SD MAID For Android - [Review] Clean Up Old Files And Folders!

Uploaded by TheSmokingAndroid on 03.02.2012

Hey everyone! today we're going to review SD Maid. Its like defragging your pc except...for
Whast up everyone, thanks for tuning back in for another review, but before i start
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Anyways, before i get all emtional lets jump on into the review.
So i was doing some rom flashing the other day and as i was loading files onto my sd
card i noticed that there were a lot of folders and files that were no longer relavant anymore...i
had either uninstalled apps or there was a build up of useless files that were just sitting
there dormant.
I thought to i wonder how many people out there have a massive build up of
useless and dormant files and folders on there phones taking up valueable memory. I wonder
how many phones have been slowed down as a result and people just dont know why....maybe
if iphone had an app available like this people wouldnt wonder why after a year and a half
of heavy use, their phone slows to a snails pace.
Well i started searching and came across this awesome tool. SD Maid is (as the developer
describes it) a complete system cleaning tool.
Now keeping in mind root is recommended but not totally nessacary, and we'll get to that
in a minute.
So from the top, or i should say app gives you a quick glance at from the different
memory locations in the device to see hoq much is being used and where.
Next we have the Explore tab, this reminds me of root explorer beause it lets you see
everything as well as edit and change permissions.
Now im not going to go over eveything that this app can do because it does a lot, instead
im going to go over the main functions and features that i believe would be usefull to
myself and others.
So next is the Corpse finder. Corpse finder looks through your sotrage for foldes that
are dead and have no use or tie in with anything else. This is very helpfull for cleaning up
all the files and folders that may have been taking up space in your phone causing it to
slow down. This is where i think its sorta like defragging your computer.
Next is clean system. With this option it removes and cleans files from your lost.dir
folder, cleans your cache, gets rid of empty gallry thumbnails and cleans log files that are unesasary.
Clean apps is a really neat feature, it lets you choose individual apps where you can clean
the data and caceh i believe. This is helpful for instance if your market is acting up or
you have an app acting could try to clean it u first and then try again.
Duplicates is awesome, it looks for duplicate apps, folders and files that might be in your
internal and external storage. I have found this feature very usefull. Some how i always
end up putting one files on the internal, forget about it, and then i put the same file
on my external...
And the lst feature i thought was really hand is the MISC tab. In here you can quickly clear
market history, view modified files and somethign really usefull, show the top 50 biggest files.
This will tell the novice user what is preventing them from downloading more useless apps, you
know, the apps that are 1.4 mbs in install it and then it downloads an additional
1.2gbs? And then go into the forums wondering why their phone is telling them that the file
size is too large...well, now they can figure it out on their own!!! yay for us andvanced
users not having to tell the noobs simple things...hahahah
Anyways, thats it for this one! Thanks again everyone for subscribing and watching my videos.
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