Noël: Tuto Nail art rouge et or / How to: Christmas Nail art design red and gold

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 02.11.2011

Hello! Today’s nail art video is in shade of red and glitter gold.
It is easy to do. Hope you’ll like it!
Of course, you can choose any colors for this nail art.
Let’s have a look.
Once the color base is applied and dry.
I use a nail polish of the same color. You can obviously choose another one.
I’ve chosen a red glitter nail polish from Orly.
I make some circles on my nail.
Put them where you like. I’ll make two circles.
It don’t have to be perfect,
because you'll have to do the outlines with your nail polish later.
That’s why l’m doing it directly with a brush.
Then, use a liner brush and glitter nail polish, just like I’m doing here
or simply use a glitter liner, if you have one.
Then, I trace the outline of the circles
and will now add a spiral inside of it.
To add more glitter, I add some top coat,
and with the help of a fan brush and finest glitter powder
(like NFU OH ones)
I will now add some glitter at the top of my nail
and at last apply the final top coat and will let it dry.
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