UNBOXING: Apple iPhone 4 on Verizon

Uploaded by BestBuyCommunity on 10.02.2011

Hi, Jesse here with an unboxing of the iPhone 4 for Verizon!
It's Here, It's Here, It's HEEEEERE!and at Best Buy. Many current and future Verizon customers
have been anticipating its arrival. Hey, having a choice is good thing!
So let's unbox this version of the iPhone 4 with a comparison to its AT&T counterpart.
Inside the box we have the phone, Finger Tips guide and warranty information.
And the Apple stickers: Jonny Appleseed would love these! The 30-pin USB synch cable, power adapter,
and headphones with an in-line microphone and volume control.
This is the cleanest your screen will ever be; make sure you get screen protectors,
otherwise this... Now, on to the phone! For comparison, we also
have the AT&T version of the iPhone 4. You'll notice how similar they are, with a
few minor changes to accommodate Verizon's CDMA network requirements.
Verizon doesn't require a SIM card so there is no need for that slot. This little black
strip is new - related to the antenna. On the bottom of the phone is the same with
the 30-pin dock connector, speaker and microphone. On the other side, the mute switch has been
moved down by about two millimeters to accommodate another new antenna strip. This means the
older AT&T bumper protectors may not fit. Fear not, for Best Buy® has accessories that
fit both iPhone 4 versions. On the top-side is the power button and headphone
jack. See how the antenna strip has moved? The back design is similar and has the same
5 mega pixel camera which records HD video at 720p.
The front is also pretty much the same touch screen retina display and front-facing camera
and home button After the initial powering on, you will need
to connect this to an iTunes account on your computer for updates and optional synching
of media. This iPhone on Verizon has a slightly newer
iOS - version 4.2.6, again, to accommodate the CDMA requirements.
The new Personal HotSpot feature is found under Networks and allows you to share a network
connection with up to five devices. Of course, there's iTunes and the Apple App Store to
download music and apps to keep you entertained and connected while on the go!
All right, let’s look at Facetime. I can whip my hair back and forth!
You may have heard about the slight difference in service providers. We love em all,
so don't hate, appreciate! If you like the ability to have voice and simultaneous data access,
go with AT&T. Because of how CDMA networks send and receive data, Verizon's network helps
you focus on the caller. Now, Wi-Fi will resume at the end of that phone call.
Each carrier has its strengths and Best Buy® Mobile can help you figure out your best option.
We'll also help you check if you qualify for an early upgrade. Speaking of upgrades,
be sure to Future Proof your technology with the Buy Back program from Best Buy®.
Buy with confidence now, upgrade to new technology later at Best Buy.
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