from one a couple months
what the hell is that supposed to mean alter your fridge and train wreck one aircraft bryant
you could even get julian to take it that issue was done a lot for right now
I many when a plane
nathan lane is right
finally one
I'm sorry our rights it's just
when you have feelings for someone that are strong enough you just
I don't lose sight of the rest of the world
she's my wife
and you might this panel
so what are we going to do about this
I I promised better
nothing like this would never happen again
and then somebody
lapd lab lab that's all well and good but he did not get ready having dinner with my
all right
sessions presents
well Peter griffin christmas featuring such standards as they can't go in and around him
better and then
and then again everybody that get the snow in the yen and who could forget
and Brian these gifts for
all right you'll be a rough the madman
and everyone's favorite
look at the bells look at the bills only twenty eight twenty eight years any dozen love to
have three
merry christmas everyone things like that and gain write it down day write it down been
write it down
i'd get a break
all right down around priced at a bright guy that are brought are working order to
and making quite a while first i'd like to
a for has what you might be in that book by Wednesday
that what you're writing a book by Wednesday
I see
I think tank
I think that being quite that high tide abroad arrived at a bright Baghdad abroad Baghdad
don't touch the price of hype and it really hurts better job of skiing grants
we want to recognize up by a great day
at what you're writing a book by which that way to put it down
can it be that doubt
where is the beltway part of them
being price it down
to where you stand
I eric did you then say that they have learned
well and and family for candidate
how would you like to go through the don't have work
I think that
what they did in fact
jack thank you
well anyway
she is
among the most religious
and although I see things
it's not believe here
no it is not admissible
I can't name and their not lend a hand
I really think it's well known that
tonight the
and it's my son the one thing that he's done
I'm running the a
France on call it quits
does the motion where know
like what
that's good for you
do you like to drink
he's the one
and all but I and I'm not
the highlands done mister griffin thank you both very much
you are a valued member of our business to you and I will give you have a symbolic you
come to work with haitian mister
jack and I want
well that's right
nice day no well
with and I don't buy that hello
the DNA
with it
have developed
all ballots in a mother
but then that your neighbor you John
whoever yet your neighbor who won the paper even stealing my paper
in paper yes my newspaper every morning to come to my house and you come over and take
a break into your house
he'll get that
it's fifty said Saturday in taipei for the guide and paper
I think that that you take my neighbor
I don't know why that's why it's gone beyond John if I tell I tell you do some like that
well you know I that
the united that yeah I know you take the money to do that
well I think it yet he stopped taking my paper otherwise nominated some past flap I want
you to look at the data right now and we had to do not know what the hell's going on the
world because I know a lot of slack in paper
like that
he'll talk to me like that
but that that US all right
you want to have all right you like all that you like
that's the whole idea what anybody else
you very much
well now culpa
I don't think about what had happened
you got that
it's a problem that well I think you get right outside London