Dark Resurrection vol.0 - FULL MOVIE (official)

Uploaded by Atilak on 08.09.2011

Remember the nature of the Force.
It permeates everything
from the tiniest particle
to the largest of the suns.
Its essence is divided into equal parts
into dark and light.
Master Sorran, the Council is concerned!
This quest has now lasted for twenty cycles without a single result!
There will be a result soon; the Temple of Eron is near!
The Temple of Eron is a myth, you have wasted your entire life on an obsession!
The Eronians understood the Force better than us;
it is our duty to learn its secrets.
This is the Kobegalon's last archeological mission
before it is reassigned to military operations.
I will find the path to Eron and I will prove you all wrong!
Master, we've found it!
You dragged us out here for this? Another useless wreck?
No General, this time we are on the right track!
Are we certain that this is the Resurrection?
The ship of the Second Guardian of Eron.
Yes, my friend. There is no doubt, my friend!
The orbit of the wreck is collapsing.
How is that possible? Why now?
The arrival of our ship changed the system's entropy.
It was us.
Your incompetence is unacceptable, General!
I could not have foreseen it. I hope you're not thinking of boarding it?
That is what we are here for.
It's too dangerous, the Council will never approve it!
No need to alert the Council.
What are we going to do?
Let's go in!
Kirlander shuttle, deflector shield deactivated.
Launch authorized.
Come to the bridge, Thor.
Front deflectors activated, there is some debris.
Yes, I've seen it.
Gash, what are you doing?
The magnetic ring has moved, it's not working.
You should get rid of that piece of junk.
Mind your own business!
Here the walls are thinner, we can drill through them.
There are two energy convergences; about 1800 pars from each other.
One of these points might be the bridge.
Perfect, let's board mid-point and then split up.
No, everything's perfect. Why?
Respirators won't be necessary, You can come in.
Thor, do you copy?
Yes Master, we are entering right now.
I'm heading towards the bow, you know what to do.
We will report back as soon as we find something.
If we find something... seems like just another walk on an empty wreck!
The Council has received the report, General.
Any answer?
Yes, Sir! They ask to speak to Sorran immediately upon his return.
He never follows procedure. I hope for his sake everything works out.
It certainly is weird in here.
The bearing structure is biological. The Eronians used organic matter to build their ships.
The problem won't be finding the bridge, it'll be recognizing it as a bridge,
not to mention using the commands!
Master Sorran knows the culture of Eron perfectly.
Master, there's something strange here.
You are perceiving shadows of the past!
I'm certain. There is something...alive.
Life abandoned this place thousands of years ago.
My name is Nevar.
I am the Second Guardian of Eron.
I lived 1300 cycles before deciding
to let my last body die.
General, the ship is moving!
Master Sorran has reactivated the propulsion, it's incredible!
The bow is rotating towards us. He should have reported to us before initiating recovery.
Let's activate the shields for security reasons. Some fragments of the wreck could hit us.
Lieutenant, activate shields!
Yes, Sir!
Initiating shields.
Shields at 30%
Shields at 70%
Shields activated.
What's happening?
This thing happens to be crashing! Back to the shuttle?
Stop it, Gash! Something's happened, I can feel it.
We've got company.
Only one? I'll go!
Master, we've found something. Master...
or maybe something has found us.
I don't like it.
Once Eron was found,
thanks to its power we could probe
the very core of the Force.
The truth we discovered was terrible,
but the wisest amongst us discovered how to remedy it.
What truth?
You are not yet entitled to know the answer to that question.
For centuries we prepared Eron to receive the Chosen One.
However, not everyone understood the importance of our mission.
The Daikas, our brethren,
opposed the First Guardian’s decision.
Their leader, Daiker, decided to destroy Eron.
we could not allow this!
Look up, brethren. The sky is ripping open!
Finally, their flagship is crashing!
Here is the last legion
and Daiker in command!
Let's stop their madness!
We will, Daiker!
Not yet!
Not yet!
Shields on!
How could you betray us, brother!
When the war was over, we looked to the future
and realized that Eron was well-concealed
from the eyes of those who coveted its power.
Therefore, we prepared for the coming of the Chosen One
by giving birth to the new progeny.
We then prepared the Resurrection,
waiting for the Sou Ra to reveal himself.
And now that moment has arrived.
Sou Ra!
Sou Ra, the Chosen One!
Nilah, Nilah! This way!
We won't last too long here, Nilah! Let's jump and go back!
I can't do it!
Of course you can, I'll count to three!
I can't do it!
On three you jump as high as you can! One, two...
This ship is sentient and its immune system
is enabled to recognize the Chosen One.
Any other living being which does not have your genomic sequence
will be destroyed,
as only you are destined to know the secret of immortality, Sou Ra!
You who will walk the gruelling path towards the Temple of Eron.
One, two, three!
Master, you could have stopped them.
Thor, no!
No! No!
Danger. Danger. Impact imminent.
Danger. Danger. Impact imminent.
The impact of the wreck will cause violent magmatic eruption into the orbit.
Jumping to lightspeed, beginning calculation.
Impossible to complete, debris in launch area.
Energy diverted from life support to engines.
Attention, cabin depressurization in three, two, one.
Life support deactivated.
Manual control activated.
Scan complete. No escape pods detected.
No life forms detected amongst the debris.
It's a great honor for me to take part in this expedition.
The Council is concerned.
You have wasted your entire life on an obsession!
I will find the path to Eron.
Master, you could have stopped them.
Only you are destined to know the secret of immortality!
Thanks to the replication modules
each atom of your body will be duplicated exactly.
Your spirit will possess these bodies
and you will be able to extend your life indefinitely,
until the day you find Eron and open its seal,
Sou Ra!