Justin Bieber in Spain (subtitles in English) Part two

Uploaded by IrY29 on 03.01.2011

there are not many things to do
is what he calls a perfect day
anyway you've always been a very special guy, they have told me that once you threw out the window
after a ball
Did not you do you hurt?
you've changed your look a little news has come in who said that you had cut a little hair, your bangs is famous throughout the world
Justin I wonder ... Does your front ever seen the sun?
Could you show your front for a moment?
No no no we'll do other thing
Justin I like your look and would like your look Can you help me please? Here is everything you have water, you have combs ...
Ah behind ... the secret is behind
I'm feeling like you
Well it's good!
is not easy to take this hair
Well let's talk about You like the girls a bit older than you
Is it true that you taught your abs to rihanna?
Suddenly you are seductive
Who is your favorite girl now? (In the world)
But you can't say Jeniffer because she is mine
What do you call the attention of a girl? What makes you take notice of itshe?
This is good!you are a very funny guy, you love and they told me that you have a special talent to do the Rubic Cube
can you do a rubic cube in two minutes?
Two minutes! wait a moment
is very difficult to make a face ... It took me one day make a face
Justin I admire your level of concentration
Wow is so difficult
but I think you're already hooked and you can not stop
you have made many faces
You did it in 1:30
1:30 maybe is your record
Well as of today have a fan more ... Meet the stars of this show, Trancas and Barrancas
" How are you? "
Justin I heard your song "never say never " a million times
but in the song you say "never say never " and every time you sing it you say "never " 38 times
but is normal Barrancas....
Justin I wanted to do business with you, my name is Trancas and I am advisor of fans
you have so many fans who can not care for all, and my service of forging autographs and greeting dubbing false, all your fans will get personal attention
and only for twenty percent of your incomeAnd only
He is kicking me Pablo
Well, he is the guest of the program and we must endure he
You're a good friend of Jaden Smith right? you have done a rap together
He came here with his father and see what he sang for us
He came here and we were impressed with the rap, and tried to learn (rap) since he came
and it's like a tongue twister, it's so difficult for us because is in English but we get it
Can you help us? Try?
Ole (Spanish term that indicates a very well done)
Justin you know when somebody admire so much to someone like you, can happen something strange
Are you going to undress?