I@M$@M 7 (eng sub/full)

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Is this Si Ji Jewelry Store?
Yes, I'm already in front of the store.
There's something in the store that I need to buy right now.
Please don't hang up.
I really need to have it right now.
Really, I beg you. Just this time, just this time.
That's because...
My girlfriend is really sick and she might... not be able...
Really, this might be her last request.
How much is it?
Is your girlfriend really that sick?
She is suffering from...
Oh my.
Just like Ah Ri in that romance movie?
Yes, just like Ah Ri...
Can you give me a discount?
Of course. Don't buy this one. Pick something more special.
Also, do you want your name engraved on there?
No need. There's not much time left. Just wrap it for me please.
Oh no, I won't charge you for that. I've dated when I was young too.
Let's see. What should I engrave?
How about "God of death cannot separate us"?
What do you think?
The necklace is so small. Will it fit?
Well, how about just the word "LOVE".
How about "Forever"?
"Forever"? That's really nice.
That... seems too...
- Your name? - What?
What is your name?
Jang... no, Sam.
You're a foreigner, right?
No wonder you look more like the village people.
If you were even one minute late,
I was going to listen to my dad and study abroad.
What did you just say?
I though you were my teacher.
Why isn't your teacher here at this hour?
He's on a date with his girlfriend.
And he left you here alone?
Wait, it's your birthday.
Why are you here by yourself?
That idiotic teacher.
How could he treat you like this on your birthday?
I'm going to break all the bones in his body when he gets here.
Dad, stop. I told him I wanted to be alone.
Wow, a spider! You always know what I want.
Wow, she's really pretty. She's small, too.
Hey, what did you say before?
About studying abroad.
What? Oh, that...
I was going to ask my teacher if studying abroad is a good idea.
- That's what it was. - Ask what?
Are you ignoring everything your father says again?
Don't be silly! Just do as I say, okay?
I should call her Geosuk.
Dad, what do you think about Geosuk? Doesn't it suit her?
Why are you asking me that?
Oh, I better go to the bathroom. Wait here a bit, okay?
There aren't any cabs.
Step on it.
Eun Byul?
Eun Byul?
It's been a while, Mr. Jang.
Weren't you out a bit late? And you left my daughter by herself?
Mr. Yoo.
You're looking good.
How's your back doing?
Are you sad that I'm fine?
Of course not. What a relief that is.
My daughter was looking mighty sad on her birthday.
There was a lot of traffic on the way.
You know how important birthdays are to kids.
Why are birthdays such a big deal? They have parties all the time.
Why are they a big deal?
Well, people love it when there are surprise parties, and...
Yes, that's right.
As if she were your own daughter. Remember?
Your own daughter.
Yes, sir.
You know, you keep getting on my nerves.
There isn't much time left, so do your best until then, okay?
- What do you mean? - You don't need to know the details.
Keep an eye on her until the end, okay?
The end?
Oh yes, this shouldn't happen, but I'm asking just in case.
Is my girl confused about anything?
Mr. Yoo.
Kids need to know the material being covered to be confused.
Your daughter is a blank slate, so she can't be confused.
Who's talking about schoolwork?
What I'm asking is if she might have some kind of feelings or...
Anyway, the minute Eun Byul decides she doesn't like the school...
I'll tear it down with a bulldozer. Got it?
Today is her birthday, so I'll let this slide.
You should thank me, like this.
- Of course. - Alright, then.
And one more thing, feed her well. Her face looks thinner.
The exam is getting close.
Don't worry too much about getting high scores.
Just focus on studying hard, okay?
If iron is forged well, it will become a needle.
Ki Cha.
- Ki Cha. - Do you need anything?
What is it?
Just that Ye Bin is worryed for you lately.
Oh, our Ki Cha is finished with his schoolwork.
Let me see it.
Let me see it first.
Hey, you can't do that.
You have a very nice handwriting.
It's no harm.
Just sit still.
I think it's faster to read from the handbook.
- Ren Soo. - Class President.
- Hey, students! - What are you doing?
- What's wrong. - Nothing.
Are you giving up already?
It's not an easy thing to do.
That's why you need to try harder.
Can I make it until graduation?
What are you talking about? You made it this far already.
Do you need my help?
It's up to you.
Can I come over your house today?
Sorry. From tonight on, I don't think you can.
After school, I have to go look for a job.
That must be tiring.
When do you have time to study?
I can do that at daytime.
Do you want me to go find a job with you?
Don't you need to study?
Study or not, it won't make any difference.
Then, let's do that.
Hey, I thought you threw that away.
We need to keep things professional.
Hey, were you mad last night?
Just tell me what you want.
Well, I was trying to get out of there early,
but my friends kept trying to get me to stay.
Is Miss Shin a fellow alumni, too?
I know everything. You were with Miss Shin last night.
You knew?
Now you're lying to me.
I picked it up from you.
Since when did I become the teacher? Who is learning from whom?
Anyway, I'm sorry.
Did you two have fun?
All the kids in class know as well. They know you're getting married.
Oh, that...
Oh, you said you had something to say to me.
What was it?
You should have been on time. It's too late now.
It's better for you not to know.
Hey, don't be like that.
Tell me.
I said it's too late. Don't try and find out.
Hey, don't be like that.
Your teacher will lend you an ear.
I'm getting engaged.
I was going to tell you that.
How can a student get engaged?
To whom?
To Mr. Kim.
You know him, right?
You're not kidding, are you?
It's been in the works for a really long time.
Oh, I see.
You're lucky your life has already been planned out for you.
I'm going back inside.
Oh, alright.
Man, we can't walk by these girls' schools anymore.
Chae Moo Shin.
I've been hearing rumors that you've been in and out of Wangsik's office.
Don't concern yourself.
How can I not?
I have a feeling that you'll be within my grasp very soon.
That's not going to happen.
We'll see whether it does or doesn't.
And when it does, no matter how much you beg,
I won't go easy on you. Got it?
Do whatever you want.
You'd better go follow those bosses of yours around.
See you.
What's with him? He's so scary looking.
Right, you are right about that.
There are many excellent schools in America.
That will allow the students to have a strong knowledge base.
So you're saying that a diploma is still necessary?
Yes. Like Yin Bae who is going to study abroad,
he also needs to have a diploma first.
A diploma first?
Although the students can't finish the school semester,
it's possible to take the exam and receive a diploma before hand.
The exam will be held in September.
How about this? I'll put her name on the list for the September final exam, ok?
The chairman is on his way here to take care of this matter.
That quick?
Are you alright with it?
Why not?
It's normal for me to change schools anyway.
I thought you really made up your mind to study this time.
Mr. Jang.
Are you looking over the exam scores for the students?
It's the vice principal's job to do that. How could I dare to?
It will need to be report to the educational department.
I remembered someone said he'll help me with those reports. What is his name, Mr. Jang?
Jang Yi San, Jang Yi Xiong, Jang Yi Syan...
- Alright, I'll do it. - Really? It must be ready by tomorrow.
Mr. Jang, you've worked hard.
Look here.
Do you see this dark area? You should draw all the main...
You're here?
Good morning.
- Sit down. - Yes.
Are you going to marry our homeroom teacher?
I heard it through rumors.
Eun Byul, we're not ready for that yet.
Did you go to bed early last night?
Then what did you do?
My dad came to my house, so we just stayed at home.
I also stayed home yesterday.
Being home alone on my birthday was a bit lonely.
Hey, your date didn't show up yesterday?
That person was busy so he couldn't come.
But he gave me this.
Eun Byul, what's with you?
So you're here this morning to vent your anger?
Who said that I'm angry?
Will that take a long time?
Then we can stop here for today.
Let's go.
- See you tomorrow. - Bye.
Hey, you're really going to accompany me later on?
It's not easy to go find a job.
Hey, don't worry. Trust me.
He's almost here.
A man like you can't handle a little pain? Try to move your finger.
I fixed it already.
But you still need to go to the hospital to take an X-ray, got it?
It's done.
Thank you.
Hey, you have to do some warm-ups first before practicing.
Are you busy?
It's break time for the students right now, that's why it's a little busy.
Which tea would you like to drink?
You're drinking lavender tea today. It's good for stress relief.
Do I look like I'm under stress?
No, I just need to drink it for myself today.
What is it that you want to ask?
Where are the cards?
If you want to know someone's feeling, go ask that person directly. Don't ask the cards.
If you already like someone, would it be okay to give someone else a present?
Man or woman?
What kind of present?
A necklace.
For a woman?
Mr. Jang?
What? No...
Well, maybe...
Giving a present might not mean anything. Doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman.
You're lying right? You just want to comfort me.
Why should I?
I don't really know what kind of situation you're in.
Stop lying. I can't really believe your words.
Then why do you always come here looking for me?
Look. Since you're already suspicious of him,
No matter what he does, you're thinking that he has someone else, right?
If you don't see it with your own eyes, then don't suspect him.
See it with my own eyes?
I think Mr. Jang is not that kind of person.
How can you be so sure?
I'm... just an outsider.
Of course I can see things more clearly than you can.
I'll be home late tonight. Don't wait for me.
The number you're calling is not available, please leave a message after the beep.
Are you going out?
Miss Shin.
I bought some kimbap for you. Seems like you haven't eaten dinner yet.
Thank you.
I need to go to the restroom.
- Restroom? - Yes.
- Then please go quickly. - Yes, I'll be right back.
You're not hungry?
- Didn't you just eat? - But I'm still hungry.
Hey, you're supposed to eat once a day.
Sakang and Eun Byul, are you going home?
No, I'll be home late tonight.
I have somewhere to go with Sakang.
Why? You actually care what I'm doing after school?
You girls should go home right away after school. Don't stay out too late.
Don't let your parents worry about you.
I have to finish writing my reports. So I'll be home late as well.
So what?
Why are you telling this to your students?
No. What I mean is that I have so many things to do.
Really? It's good to know that all of us are busy.
Let's live our lives well.
Let's go, Sakang.
- Hello. - Moo Shin.
San Tae, what's the matter?
The boss is going to Sakang's house today. Her dad just returned to Seoul.
Now that you know already. Just say that I never said anything to you.
I saw on the news that it's difficult for students to find a job.
But I didn't realize it's this hard.
We'll find one. Don't go with me tomorrow.
I'll go by myself.
Hey, once a friend always a friend.
I'll go with you until you find a job.
You don't have to do that, but thank you anyway.
Always a loyal friend, that's me.
I heard that your dad returned to Seoul.
He hasn't come here yet.
With your father-daughter relationship, it seems like you don't care for him that much.
Could you move aside?
Are we in your way?
Move aside!
- How can a student be so rude? - We are adults too.
Be more polite. Didn't your school teach you that?
Ahjussi, you better leave before you get hurt.
This girl is funny!
Miss, do you know why the North and South can't be united?
Listen carefully.
They can't understand each other because of poor communication.
Don't make it so difficult for us, our lives aren't that easy to live already.
Hee Kang, go inside.
Go inside, quickly!
Noona, I'm bored.
What are you doing?
Are you bored?
Ahjussi, who are you?
- I'm your dad's friend. - You...
Don't you dare to touch him.
Don't let this little kid get hurt. Quickly, tell me where's your dad?
- Hee Kang. - Noona.
Those bad people...
- Why do you hit a kid? - Go to hell!
What are you doing?
Damn, what are you doing?
Let me go!
Hey, still not letting go?
- This girl. - Stop!
Let's stop it.
How funny! Are you following us?
I'm about to get some work done and you just showed up talking nonsense?
What do you want?
Stop picking on these people.
Who's picking on who now?
Those girls refused to co-operate with us.
That's why we have to waste so much time going back and forth.
Now. Who's picking on who?
I'm begging you.
It's hot. Drink it slowly.
Mr. Park is really too much.
Did he really tell you to finish all of his reports for this semester?
A promise is a promise, so...
Your weakness is you're too kind to other people.
- But Mr. Jang... - Yes.
My dad kept on calling to rush me...
to quickly choose a date.
He said there are many couples that end their relationship as soon as there are rumors spreading.
I should be getting some money pretty soon.
So I would like to buy a house...
Who's calling at this time? Who is it?
Yes, I am Jang Yi San.
The police office?
I still had all of my teeth before this incident.
It's him!
It's him! He's the one who broke my teeth.
See? You can see that, right? There's still blood here.
Getting beat up by him, really...
Ahjussi! They are the one who started it first.
Be quite! Is this something to be proud of?
Hee Kang got an injection, he's alright now.
That's why I said I have a strong feeling about this.
Is this fate or what? We're meeting again.
How are you?
Officer, do you know him?
That guy, he beat me up like this.
I am his senior after all, but he still beat me up like this.
How impolite can that be?
Who hit who first?
Look, do I look like someone who started first?
Hey, Wang Suk. Keep it down, will you?
I'm going crazy, really...
This girl seems so nice.
You don't look like the type that causes trouble.
Really, not bad at all!
What? Want to hit me too?
Hit me.
Hit me.
You can't, Moo Shin.
If you dare to hit a police officer, you'll be immediately put in jail.
Do you think I'll let you off that easy since you're a student?
Eun Byul.
What did they say?
Since they're the ones that got hurt so badly
We have to wait for the investigation report, and we have to pay the medical bills too.
No way! What kind of law is this?
That's why people who get beaten up are more relaxed.
The day after tomorrow will be the review day for the final exam.
Let's go back to school.
You can't be absent anymore. You have too many absences already.
Will San Tae be coming with you?
I'll tell San Tae to return to the school.
And you?
Why are you acting like you really care about me?
Hey, what's with you?
You still need to graduate.
I still don't have enough money to pay for the medical bills.
I'm sure we'll figure out a way.
Moo Shin.
If you need help... can I help you?
Are you rich?
Well...it's my responsibility too. We're in this together.
Who am I to you?
Who am I to you? Why even bother?
Hey, aren't we friends?
We're friends, that's why I'm worried about you.
I don't need any help from a friend.
Yes, baseball is bettter.
Baseball is a hundred times better.
It's so hot.
Hey, don't you have anything cold?
The hotter it is, the more you need to watch your health.
Damn, I can't even go out when I want. I feel so claustrophobic.
If it weren't for your impatience, you'd live 30 years longer.
Hey, Miss Hong.
Yes, sir?
When a guy and a girl live together, do they develop feelings?
If they live together, they could have bad or good fellings for each other.
So are good or bad feelings better?
Bad feelings are actually scarier in the end.
That's why this is not a good situation.
Your daugther wouldn't do that.
I never said I was talking about her.
Did you call for me, sir?
You fool!
How can you not get a firm grip on her?
Hurry up and find out about studying abroad.
I need to put that girl on a plane fast so I can relax.
Teacher, what should we do about Moo Shin?
Hey, medical expenses aren't cheap, and there's also a fine.
Teacher, do you have any money?
If you do, hand it over.
Why should I?
You're our homeroom teacher, and you can't even do that?
Hey, do I look like a cash machine to you?
How much do you have?
The amount isn't important.
I'll pay you back. I'll pay you back for sure.
Hey, that's just nonsense.
If I ask my dad, he'll just yell at me.
I can talk to Mr. Kim.
Mr. Kim?
I'll pay you right back. It's not that much money.
Not that much money? Well...
If you say it like that, what does that... Sure, you can pay it back.
But that's not why I'm hesitating...
Hurry up. Lunchtime is almost over.
How may I help you, sir?
I'd like to close my savings account.
Is there a way to just take out half of it?
I need...
Close it please. All of it.
Miss Shin, when do we have to turn in our homework?
By the next class.
Hello, Ms. Shin.
Are you feeling bad?
No, not at all.
Mr. Jang, are you sick?
What, did you drink last night?
If your body can't take it, you shouldn't go out.
Do you think looking in the mirror will help?
You're such a woman.
You must've been having fun.
So are you going to tell me where Moo Shin works or not?
Well, he told me not to tell anyone.
Then don't. Who cares if he gets expelled or not?
Just a moment, please.
Moo Shin.
Mr. Jang?
Moo Shin.
So you work in the kitchen.
What brings you here?
What are you going to do about school?
Right now, money is more important than a diploma.
Just take care of your other students.
So if your money problems are solved, you'll come back to school?
I guess I'll try, but don't hold your breath.
I'll consider you a caring teacher now.
Chae Moo Shin.
What's this?
Don't say anything.
Just don't say a thing.
Let's keep our mouths shut.
I said don't say anything.
I didn't say anything.
Don't come near me.
Don't even roll your eyes.
Hiding this inside your hair...
Ability alone should get you through your exams.
Hey, knock before you come in!
Why? Were you watching something weird?
What are you doing here when you should be studying?
The classroom is so hot.
The air conditioner in here is the best.
How nice!
Prince Moses, go back to class and try to learn something.
Hurry up!
I said the classroom is hot.
Go on!
What do you want?
I got a hold of something awesome.
If you go out with me, I'll give it to you.
I'm busy.
At least look at it before you go. It's really good.
I'm so excited.
Then enjoy yourself.
Alright, fine.
But be prepared to thank me.
What's this?
The final exams for English, Korean history, and statistics.
You can keep this one. I made a copy for you.
Does your dad give this stuff to you?
I got it on my own.
Don't feel burdened. Think of it as a gift from the heart.
I don't need this.
Hey, why dont' you live a straight life?
I think your dad worries a lot because of you.
If you were as smart as you are handsome, I'd be interested in you.
See you.
Don't regret this.
I was just going to give it to you!
Mr. Jang!
I don't think we need to wait long before we become free men.
Miss Shin.
I guess you're going to proctor a test.
You must be so busy of the exams.
Well, you know, a litte.
Alright. Call me when you're free.
I have something to tell you.
I think I know who's behind this.
Principal, don't you think you should forgive them since it was a mistake?
It's not like they used this to study or anything.
He should have.
Dad, why did you call me?
It wasn't me.
You idiot!
Dad! Dad!
How could you stomp all over your father's name like this?
How dare you talk back to me?
How could you do this?
How could you hit me so hard?
I'm going to tell grandpa.
Anyway, give him a zero on the exams.
That's a bit...
And make him clean the school bathrooms the entire vacation.
Dad, I hate cleaning the bathrooms.
What's the big issue with a turd cleaning up turds?
Don't miss a single day of it!
Then can I go to Homeroom 8?
You idiot!
Only daughter of Seoul crime lord Yoo Jae Gon.
Alright, let's put our books away.
Will looking at them now make a difference?
Moo Shin.
If I catch you guys copying, you're dead meat.
Mr. Jang, you don't mean copying. You mean cheating.
Grades are something teachers just randomly give you anyway.
What's the point in even answering the questions yourself?
That is so like you.
You always guess the wrong answers anyway.
What's the use in you taking tests?
Chae Moo Shin!
For what?
You know.
I know it takes courage to accept help from others.
Especially for guys like you.
Thanks for accepting Mr. Jang's help.
I'm just borrowing it.
I know. Work hard and pay it back.
What do you want now?
Mr. Jang.
What is it?
Aren't you overusing that word these days?
Please help me out.
No way.
Don't close the door. Just one question.
I said no.
What kind of teacher are you? Your student is trying to study.
Don't you know that teachers are prohibited from doing private tutoring?
I'm just saying that we need to stay within the lines of the law.
I guess you don't want me to graduate.
What? You said you wanted me to teach you.
I never asked you to help me with math.
Studying is studying.
But why are these problems so different from what I used to learn?
- You sure you went to college? - I think something's wrong with this book.
Oh, forget it.
I'm better off just asking Sakang to teach me.
Study hard.
Mr. Jang.
That money was really a lot to you, wasn't it?
If you need it, tell me. I'll pay you back.
Forget it. It's fine.
For real?
The amount you requested is more than the limit.
You've reached your limit for loans.
Is that right?
Hello, Mr. Jang.
Miss Shin.
Can I see you this afternoon? I have something to tell you.
I have an art therapy seminar today.
A seminar?
I'll skip a day.
No, it's nothing urgent, so don't worry about it.
I really don't have to go.
Then I'll call you later.
If I knew I was going to mess it up, I should've used what Mo Se gave me.
What was that?
I should just answer more questions.
You don't wear earrings.
Oh, someone gave it to me. It's a birthday gift.
Why? Do you like it?
Do you want it?
But I only got one earring, so I can only give you one.
Forget it.
What are we going to do now that our tests are over?
I'm busy.
So Yi.
- The seminar... - The seminar was cancelled.
Aren't you going to the lecture?
Oh, I will.
- Go ahead. - See you later.
Did you do well on your tests?
Well, you know...
Mr. Jang, are you not able to see your friends during school vacation?
Do you have some friends to meet?
What do you mean? I have friends.
I have Moo Shin, too.
Ah, Moo Shin.
Are you happy that he's back? Do you want to see him?
- Did I ever say I want to see him? - You just did.
That's weird.
Whenever I mention him, you act all strange.
What do you mean, strange?
Are you jealous?
What are you... Hey!
Anyway, stop talking nonsense.
What do you mean, nonsense?
- Let's eat and go home. - We still have the food Miss Hong brought.
No. Buy me something good.
You're horrible. You know full well I have no money.
No credit cards?
I have something to tell you.
What? What? What did you do this time?
I smell something fishy.
It's just you.
How dare you do that to your teacher?
So it's like that?
I'll let that slide.
Miss Shin.