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Q : World Star Rain has been twice selected as one of the world's 100 most influential people by Time magazine,
and he has also ranked top in its online poll.It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome him to this news show.
Hello, Rain. Rain : Yes, hello.
Q : Congratulations to you for being chosen as one of the 100 people.Rain : Thank you.
: I hear you've also ranked top in the Time online poll. Rain Yes. and I must say I never expected to be. It's a great honor.
Q : Some say your Korean fans supported you, but I'm afraid not. Rain : I was just chosen as #1 by a popular vote,
but members of the Time committee from all over the world voted secretly, selecting me as one of its official 100 people.
The West used to become a hub of the general culture contents, but now Asia's cultural influence has increased and has great
influence with the world, which can mean Asian stars' fanbases are now growing.
Q : Who finished second in the poll? Rain : It was a famous called 'Jay Chou' in a Chinese speaking country.
Q : I know this is the second time since 2006 you've been selected as one of the Time 100 people. when do
you think you can feel better?
Rain : Frankly speaking, I feel a lot better now. I think they've picked me as one of the 100 people because people's interest
In me has increased after the worldwide release of my movie Ninja Assassin which has garnered a big award for me.
Q : I hear you're the first Asian to be twice selected as one of the 100 people.Rain : But I know there is one more Asian except me.
Q : Are you going to leave for New York to attend its celebration party? Rain : Yes, the day after tomorrow, I'll be leaving
for New York to attend a sort of gala party show.
Q : Please tell me about the world's leading names included in the 100 people.Rain : There are U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, pop singer Justin Bieber and so on.
Q : Kate Middleton, the U.K's prince's fiancee, is also included in the list, right? Rain : Yes. That's right.
Q : Literally, the top 100 most influential people in various fields have been chosen. The Time reports that Rain has successfully
completed his transformation from an Asian pop singer to a hollywood actor. Do you have any plan to have an acting career in hollywood
even in the future? Rain: Actually, I've had many good hollywood movie roles offered to me recently, but I have to let it wait
because I have to go to army by year-end.
Q : Do you plan to enter the army by year-end ? Rain Yes, I'll be on the active list by the end of the year.
Q : Are there any chance for you to enlist in the marines ? Rain : I suppose nothing’s definite yet.
Q : Anyway, it means that it has been ascertained that you will go to army by year-end? Rain : Yes.
Q : Some people doubt if actors from Asia could be in great demand in Hollywood. How did you like your entering the hollywood?
Rain : I think it is more important for me to strive to improve me while maximizing the thing I'm good at than improve the things
I can't do, so I plan to widen the scope of my existing activities, doing my activities on my own turf for the time being.
Q : You mean you're going to keep taking action films ? Rain Of curse but I try various genres, such as romances and so on in the future.
Q : You're an actor and singer. Do you have any plan to do activities even as a singer in the US market?
Rain : I was prepared to do it, but I have to try later because I'm due to enter the army this year.
Q : Do you plan to do your activities traveling back and forth between USA and Korea after being released from the army?
Rain : Yes, I think I might. I'm thinking of doing my best more freely and actively as a singer and actor
in USA after being released from the army.
Q : I have to say you've been one of the world's prominent figures as you've been selected as one of the Time 100 people.
Do you have any plan to do special social activities? Rain : I'm looking into it, but I haven't made any firm plans at this point yet.
At the moment, I just want to do the best of my ability in my filed.
Q : Many people hear about a top star's big scandal these days. What do you think of celebrities' private lives?
Rain : I hope that the public respects the privacy of entertainers as normal human beings, but I think they should
also try to be candid to some extent.
Q : I hear you plan to enter the army as you said before, and you haven't got married yet, right?
Rain : I would dearly love to marry. Q : Will you get married after being released from the army?
Rain : I really want to get married right now.Q : Are you in a relationship? Rain : I don't have any girl friend yet. Q : I see.
(Questions from KBS Tweet)
1.Congratulations to Rain for being selected as one of the Time 100 people.I want to know that he is still corresponding
with his fellows who worked with him in Hollywood.
2. Rain, why do you think that you've been twice selected as one of the Time 100 people? Please tell me about
the story of what had happened to you at a gala part hosted by the Time in 2006.
(Questions from KBS text messages)
1. As it has required blood, sweat, and tears for you to succeed even in a difficult situation, have you thought
about helping disadvantaged youths?
2. You are a real go-getter who does everything enthusiastically, and these come at birth or they are learned ?
Q : If you go to the part hosted by the Time, who do you want to see more than anyone else among the 100 people selected?
Rain : Sure, I'd like to see U.S. President Barack Obama.
Q : Are you still corresponding with the people you met last time? Rain : I dared not breathe a word of it to anybody at that time,
but I'll try to say anything to any of them this time because this is the second time.
Q : Who do you want to work with most in Hollywood? Rain : I want to work with actress Megan Fox I've describe as my idea woman.
Q : What do you think you'll wear when you walk on the red carpet at the Time celebration?
Rain : I'll wear a really nice tuxedo as requested.
Q : Have you thought about helping disadvantaged youths? Rain : Since a young age, I've dreamt of doing so. Someday,
I want to offer a free tutoring service for poor students there when I establish Asia's best school where
both dance and song are taught
Q : We're expecting you to become a bona fide star in the world beyond Asia. It’s great to have you on our show.Rain : Thank you.