Introducing Chrome for Android Beta

Uploaded by googlechrome on 06.02.2012

>> This, is Chrome.
>> It's the faster, simpler way to use the web on your computer.
>> But what if you're away from your computer, doing stuff?
>> You love to do stuff - what then?
>> What if you could take Chrome with you?
>> Then the tabs opened on your desktop would be ready on your phone
>> - the exact same ones.
>> And boom! There are your favorite sites, too.
>> You can still search fast - faster than you can spell U-R-L.
>> Yep, the browser on your phone can be just like the one on your computer, tabs and all.
>> Imagine that...
>> Okay, so, here it is.
>> Don't imagine that.
>> It's Chrome for Android.
>> Your Chrome, away from home.