Evolution of Ariba & Spend Management

Uploaded by AribaSpendManager on 18.12.2008

It began with an idea. To buy more efficiently, To buy more effectively. To buy easier. To
make buying easier, faster, better, cheaper. By buying on the web. That made us first.
That made us different and it launched a new way of thinking. Now you can find the products
you needed quickly. Compare features and prices easily and place an order without leaving
your desk. That meant your company could improve control, save time, save money. That made
us think, how could we get more buyers and more suppliers connected network. Ariba supplier
network. Now you can easily connect, enable, transact with suppliers. And that made us
think, how could we help you buy better. Ariba Sourcing. Now you can manage your sourcing
projects to identify, qualify and evaluate suppliers and negotiate better prices, better
terms, better deals, best value deals. And that made us think, how to help you source
more. Ariba technology and global services. That helped you source more spend and manage
more suppliers, across more categories in more regions of the globe. And that made us
think again, how could we help you manage more spend. More spend under management. Think
Spend Management. This help you classify and analyze your spend, source more effectively,
create, manage and comply with corporate contracts, purchase and manage all types of spend: direct,
indirect, goods and services, print, advertising, temp labor and more. Invoice and pay more
accurately, drive the best supplier performance. All in the global basis. Think global, think
first.com, think biggest, think best, think we're finished, not even close. AMR Research
says: "Landing Procuri made Ariba the largest on-demand provider with a whopping 50% of
the market share." Another first. First complete enterprise class on-demand spend management
suit. What this means for you: fast to deploy, easy to use, no installations, low TCO, rapid
results, faster innovation, secure, integration to ERP, flexible, flexible, flexible. Spend
Management solutions and services, how when and where you need them. You think you've
seen it all? Think Again. Think beyond the Spend Management. Think about managing all
trading relationships, supplier agreements, customer agreements, IP agreements, leases,
employment agreements, all types of trading relationships. Think of new ways to help,
buyer discovers suppliers, buyers discovers sellers, sellers discovers buyers, sellers
discover business. Think game-changing, think Spend Management, thin results, think where
your business will go next. Think Ariba.