Gothic 1 animation

Uploaded by GagaManMusic on 02.06.2012

I'm very pleased to see that you've got Uriziel all
powered up. The boosted Uriziel inflicts 120 physical damage plus 30 magical damage so
You should be ready for the last part of the adventure.
Now you just have to go and defeat the Sleeper. Uhhmm , Where are you going ?
I am talking here !!! You can't just leave in the middle of the conversation. I
mean God how bugged can this game be ?!
I'm Sorry Xardas. To be honest I just kinda miss my family and
I think this whole Sleeper thing is a bit too much for me, I mean I've fought
all sort of creatures by now from scavangers to fucking trolls but I just wanna search
for my family and find out what my real name is.
This is your Mom and Dad. Your real name is Beatrice.
Beatrice !?? What the fuck ?! Come on !
Ok so that is pretty much it. So what do you say? Will you go and
defeat the Sleeper now?
Umm... How about you let this guy go. He's been following me arround
throughout the entire game since I was like level 3.
Who in the blazes are you supposed to be ?
Well golly my name is Mud. Yep sure is. I like animals !
Ok I guess you'll do. Give him the Uriziel sword Beatrice.
Fuck I hate my name! You know what ? I... I wish I didn't find
I wish I didn't find out that my fucking name was Beatrice.
Fucking Beatrice !
(sword sounds)
(music) (music)
(music) (music)
Waaaaaahhh !!!
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh !!!
Good. Fry you fucking weirdo !
Did you see the look on his stupid face?!