How To Download The Best Free Video Maker & Screen Recorder For Windows - Ezvid

Uploaded by ezvidinc on 22.05.2012

Ezvid an amazing movie maker for Windows Ezvid that lets you create awesome videos
slideshows and even screencasts within minutes to get started go to Ezivd
dot com to download and install Ezivd creating a video is as easy as dragging
and dropping photos or video from your computer into Ezvid’s timeline
or use Ezvid’s revolutionary and easy to use screen recording functionality
Ezvid is the only free fully featured video editor that includes this
kind of functionality
simply click the screen capture button and the countdown begins. record your
browser or show off your gaming skills
then click the stop button and the screen capture is an automatically rendered and placed into
your time
get the perfect workspace out of Ezvid by using the zoom button to
close in tightly around your media or use control plus or control minus
on your keyboard
adjust the speed of your video by right clicking a video in the timeline and
under speed, choose how fast slow you want your video to play
rearranging your media is easy
just click an item in the timeline to select it then drag-and-drop it to move it
or drag the left or right edges to adjust the length of your video
add or remove cool pan and zoom effects to photos by right clicking the photo in the timeline and
clicking pan and zoom. duplicate videos and photos in your timeline by
right-clicking them and choosing duplicate cut videos into halves by right-clicking
and choosing split. add narration using a microphone on your computer by clicking
the record voice button
or by pressing control R on your keyboard
you can add text slides by clicking the add text button or by pressing control T
on your keyboard
choose a song to play in your video using Ezvid’s music list and if needed
adjust the volume between music and narration
create new projects by clicking the new project button. click the load a project
button to edit, duplicate, or delete projects
at any time you can play or pause your video by pushing the play button
or the spacebar on your keyboard
when you're ready to upload your work to YouTube
give your video a title, description, keywords, and the category. then click the
upload to YouTube button
log in to your YouTube or Google account
and Ezvid will render your video and upload it straight to YouTube in HD
Ezvid is the best free Windows video editor, slideshow maker, and screen
capture solution. it’s fast, fun, and free. visit Ezvid dot com to download
Ezvid for free today