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A great deluge, nearly wiping out every living thing on our planet's surface.
Cosmic battles, waged over the skies of Germany.
And geologic cataclysms, threatening the future of humanity.
For centuries, mankind has faced almost every calamity imaginable.
But are we at the mercy of natural forces?
Or is there an even higher power at work?
The aliens that apparently created us had
the ability and the desire to keep human beings disunited.
They can control us, and we cannot control them.
That makes us a second-class species.
If anything, they may be more violent than we are.
Millions of people around the world believe we have
been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true?
Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history?
If so, were they out to control us, to exterminate us or to
prepare us for the future?
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Tortuguero, Mexico.
Within this archaeological site lies the ruins of a Maya city
that once thrived from 250 to 900 AD.
Among the many artifacts discovered here are examples of
Maya script, also known as Maya hieroglyphs, a fully-developed
written language.
In April 2006, Mayanist scholar David Stuart deciphered
inscriptions that were found on what's known as Monument 6.
Researchers believe the translated text provides further proof that the Mayas'
Long Count calendar will end on December 21, 2012.
According to Maya tradition, the gods
will return at that date.
And you can read... chiseled in stone... will descend with glory,
god Bolon Yokte.
Bolon Yokte was one of the Maya creator gods who created human intelligence.
The ancient Mayans were attuned to higher
wisdom, higher knowledge, and their forecast of December 21,
2012, the winter solstice, as a major marker in the Age of
Earth was a true insight into what's coming.
It is a marker of a change into a new age.
The Maya civilization, established as early as 2000 BC, produced
highly advanced architecture, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy.
But ancient astronaut theorists believe the amazing
accomplishments of the Maya may be due, in part, to contact with
early extraterrestrials.
And the ultimate proof, they say, is in the creation of the Maya calendar.
Scholars agree upon one date when the calendar allegedly
started, and that was the 11th of August, 3114 BC.
In 3114 BC, the Maya did not even exist, so what compelled
them to start their calendar in 3114 BC?
According to the Chilam Balam book, which is the Book of the
Jaguar Priests, at that time, the road to the stars descended
from the sky, and the 13 and nine gods came to Earth.
Right there, we have a direct reference to someone that has
arrived from outer space.
The Mayans were one of the civilizations that reported a very strong
extraterrestrial presence.
Their alien gods were very much involved in their society and their sciences.
The thought here is that maybe this is a prophecy that was put
there by the aliens, through the Mayans, in this calendar...
that the world is going to end in the year 2012.
The End of Days.
Embedded in numerous ancient cultures and religions around
the world is the idea that civilization as we know it will
come to a tumultuous end.
Such apocalyptic beliefs are the driving force behind the final
chapter of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation.
According to the text, an angel of God appeared to the apostle
John on the island of Patmos and shared with him visions of the
future... that God would return in End Times to pass judgment on all humanity.
The Book of Revelation tells the future of
mankind, where angels appear over the Earth.
And the angel will punish mankind.
And earthquakes... thunderstorm... gigantic floods...
and catastrophes on Earth.
Further evidence of a prophesied Apocalypse was
found in 1947 in arid caves high above the Judean desert.
Archaeologists discovered nearly 900 documents believed
to have been written in the time of Jesus.
They are the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Among them is one called the War Scroll that spells out in
chilling detail a future apocalyptic war between the forces of light and dark.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are talking about a war between good angels
and bad angels.
Invariably, in almost every ancient literature, you end up
with these cosmic fights between the forces of good and the
forces of... of evil.
The idea that somehow the gods have
different factions and they fight against each other has
sometimes given rise to ideas like, uh, maybe there was an
ancient, uh, war between alien factions visiting the Earth.
That would have provided the visual imagery and the basic
ideas for some of the ancient mythology.
In Judeo-Christian and Islamic tradition, there was an idea
that there will be some kind of final warfare when God defeats
Satan once and for all.
That's been interpreted by some people to say that the aliens
will come back and they'll fight it out again one final time.
But have these warnings of imminent war on
Earth actually come from God?
Or could they have originated from somewhere else?
And if the forewarned Apocalypse were to occur, might it simply
be part of a recurring cycle of natural phenomena?
The Toba supervolcano, Indonesia.
75,000 years ago, this massive volcanic lake erupted,
triggering a major climate change that nearly obliterated mankind.
When you have one of these massive volcanic eruptions, what you have to
worry about is the dust in the upper atmosphere, because that
shields the sunlight, and the planet can cool.
And if that lasts long enough, you can really mess with the
life cycle of the organisms that are around at that time.
Scientists call this an example of a genetic
bottleneck... a catastrophic event that dramatically
decreases the genetic diversity of a species.
At least twice, Homo sapiens experienced such a
genetic bottleneck effect where the worldwide population
dwindled to as few as 3,000 Homo sapiens around the world.
The same patterns of history just keep repeating
themselves over and over again.
And behind that pattern, we continue to see possibly an
alien influence causing some of these events to happen.
The flood stories are really very interesting.
You find them in the Bible.
What they all say is that this extraterrestrial race... the
angels, the gods, whatever we want to call them today... they
basically just got tired of humanity.
They became noisy, rebellious.
And it was just time to wipe them out.
It's very possible that the aliens decided that in
order to cleanse the planet, they needed to do things of
huge magnitude, like the flood that the Bible talks about as Noah.
God came down to him and said he was going to punish mankind.
"Noah, you are good, and I want you to build this massive ark
and collect all these animals, a male and female, and you put
them in this boat and you float away.
And you start all over again."
When we come in the Bible and we see Noah, we
find that he somehow knows the future, whereas nobody else on
Earth seems to know this.
But specifically, he has been given blueprints, somehow a
device whereby he can survive this catastrophe.
Now, that is something very specific, which singles Noah
out as being a person who might have had exposure to ancient aliens.
Maybe the extraterrestrials created some type of a catastrophe.
But it's also possible that the flood itself was a natural disaster...
and extraterrestrials warned the local population about this
impending massive flood.
Extraterrestrials ensured our continued survival.
Could there be a reason why humans have survived
such disasters time and time again?
And is it really possible that the great flood and other
cataclysmic extinction events were caused by extraterrestrials?
If so, who are these destructive beings, and what is their ultimate purpose?
A massive underwater earthquake produces a tsunami that kills
over 230,000 people in 14 coastal countries.
It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.
Geologists determine that the violent movement of tectonic
plates on the floor of the Indian Ocean created lethal
tidal waves measuring a height of nearly 100 feet.
Tsunamis are basically super tidal waves.
And it really comes down to, at its simplest level, is how much
energy is put into the ocean at the point that generates the tidal wave.
And the water gets displaced, and it actually forms a wave
that can be very coherent and travel for large distances, and
will eventually hit the shore somewhere.
But just days before the disaster, several
eyewitnesses reported seeing strange unidentified flying
objects to the India Daily newspaper.
People were reporting seeing bright lights
in the sky prior to and during that tsunami.
Scientists think that that's just maybe the tectonic plates
are rubbing each other, and that there's so much friction
that they're giving off a glow.
Known as earthquake lights, mainstream
scientists have been studying these phenomena since they were
first photographed in Japan in the 1960s.
But although there are many theories as to their cause,
there has been, as yet, no viable explanation.
What is becoming very apparent is that UFO
activity and tectonic activity go hand in hand.
Now, there are an awful lot of questions to be asked here and
science needs to answer an awful lot of them.
The central question is this:
Is this UFO phenomenon just a byproduct of the tectonic activity?
April, 2010.
One of the country's largest volcanoes erupts for the first
time in nearly two centuries.
In the aftermath of the blast, Sky News captured footage of an
unusual V-shaped flying object amongst the plume of smoke and ash.
An awful lot of video material was taken of this volcanic eruption.
And some of it clearly shows an anomalous object hovering
roughly around the volcano.
This object is clearly under intelligent control.
And from what we see on the video, it's also apparent that
this isn't birds, as some skeptics have been trying to argue.
According to scientists, volcanic eruptions
are natural events that occur when rocks deep within the
Earth become so hot, they melt and form magma.
Basically, you build up a lot of pressure in the
magma in the location where the volcano is, and it has a point
where it can release, and then that magma and the hot gases
and the hot lava all kind of erupt out through the top.
Still, some researchers believe there is a
high correlation between catastrophic events and the appearance of UFOs.
The fact that we have UFOs before and sometimes
during these events, whether it's tsunami or earthquakes,
clearly shows that something is present.
Now, the question is: are they just monitoring it or are they
actually somehow involved with it?
Are they causing it?
Is there a way that you can trigger a volcano?
For example, let's say it's sort of on the verge anyway.
Is there something you can do technologically to either
trigger it or to make it worse?
We don't know.
We just see this apparent foreknowledge of an event like that happening.
The UFO shows up, the event happens.
According to ancient astronaut theorists,
alien spacecraft have been spotted at or near the sites of
so-called natural catastrophes since ancient times.
But why?
Is it possible extraterrestrials are merely
curious about geologic events on Earth?
Or could there be another, perhaps more sinister, motive for their interest?
April 14, 1561... Nuremberg, Germany.
Citizens awoke at dawn to the spectacle of cylindrical
objects appearing in the sky from which red, black, orange
and blue disks emerged.
According to eyewitness accounts recorded in the Nuremberg
Gazette, tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared and
the objects began to "fight one another."
After about an hour of battle, the entities seemed to catch
fire and fell to Earth, where they turned to steam.
Five years later, Austrian architect Hans Glaser created a
woodcut detailing what he observed during the famous event.
In that woodcut and in the eyewitness reports,
we actually see UFOs in battle.
They were reported actually fighting each other, shooting each other down.
If you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the
woodcut, you will actually see a couple of circles in the
ground, giving off smoke.
They've obviously crashed.
They have been shot down.
That is very interesting, because it shows that the
pattern of aggression amongst the UFOs, has been going on for a long time.
To some ancient astronaut theorists, the 540...
year-old woodcut is evidence of an alien cosmic war.
And in fact, they claim similar hostile events have occurred in human history
for centuries.
The evidence from the record, from eyewitness testimony,
shows a connection between the UFO and a thinning effort,
where there's apparently a wanton intention to wipe out
or thin out the human race.
For example, during the plague years, there were a lot of UFO reports about
bright lights in the sky that were spreading gas.
And people were reporting that these gasses were actually the cause of the plague.
But could there really be a connection between
eyewitness accounts of alien space wars and the recent sightings of UFOs during
Earth's so-called natural catastrophes?
And is there any proof that alien visitors are involved in
creating cataclysmic events in a sinister effort to control
or "thin out" Earth's population?
Perhaps the answer can be found in Florence, Italy among the diaries and secret
papers of one of the world's most brilliant and mysterious men... Leonardo da Vinci.
2005, Florence, Italy.
Beyond a hidden staircase in the Santissima Annunziata convent,
researchers from Italy's Military Geographical Institute
discover the secret workshop of Leonardo da Vinci.
He was the true archetypal Renaissance man:
brilliant painter, brilliant inventor, brilliant
poet, ambidextrous, could write with his left hand and his
right hand at the same time.
Wrote backwards instead of forwards.
A very interesting guy.
Though da Vinci is renowned for his public
paintings like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, ancient
astronaut theorists are more intrigued by his private
notebooks that contain sketches of futuristic military
technology, including machine guns, tanks, helicopters and even submarines.
It clearly seems that Leonardo da Vinci was privy to a series of
secrets that had been handed down for many, many thousands of years.
Da Vinci may also have actually been contacted by human-like extraterrestrials
who either spoke to him in person or perhaps telepathically and inspired
him to do so many different things.
We do know, for example, that one of his inventions was a
circular car.
It looks kind of like a UFO.
Now, he's also into inventing weapons.
And did that come from the fact that, the UFO has demonstrated, basically, some
aggressiveness, and did some of that maybe in some way rub off on him?
Were they trying to give him weapons that
could be used to destroy life on Earth?
That could have been possible.
But if Leonardo da Vinci did have knowledge of
advanced weaponry, might he have learned of it through observation and study?
Or was this knowledge given to him by another, perhaps
extraterrestrial, source?
There is this book of prophesies which is a very
rare book, and in there are some type of descriptions that could
indicate some type of an extraterrestrial visitation.
There are references in which da Vinci himself says
that he's had these encounters, these visions of God and angels.
And of course, according to the ancient astronaut hypothesis,
that wasn't God, it wasn't angels.
They were extraterrestrials.
Is it possible that over the centuries, extraterrestrials have been
partnering with human collaborators; human beings entrusted with the kind of
advanced scientific knowledge that would allow mankind to leap
over centuries of normal intellectual evolution?
To ancient astronaut theorists, the fact that mankind had gone
from the horse and buggy to the Moon in less than 100 years
makes such a notion not only possible, but entirely probable.
In our development, all of a sudden we've made a quantum leap,
where we were sitting in caves munching on bananas, and the
next thing we do is we're building pyramids, virtually overnight.
And so that quantum leap can be explained with a direct extraterrestrial
intervention of our past.
And the visitors are the ones who are revered as
gods, who seem to come on flying shields or silver boats or any of the various
descriptions of extraterrestrial technology that you see in these ancient
legends, and they consistently are trying to cultivate
humanity in a direction that's beneficial for everyone.
There are many who believe extraterrestrial
visitors might have provided intellectual inspiration to men
like Albert Einstein, whose theories of relativity opened
the door for the possibility of future travels through space and time...
J. Robert Oppenheimer, whose research in the field of
theoretical physics resulted in the development of atomic weapons...
Werner Von Braun... whose innovations in advanced rocket
technology led to the modern- day space program.
When we look into the lives and the motivations as
to Werner Von Braun and to why he wanted to take mankind into
outer space, we are confronted with the fact that he was
absolutely convinced that we had gone there before or that
an ancient civilization had come from there to Earth.
These people were motivated, and specifically, they wanted to
take us to space because they were convinced that somehow
they would find something which would completely change planet Earth.
Then there is Nikola Tesla, whose experiments with electricity led to
everything from satellite technology and robotics to what
some would term a "death ray."
The Tesla death ray, Tesla said, could
annihilate an army of 100,000 soldiers at once, and could
melt an aircraft engine from 250 miles away.
When the FBI investigated Tesla's murder, they found documentation that the
Tesla death ray was in development at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1943.
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 1943?
Where was the Roswell flying saucer taken?
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
So we have a connection to that weapon.
Is it possible that Nikola Tesla's scientific
achievements could have been influenced by alien intelligence?
Might other human geniuses throughout time have served as
human gateways, allowing extraterrestrials to jump-start
our technological advances?
If the answer is yes, then what are we being prepared for?
And might there be a connection between mankind's intellectual
and scientific advancements, and the so-called natural
disasters that threaten to wipe entire populations off the face of the Earth?
The Omo River, Ethiopia.
Flowing south 400 miles into Lake Turkana, the banks of this
river are rich in hominid fossil fragments, including
those of chimpanzees, gorillas and early humanoids.
Here in 1967, paleoanthropologist Richard
Leakey unearthed two partial human skulls.
The remains date as far back as 195,000 years ago, making the
fossils the oldest evidence of modern humans, or Homo sapiens.
We are constantly still finding new
breakthroughs and either more complete skeletons or a more complete site.
If we look at the fossil record, at some point eventually you
find common ancestors with chimpanzees.
You go back really close and you have Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man.
And we came out of Cro-Magnon man, and the Neanderthals die out.
And it's a really interesting mystery to try and piece
together why were we more successful than they were.
We are the only one who came out of the family tree with culture.
Evolution says by coincidence.
We have adapted as best.
I say no.
It was an artificial mutation made out of the family tree.
And then overnight, we were building
pyramids, Sumeria was created, all those different high
achievements were done virtually overnight.
So this quantum leap in development, this big bang of
knowledge or intelligence, all of a sudden happened.
And the ancient astronaut theory suggests that this is a
direct result of extraterrestrials tampering with our DNA.
So we're half human and half extraterrestrial.
We're hybrids.
We have an incredible wealth of
information, in stone, preserved from ancient times, that can
lead us in a direction of really knowing that the ancient
ancestors of modern humans were not simply born on Earth but
came here from somewhere else.
But if extraterrestrials arrived here
in the distant past, who were they?
And why did they come here?
Ancient astronaut theorists believe answers exist in early Sumerian texts.
In 1849, British archaeologist Austen Henry Layard discovered
22,000 clay tablets in the ancient Sumerian city of
Nineveh, in an area now known as Iraq.
The tablets contain cuneiform script, believed to be the
earliest writing system, created by the Sumerians 6,000 years ago.
Author Zecharia Sitchin spent more than 30 years
translating these Sumerian clay tablets.
In his 1976 book The 12th Planet, Sitchin claims the
cuneiform texts describe an alien race named the Anunnaki,
who came to Earth from an undiscovered planet in our
solar system beyond Neptune called Nibiru.
They explained to the Sumerians that through their own rise to a
technological culture, they damaged their atmosphere.
And they came here seeking gold and precious elements to repair
their planet's dwindling atmosphere.
According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki first
visited Earth 450,000 years ago, during the age of Neanderthals.
And they created Homo sapiens through genetic engineering to
create a species to work and mine precious minerals for them.
Our forefathers believed that they were gods.
And they were here on purpose.
They wanted to make our primitive generation, at that time, intelligent.
They wanted to plant curiosity into our brain.
And we became more developed in technology, in astronomy, in every field.
That's what they wanted.
The question is: why?
When you look at the ancient creation stories,
you find that what they said about our position as Homo sapiens is that we were
created to be a slave race, or a work race.
According to Sitchin's interpretation of the
ancient tablets, the human civilization in Sumer was set
up under the guidance of the Anunnaki.
And to disguise alien manipulation, human kings were inaugurated to provide
intermediaries between mankind and their so-called gods.
Then, around 3,000 B.C. , humans began building stone
monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.
For mainstream historians, the physical ability and know-how
to construct these megalithic sites remains a mystery.
But ancient astronaut theorists contend that megaton stone
monuments were erected by human laborers aided with alien technology.
And what do the ancient texts say about ancient Sumeria?
That none of this could've been possible without the help of
the gods, or in their case, the Anunnaki, which means "those
who from the heavens came."
Many cultures had a time when they interacted with their living gods.
So who were those gods?
In my mind, they were misrepresented advanced extraterrestrials, and they
brought forth the technology to build the monuments we see, such
as Giza or all across Bolivia, Peru and South America.
Sitchin's interpretations of the Sumerian tablets further claim the
ancient Anunnaki astronauts carried out breeding experiments to improve the
species of laborers.
But to keep the human population at bay and correct
genetic mistakes, the aliens orchestrated so-called natural catastrophes.
The Anunnaki saw the Neanderthal man naturally
evolving here on Earth and just decided to put their genetic marker on it.
Meaning, they took 80% of their genes and 20% of the hominoid that was here and
created us in their image and after their likeness.
And this was essentially when modern humanity was born and starts
to show up in the fossil record.
It wasn't until 75,000 years ago that you have this super
volcano that goes off in Lake Toba.
And in the aftermath of that great cataclysm, it appears that
we went through further genetic modifications.
Very, very powerful E.T. 's came in and upgraded our DNA.
They probably figured, "You know, there's something
wrong with this species."
So, they probably create these disasters like the flood.
And then of course, there's always that biblical
perspective, and people believe God did it.
Well, God could have been the extraterrestrials, could have
created that somehow.
It's very possible and very likely that in order to
eradicate a species, that they may have genetically altered
themselves and screwed up with, that they needed to get rid of
them and start all over again.
The ultimate proof for the ancient astronaut theory will not be in
a megalithic site.
It won't be finding a crashed spaceship.
But it will be found deep within our genes.
And that is exactly what the ancient texts are saying... that we were created
in the image of the gods.
Though more than 20,000 genes have been
identified in the human genome, scientists worldwide have only
begun to understand the origins of man.
As geneticists continue to study our DNA, might they find
traces of an alien species in our genes?
And if Homo sapiens were genetically engineered by aliens, might they continue
to shape our existence?
Elbert County, Georgia.
Four 18-foot-tall granite stones form a mysterious
monument some call the American Stonehenge.
Engraved in the giant stones in 12 languages are ten guides or commandments
suggesting how to rebuild civilization after the apocalypse.
Known as the Georgia Guide Stones, the monument was built
in 1979 by an unknown man going by the pseudonym "R.C. Christian."
Some people have a theory that whoever put those
guide stones up was either a Freemason or that the name
R.C. Christian was really a way to parrot the fictional founder
of Rosicrucianism centuries earlier.
When you trace them back to the ancient gods who wore the same symbolic aprons,
they were the ancient aliens that we now talk about.
Was the monument secretly built by followers of
Rosicrucianism; an ancient society of mystics and
philosophers who were inspired by the religions of the Far East?
If so, might the stones contain coded messages intended to
prepare us for the imminent apocalypse?
But to some ancient astronaut theorists, warnings of an
impending apocalypse are meant to caution human beings against
the very real prospect of an alien invasion... or worse.
Perhaps the examination, vivisection and eventual annihilation of all human
life on our planet.
Since the late 19th century, modern reports of aliens
abducting and probing humans have numbered in the tens of thousands.
Researcher David M. Jacobs has spent more than 40 years
studying so-called abductees and their alien encounters
through the use of hypnosis.
The preponderance of evidence of person after
person saying the same thing to me, things that I could never
have imagined being thought up... then I began to realize, "Oh, my God, this is
actually happening."
And I was dumbstruck by the fact that this was convincing evidence.
What Dr. Jacobs has reported is that what the
aliens seem to have been doing for these least 40 years,
perhaps longer, is that when they abduct people, it's not just an experiment.
They are actually engaged in a very intense, very involved
program of genetic breeding where they are breeding hybrids.
The abductees that he's been talking to... according to him...
have gotten to the point of this massive program of creating
hybrids where now the hybrids look like us quite a bit.
But behaviorally, psychologically, they are still alien.
Jacobs claims alien-human hybrids can communicate telepathically and
dictate human thoughts neurologically.
These beings can put ideas, images in people's minds quite easily.
Therefore, what people describe is that they can be controlled
on a number of different levels by the minds of these other beings.
Since 2003, abductees have supposedly been
reporting to Jacobs that the hybrids were being integrated
into society, unnoticed by humans.
To me, this is possible evidence of the plan to
do another thinning; to kind of make room for this new jump from
modern Homo sapiens to whatever we're gonna call this new Homo sapiens.
That is the potential future apocalypse involving the alien presence.
And that's where I see some danger signs.
Some people think that these beings are benevolent, that they are here
to help us, to stop war, cure cancer, that they are here for
reasons that have everything to do with us and very little to do with them.
I don't see benevolence here.
I don't see malevolence.
But I see the furthering of an alien agenda of which we do not know the future.
Some people have theorized that the creation of an alien hybrid
race might be a way of accomplishing a better age on Earth.
And there are some abductees who even bring back predictions
that there will be a time called "The Change" when
there will be aliens and humans living together on Earth as
if it were a return of the age of paradise.
There are others who think that they are coming to create a better Earth.
Some think they are coming to take over the Earth.
We really don't know the alien agenda.
We do know that they have been telling abductees for a long
time that soon everybody will be happy.
Soon everyone will know their place.
Soon we will all be together.
This has been going on for thousands of years with the creation of
Homo sapiens.
I mean, from the very get-go.
So to suggest that now is the time where, you know, a new
hybrid extraterrestrial Homo sapiens will emerge in this
new age of consciousness... No, no, it won't.
We already are hybrids.
We already are part extraterrestrial and part human.
Human and alien hybrids?
Extraterrestrial engineering designed to weed out excessive population growth?
Or perhaps to exterminate inferior genetic strains?
Might geological catastrophes and meteorological calamities
be the work of unseen, perhaps alien, hands?
For skeptics, the answer is a resounding "No."
But with the end of the Mayan calendar looming in 2012, could
all of our questions about the alien agenda finally be answered?
Perhaps only those of us who survive on that date will ever learn the truth.
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