16 DECEMBER - Full Length Bollywood Hindi Film

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You have entered the web site of..
..department of revenue intelligence.
Our department investigates..
..white collar crimes and corruptions.
In a short while.. -Come on, come on.
Oh God! Where will this poor man go?
Enter your name and secret password.
Entry accepted, now your voice will be verified.
'Please get ready for recording.'
Three, two, one..
My name is Kulkarni.
I am an agent of revenue intelligence. Over.
Agent Kulkarni, your voice has been verified.
Now you can file your report.
What are you doing, late night here?
Greetings, Sir. Sir, rain..
Go away, go, to your home. -Right Sir.
I have recognized the criminals.
Their names are Suresh Shetty..
..Dhiren Gupta, Ram Tohrani and.
Come here.
Are you feeling cold?
You don't have home?
Even I don't have home.
To transmit the report, press enter.
To transmit the report, press enter.
Please press enter to transmit the report..
..to transmit the report.
Your report has been transmitted.
You can file, if anything else is there to report.
It's 4.00 p.m. On 03rd December.
Tina is coming towards embassy club. -Hi Rajesh.
Romeo No. 2 Rajesh Tiwari who was waiting for Tina..
..at the back side of club, is coming towards her.
At last, Romeo No.2 too, got a chance!
Tina, I love you.
Tine, I am nothing with out you.
I can't live even without seeing you.
I know that I am not rich, as your other friends.
But Tina, I love you very much. -Raju, what's this happening?
I think, this boy is in love with the girl.
Donkey, I mean, what the girl is thinking? -Oh!
Ok, bye. -Tina!
This girl is also stupid like other girls.
She is confused between Romeo No.1 and 2. That's all.
Stupid, the girl is thinking that..
..if she goes with Romeo No. 2, what her father will think.
Mic check.
Romeo No.1 Pradeep Kohli, is getting out of his esteem car.
He is wearing a green shirt and black trousers.
Dial the number. -What?
All right.
Hello! What? What?
Hello.. Hello.. Who is it man? Hello!
A very good push, Spy Vikram!
I am sorry. Don't mind.
I am sorry. -It's okay, it's okay.
I am really sorry, I am sorry, forgive me.
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Well done, boss, well done! -Recording?
Hi Pradeep. -Oh Hi, Tina.
I love you, Tina.
I love you too, Pradeep.
The case is solved, boss. -The girl loves the guy in green shirt..
..and black trousers. -Keep quite.
Hi Pradeep. -Hi friends.
She is new in this college.
Modern daughter of a modern father.
She is very hot for doing mischief, friends.
She is coming in my ship on Saturday.
Don't forget me, friend.
We will have fun together with her. -That's very good.
What if her father comes to know about this?
He too, will be happy!
It's enough, come.
From where did you bring her, friend.
Modern daughter of a modern father.
She is coming to my ship on Saturday..
..for three days non stop action, that too in my cabin!
And if her comes to know about this. -He too, will be happy!
What kind of father you are, Mr. Shinde?
If you are giving your daughter the liberty..
..of choosing the boyfriend according..
..to the size of the vehicle, you will loose your daughter.
Pradeep Kohli, is a spoiled son of a rich father.
He is an extravagant.
Rajesh Tiwari, poor son of a poor father.
Even the motorcycle doesn't belong to him.
Both are liars.
Rajesh Tiwari is lying to hide his poverty.
Pradeep is lying to hide his sexual needs.
Now, you must have understood their intentions.
You are the father, and you have to decide.
These are all my reports and statement for the fees.
I have lost my microphone during the investigation.
I am sorry but have added Rs.1000 extra for that.
Thank you very much, Vikram.
You have saved my daughter.
This is your cheque.
Here is the milk, drink it.
How many trophies will you win?
But this is old news? -Is it?
Now don't disturb me, I am doing a very important work.
Why? What are you doing?
'You have logged on to the..
..web site of Union Bank of Maharashtra.
What are you doing?
I have entered the site of Union Bank of Maharashtra.
Thanks, for there are passwords to save the sites..
..otherwise smart donkeys like you could have done anything.
Don't talk rubbish. Look, I will show you some magic.
'Tell, what you want?'
Me? -Keep quiet.
Give me the password, fast.
I will show you the game of magic.
Open Sim Sim!
Look, Mr. Ambani's account has been opened.
And his password is gudiya.
G U D I Y A.
See! He has got a balance of Rs.70 crores.
Seventy crore rupees, Vikram!
Tell, if you want one or two crores.
If I press one button, I can make you rich!
What do you say?
You have nothing to lose, I will have to face the punishment.
I have not given you the computer to do this kind of things.
What are you doing?
You are spoiled my whole months hard work.
Don't do that! What you have.. -Stop it! Stop it!
Raju, stop it, Raju!
Why are you scolding me?
You have simply spoiled my computer programmes.
What did you get from this? -Raju. -What Raju Raju?
Your Raju is dead!
I was doing only the programming.
You always spoil my programs. -Ok, ok, I am sorry.
I was just programming and wasn't..
..doing any bombarding. -I am sorry. I am sorry, I am sorry.
Listen. -Yes.
Do only the things by which..
..your parent's will be respected forever.
Their souls should rest in peace. Isn't it? -Yes.
Look, if you become slave of this computer..
..your life will be nowhere. Real life is outside.
Let's go and enjoy. -Yes.
Come, let's go. Come.
Sir, someone has come to meet you.
Bansilal, commission agent?
Did he say from where he is coming?
He is telling that you are his friend.
All right, you may go.
Today, I have come to you, only to talk.
What do you want from me?
I require you Vikram..
..because this job can be done only by you.
You require me?
Then, why I was removed from the service.
Because you have killed your senior officer..
..for which the punishment is death.
You should thank me for saving you.
That senior officer was a traitor.
My ten agents were killed because of him.
'He is Bhagat, right hand of Mir Jaffar.'
'He has killed thousands of innocent people.'
'I have got the information that..'
'..one of our men is coming to meet him.'
'He is the traitor.'
'Some one is coming.'
'Give my money.'
'Captain Srivastav!'
'Our Boss!'
'Take this, one lakh dollar.'
'I also want the details of other four peoples.'
'Why are you doing this, Sir?'
'Vikram, you.. and here?'
'We all there in front of you.'
'But do you remember Srivastava. -Vikram.'
'Lieutenant Anil Khanna. -No Vikram, you can't do like this.'
'Sepoy Khabal Kumar. -We will share this money.'
'Naik Subedar Sukhbir Singh. -See Vikram! No, stop it.'
'What's happening, where are the rest?'
'Stop there, Sir?' -'This is our personal matter.'
'Please.' -'Not under my command.'
'You can't go ahead, Sir.'
'Sheeba, this is the land of enemies.'
'We all are in danger, don't make it, more complicated.'
'Sorry Sir.' -'Vikram!'
'Lance Naik Shakil Ahmed. -Vikram.. Vikram.. look.'
'Lieutenant Padmini Banerjee.'
'Vikram! I am your senior officer, you can't kill me.'
'Vikram.. Vikram!' -'Don't take laws in your hand, Vikram!'
'Vikram!' 'Vikram!' -'Vikram!'
'Havildar Vijay Bahadur. -You can't kill me. No!'
'Naik Subedar Subramaniam. -No.'
'Get out of my way!' -'And Havildar Pavaskar. -No! No!'
'The strength of the army is discipline.'
'And today you have broken it.'
'You will have to face the consequences.'
Somehow, I was trying to forget the past.
But you have reminded me again.
For you, they were just names.
But for me, they were more than blood relations.
It was me who has taught them everything.
It was because of their trust in me..
..they entered enemy's territory.
Sheeba Victor and Jani..
They are alive.
How will you pull the life..
..if you think everything through heart, Vikram?
Now, I am also not the same chief.
It's like a tiger been caught..
..from the jungle and tamed in a cage.
But in the cage also, the tiger don't eat grass.
Mehboob Ali, a chicken merchant!
Chicken merchant?
Oh! It's a wrong card.
Major General Vir Vijay Singh, Ashok Chakra..
..Director General of Revenue Intelligence.
Not only that, I am true soldier of the country.
And my name is sufficient..
..to create terror in the minds of brokers.
This is Dalal street, Vikram.
India's financial heart.
From every corner of the country..
..thousands of crores of rupees comes and goes.
You know that, I recognize only two kinds of people.
Friend and the other is enemy.
In this Dalal Street, friends are those..
..who are trying their best to make India a super power.
And enemies are those who are running..
..a parallel economy of black marketing..
..and ruining this country.
Did the story excite you? -Yes.
This is not a story but a true fact of India.
And listen more..
..for every black marketing, there requires black money.
And from where this money comes?
This is collected by lakhs of government officers..
..policemen, political leaders and underworld dons.
They steal, take bribes and do illegal things daily.
It is not a question of principle but of money.
They don't understand where this black money is hidden.
Because that time has gone when the film stars..
..used to hide their black money..
..under the tiles of their bathroom.
Today, everywhere, you will get a broker..
..to run the money on interest basis.
This broker comes under another broker.
And above all, there is a big crocodile who vanishes..
.., the money as soon as it goes into his stomach.
Did you understand? -Hello, hello, Mangilal. -Mangilal?
Do you want to fix the deal? -Do you want to fix the deal?
Two crores and interest 2.5percent.
By Diwali, everything will be settled.
It's a guarantee of Karimbai.
Do you agree and my two percent?
All right, fine.
Did you understand anything? -No, nothing.
He meant two crores and 2.5%, the rate of interest.
That is five lakh rupees, interest per month.
His 2% means that he earned Rs.
5 lac within five minutes on telephone.
Is it? Oh!
And from where this Karimbai came?
There are no written documents in this business..
..but requires guarantee for the money.
By next Diwali, if he doesn't get money..
..his life will be at Karimbai's gun point.
Money is out and the man is in hospital.
So, what are you doing to stop this black marketing?
My India is great and..
..out hundred, ninety nine of them are fraud.
There is no sufficient place in jail to accommodate all.
I don't pay attention, if there is a person..
..earning from 2 lacs to 5 lacs in a day.
But I don't leave a person who earns more than one crore.
He is about to come, come.
Who is coming?
Yes, I have brought silver car for you, Chandni.
Watch him carefully.
That Mercedes? -It's for you, only for you, a new brand!
Did you hear? His name is Dhiren Gupta.
Who is he?
Till some months back, he was a small broker.
And don't know from where he got these much wealth.
He tries to spend more than a crore every day.
How is it possible?
This is what you have to find out.
Who is the Kuber and where the treasure is.
There are thousands of people with.
Why do you require me?
I have lost my three men.
And I feel like something going around.
So, I came to you.
My agent Kulkarni has given three names, before he died.
And first name was of that crocodile, Dhiren Gupte.
Second one is Suresh Bal Chandra Shetty.
His forefathers had left lot of money..
..by selling idlis and dosas. He has got two degrees with him.
MBA from America, and Mumbai's hooliganism.
These day's he is operating..
..twenty five ladies bar in Ghatkopar area.
His foot is on the earth and his head is in the sky.
And this is Mr. Ram Tohrani. He doesn't do any work.
He wakes up at 11.30 am and eats his breakfast till 2 pm.
After taking bath and all, he gets ready by 6 pm.
And enjoys the parties. He gives party in his hotel daily.
But chief, I can't do this job alone.
Come, come.
Sit, Vikram.
What would you like to have?
Waiter. -Yes Sir.
Two pizza margarita and two.. -Some tea for me please.
Then make two teas. -Ok.
That will do. -Ok Sir.
"I am very big and do whatever I like."
"And how slippery may be the fish.."
"..I will catch it by spreading my nets."
"I am the favourite of everyone."
"Sometimes I am like cold dew drops.."
"And sometime blazing fire."
"I, by my will power, gets everything.."
"I am very clever and can do anything."
"And how slippery may be the fish.."
"..I will catch it by spreading my nets."
Parcel for Ram Tohrani.
Who is that?
This man changes his clothes, but never changes his pen.
Search for same kind of pen.
"Some of them, are in my front.."
"..some of them at my back."
"What I have to do with anybody.."
"Whatever may be the danger, whatever may the pressure.."
"..I have to do my job."
"On the screen of computer can enter anybody's picture."
"And can flirt with any one." -Hi. -Hello Mr. Viren.
"My hand is very small. I'll make you sit in it.."
"Come into my arms.."
"I am very clever and can do anything."
Pen, give me, pen.
Ask him.
Can you give me the pen for a moment? What?
Just for a moment.
Thank you.
Take this.
It's ok.
Thank you.
Come, they are going.
Three hundred and thirty two, twenty, three.
"I am yours, new transmitter, and.."
"..my frequency is very high."
"I know every moment what you are doing."
"And no other frequencies will work."
"Your heart is crazy and wants to do something."
"I love you and what should I hide from you."
"Come and hug me."
"I am very clever and can do anything."
Don't I know the Password?
"And how slippery may be the fish.."
"..I will catch it by spreading my nets."
Now we have got deep into the case.
Everyday Suresh Shetty receives ten phone calls.
In which the caller says only the numbers.
And Shetty gives reply to the number by number.
TLY 346.
Om Prakash, write down, 215, 16,3.
TL 775 is speaking.
Babulal. -Yes. Have you reached?
Now write down, 117, 15, 4.
Daily around 11 o' clock, he call Dhiren Guptha.
Dhiren, today how is your mood?
What's happening? -Come around 12 o'clock in Hirani Hotel.
Ok, fitting.
Sir, both of them meet here daily and drinks beer.
Dhiren gives a chit to Suresh and..
Suresh keeps that in his purse.
And on that chit also, numbers are written.
How did you come to know?
By operation pick pocket?
Did they have any doubts?
How am I looking?
Customer will be happy.
Bye. -Ok.
The bird about to fly.
Ready? -Ready.
Ok, go.
"Some of them..
..are in my front and some of them are behind me.."
Hey, I am alone, you are also alone..
..lets do something hot!
Why not baby? Come to my club in the evening.
"I have to do my job.."
"On the screen of computer can enter anybody's picture."
"My hand is straight.."
You should surely come, baby. -"I'll make you sit in that.."
Come into my arms.
How much time is left? -15 seconds. -Go Sheeba.
"I am very clever.."
"..and can do anything.."
Don't you have time now?
First time I am keeping the purse.
All best.
Right now, I am busy, baby, we will meet, at night.
Go, go, go. -Bye.
Can't you walk properly? -Can't you see?
All my lunch boxes have fallen down. -What?
You got a vehicle and so you will do like this?
Well done, Sheeba.
Are you coming!
Chief, Dhiren talks to Ram Tohrani daily at 2 o'clock.
Listen carefully how here also..
..how the numbers are said by Dhiren.
05 December.
Yesterday, you were out on zero, today it's century.
06 December.
How far is your farmhouse? -85 km.
07 December.
Tell me, how Dhadkan is running?
90% houseful.
Then in the evening at 6 pm, he talks to Jagdish Mathur.
This is Mr. Jagdish Mathur, the fourth hidden player.
He is the chairman of Indian Trust Bank.
Yes, yes Mr. Mathur, how are you?
Chhabile has created waves yesterday.
My job is to serve you, Mr. Mathur.
Meet in the evening.
Ram's job is to search the..
..right person and give them party.
In these parties, girls dances without having their senses..
..liquors flow like water and money like rain.
Then. -Then around 2 pm in the night..
..Ram Tohrani receives a call.
This phone call is always a wrong number.
Mr. Verma? -Wrong number.
We traced this number and came to know that..
..this call comes from Indian Trust Bank, of Colaba branch.
What? At night 2 o'clock?
Yes Sir, after this phone, Tohrani packs up the party..
..and hugs each other with out any sense, and goes home.
This is the story of every day.
We have doubts that all secrets are in these numbers..
..which they say to each other.
This is a kind code and..
..mystery can be solved by opening it.
We were after this for three days..
..but couldn't get anything out of it. -Then, Raju got an idea.
Yes Uncle, I got doubt a that both the men..
..read these numbers from the same book.
And both of them are having the same book.
Sir, it's a typical page number, line number code. -I see.
For example take this dictionary.
And I want to say that the car is in Flora Fountain.
So how will I say it?
First of all I will search car.
Here it is, page number is 111, line number 16..
..and words two.
So, how will I say it on phone? 111, 16, 2.
I see, so they are using first line code. -Right Sir.
What kind of book is that, both of them having?
To get know this, I made a computer programme..
..from which I have checked around five hundred books.
Then what happened? -Uncle, no results came out.
You know, as there are lacs of book in this world.
How can we search all? Then one day..
..Vikram has asked for Prof. Banerjee's number.
So my attention went on to Mumbai telephone directory.
And hit the jackpot.
So it's a Mumbai telephone directory. -Yes.
Well done, Raju, good job.
When the mystery of code was opened..
..all the pictures were clear.
What kind of pictures? -The picture of cheating..
..of 100 crores from morning to evening.
In Mumbai city, daily ten vehicles carries..
..ten crore rupees cash to the destinations..
..shown by Suresh Shetty.
Every vehicle has one driver and a gunman.
These drivers and gunman are changed and..
..the vehicles proceeds on the direction of Dhiren Gupta.
So that they shouldn't know..
..where money is being taken.
Here, the drivers are being changed.
And these people will reach where..
..Suresh has been asked to. See this, Bata, Worli.
Look, page no. 410, line no. 12, column no. 3.
410, 12, 3, is that all right? -Then this vehicle reaches..
..the destination shown by Dhiren Gupta.
315, 45, 4, that is Music world, Linking road.
But from where this money comes?
From New Delhi?
How did you come to know?
'Buy fish..
take fish.. buy fresh fish.. fresh fish.. buy fish.
Hey, hide the pistol! -Hey, can't you see?
Sir.. Sir, I was driving right
What is this? You are teaching us the law!
Show me your license?
What is this?
Who is this? -It's me, Sir.
Come. -Come.. Come.
Come.. come, we will show you the police station.
Sir.. Sir.
Fish.. fresh fish.
Hey, come this side!
Whose photo is this? -Sir.. Sir, it's mine, Sir.
Go and have a shave go.
Sir, my beard!
Don't you understand, what we are saying?
Vehicle is here, you can go and shave.
Sir, I have grown it for religious purpose. -Bald Fellow,
Tell us what is there in the vehicle?
Nothing Sir.
Open the dickey. -Where is the vehicle from?
Delhi, Sir. -Why did you come to Mumbai?
I have got small business here, Sir.
Come. -Sir.. Sir.. please listen to me, Sir, for a moment.
Listen to me, Sir.
Sir. -What?
Take this, Sir.
And what about Sir. -Take this.
For vehicle. -Take this.
And mine. -It's here.
For license.
Now, I don't have anything, it's all empty.
Then keep the license and go. -Yes, take this also.
What do with him, Sir?
All right, go away? -Thank you, sir. -Bald fellow, go away.
Keep this with you.
Take fish from Champa.. fresh fish.. fresh fish.
Hey, Champa, what's there in your basket?
Fish. Want to eat?
Give me. -Then take.
Champa, my darling.
So, you people too, have started taking bribe, isn't it?
Sir, if we hadn't taken, then they would have doubted us.
All right, no problem. Deposit this in government account.
I am telling the truth.
One second.. one second, what's written in this chit?
Suresh is getting 5% commission daily, that is..
..Rs. 5 crore daily for delivering..
..the money from Delhi to Mumbai.
That is being written in this chit.
Dhiren Gupte is getting 10% because Suresh Shetty..
..should not know where the money is going.
After all, where this money goes?
After changing the drivers for the third time..
..Ram Tohrani delivers this money to Indian Trust Bank.
Here the money is counted.
And finishes it around night 2 o'clock.
From there Ram receives a phone and this is..
..the wrong number by which Ram learns it's correctness.
Next day, around 80 crore rupees..
..from Indian Trust Bank, in form of draft of US dollars..
..is dispatched from India.
And reaches euro Swiss bank's..
..secret numbered account in the name of White Lotus.
For this job, Jagdish Mathur is getting Rs. 5 crore daily.
Come on, guys, give me good news.
Who is this White Lotus?
Don't know. -But who is sending this 100 crore, from Delhi?
Sir, we are yet to know that.
Meanwhile, one more incident happened, chief.
'Vikram, where are you?'
'I am near Jai Bhavani Laundry.'
'Perhaps the bird is going that side.'
'You take over from here.' -Got you.
'He is my baby now.'
Hi baby, how are you baby?
Waiting for me for too long.
Yes. -You looking so sweet and sexy.
Is it? Thank you.
Let's have some fun baby! -Hi baby!
Need a lift?
First there was one, then two..
..now five Romeos are crazy of you.
That is suspense.
Sheeba, you go temple's side. Victor you follow him.
Come and sit my vehicle. -What? Go away.
The rats have come out of the holes.
Why are you following this girl?
Who are you to ask this? Move.
Come, get up, get up!
Move, move.
Get up, speak, who had send you?
Tell, who had send you? Speak.
Speak, or else I will blow your head.
Speak out, who has sent you?
Who has sent you?
Or you want to die.
Tell! Tell!
We couldn't know who fired that bullet.
I think for sure that, the men of Suresh Shetty have fired.
And if it is so, he must have..
..closed down his business by this time.
UP five thousand and six, yes Mr.
Has the two liters reached? Please write it down.
546, 12, 3, okay?
The business is still going on, chief.
Suresh Shetty is not such a fool.
I think, he is not at all aware of this.
That means, someone else is behind this business..
..and wants everything to be hidden from Suresh.
See Uncle, I have prepared a game of chess on computer.
Raju, you have started again!
At least see!
On one side there is black army and that is of army.
And on the other side is white army, and it's we.
This is black king, we will call him Mr. X.
Assume that, he stays in Delhi.
Who can send 100 crores rupees daily?
Daily 100 crore rupees! This much big amount..
..can only be sent by a political leader..
..mafia don or by a big businessman..
..who does black marketing.
This is the king of white army, our country..
..and we have to save him at any cost.
Now see, the game, the white horses..
..are following the black horses.
And 5 soldiers of black horses are..
..following white horses. All of a sudden..
..a white horse kicks one of the black's men.
On seeing this, the other four men in black..
..kill their own man and runs away.
What does it mean?
This means that black king understood that..
.. minister of whites has come nearer to his horses..
..elephants and camels in a dangerous way.
And in one he can kill all the three.
In this situation, what the black king will do?
He immediately will inform his men..
..that their lives are in danger.
But here, the game is in reverse.
He himself doesn't want to save his men.
In this dangerous situation also..
..he has left them open, why?
Why think? Think?
In a war, only for two reason soldiers are sacrificed.
Either to divert the attention, so that he can..
..capture the king by cheating or his plan must have..
..changed and he doesn't require them any more.
You mean..
It means Mr. X doesn't require..
..Suresh and company, anymore.
And Mr. X will not leave these four.
He will kill them.
Where is Sir? Where is Sir?
He is in the balcony? Who are you? Sir.
He has called us. -But, who are you, Sir?
Mr. Ram Tohrani, you are under arrest.
Darn it.
Chief. Come in Chief.
I am speaking from Ram Tohrani's residence.
Tell Vikram. -Chief, he is dead.
I think he was shot by 8mm rifle..
..from two hundred yards away.
He is also dead.
Now two of them are left.
Vikram, right now where is Suresh Shetty? -Transmitter.
All right, write down, 137, 12, 1. Ok. DL 3560.
What? -Even after two murders..
..business of Suresh is still running.
Doesn't he know that Dhiren Gupta is dead?
Chief, this may be dummy calls made by Mr. X..
..to divert the attention of Shetty.
It means that he will be killed..
..as soon as he reaches Irani hotel.
Only twenty minutes is left, Sir.
He reaches their daily at 12 o'clock. -Hurry up, Vikram.
Stop, you rogue.
Shetty, you stop there.
Connect me to Bandra police station.
It's an emergency, quick.
You rogue, you want money, thief, you want money.
Take, take this! You want this money, isn't it?
Take it, take it, more.
Take, take, take, take all the money!
Take all the money, and go away from here!
Go away from here! Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away!
Take this cheque of 50 lacs. Take it. Hold.
If you kill me, you won't get the money.
Who are you? Get away from here, go!
Darn it, darn!
I think he is dead.
He is also gone.
Vikram. -Yes Sir.
The plan is changed.
Go to Indian Trust Bank, Victor will follow you.
Yes Chief. -Driver, take towards Indian Trust Bank, quickly.
Victor, I want Jagdish Mathur alive, at any cost. -Yes Sir.
Sheeba, call the ambulance!
Stop there! Stop.
Sir, we know him very well, he is a cheap killer.
He takes contract for killing for Rs. 5000, on phone.
Even if we take him to task, he doesn't know anything.
Four persons have been killed in one hour.
And the enemy is watching our every move.
There is someone between us..
..giving every details of our move to the enemy.
But, there is only one man, other than we four..
..who know every detail, of this operation.
I know that.
But, why should he do this, what are his intentions?
What do you mean by intentions?
They are being killed.
Someone is destroying our clues, and he is the traitor.
Chief has asked me to follow..
..Shetty's driver and gunmen to Delhi.
Jani, be careful, take care of all evidence with you.
And talk only with us on satellite.
Vikram. -Yes Chief. -I am sending Jani to follow..
..Shetty's driver and gunmen to Delhi.
Perhaps we may get some clue of Mr. X from them.
Yes, perhaps.
And you co-ordinate the case through satellite. -Yes Chief.
All the best.
Darn it.
All set Victor. -Yes.
Hello Sheeba, how are you? -Fine.
I am up linking the satellite..
..and it should start in 10 seconds.
Hello, hello, Jani calling, Victor, please come in.
Yes Jani, Victor here. I can here.
The satellite has been up linked.
You can put on your video signal.
Yes Victor, the signal is on.
He is lean and thin, medium coloured..
..T-shirt and jeans, height is 5'and 8".
In the morning, I saw the driver..
..getting into the house of a very rich man.
I think, high profiled men are involved in this.
I have taken all the photos.
Right now I am the man who has come to meet the driver.
I have got strong evidence.
Everything will be disclosed after seeing the photos.
Matter has gone very deep and serious.
Don't say anything more because this line is not safe.
Just tell us, where are you right now.
I am in the crematory centre of Mahroli.
What had happened this? -What's happening?
Jani! Jani! What's happening?
Speak Jani, Jani come in! Come in, Jani!
Jani, what had happened to you? -Jani, get out from there!
Jani, for God sake, speak something!
Jani, get out from there! -Jani, why are you not speaking?
Jani, answer us! -Come in, Jani! -Jani, get up!
Jani, get up!
Jani, get up! What had happened to you? -Get up! Jani! -Get up.
Jani, he is coming back. -Jani, he is coming back!
He is coming back, Jani!
He is coming back, Jani, get up!
Jani, answer us!
I.. I am trying to take the camera.
Jani! Jani!
Position the camera upside, Jani, little more.
Jani, come on try, still the face can't be seen, Jani!
Can you see the face now? -Come on, Jani, try! -Lift the camera!
Jani, you can do it! -Come on, Jani.
Jani, take the gun! Shoot him! Shoot him!
Shoot the rogue!
Come on Jani!
Come on Jani!
Shoot him! -Shoot him!
I.. I can't lift my hands.
Oh no!
I think his spinal chord has been broken.
We have to get him out from there. -Inform Chief.
Back up forces and ambulance, immediately!
Hurry up! -National Command Centre..
National Command Centre. Connect me to Major..
..Veer Vijay Singh?
Jani, come out!
It's an emergency! I repeat this is an emergency!
Come out Jani! Come out Jani! -Jani get up! Jani!
Check that side also.
Chief, Jani has been falsely diverted..
..to the crematory centre, by dummy man.
Why only to crematory centre?
Because, the body can be easily buried, after killing.
Jain's target was in front, but the hunter followed him.
Earlier, I doubted Mumbai's underworld, but now..
..I am sure only intelligence's man can do this.
Like you!
You doubt me!
Jani's death has made you made.
Why? Killing this way, isn't your style?
This is, all because of him.
This is not right to doubt the Chief.
Sheeba is right.
Vikram, I have seen so much death..
..of my own people that my tears have dried up for ever.
That's all the difference between you and me.
He is one, former chief minister and..
..parliamentarian, Mr. Shyam Manohar Kalia.
Who is the other two with the Kalia?
These are the same gunman and driver for which..
.. you had sent Jani to follow them from Mumbai to Delhi.
This photo!
This photo is of 1971.
The photo of Pakistan's surrender.
I am also there, in the photo. -Why Jani has taken this photo?
There should be something in this.
To arrest them, you must have..
..the concurrence of the government. Isn't it?
And you will not get the concurrence.
Am I right, chief?
Once I have got strong evidence..
..I don't require any body's concurrence.
Today morning, the president Mr. Shyam Manohar Kalia..
..was arrested because of political issues.
Brothers, stop, stop, nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen, I will see it, brothers.
The condition of this country has become such that..
..it's very tough to live here for honest person like us.
I, will see them, I will see them.
This is what happens in politics.
I will not leave anyone. -Get back all of you!
Hail.. -You don't worry, Sir.
Tomorrow morning itself, I will get the bail. -All right.
Sir, I have arranged all the facilities for you.
I am very much ashamed of for what has happened.
It's ok, it's only a matter of one night.
You do one thing..
..arrange for a bottle of scotch with water and soda.
It will be done.
I prefer cashew, with the drink, ok.
Everything, is all right, you can go.
Please come in Sir.
Move. Move.
Even if I blow you up with a canon, no one will know it.
Rogue, you have given false evidence!
You rogue, thief, tell me..
..the account number and password of Swiss bank.
I will only count up to three.
Make it fast.
One, two.
What you thought, I will let you go, because you are an MP.
No way.
Give me the account and pass word of Swiss bank.
I will only count up to three. One, two.
What did you say?
Euro Swiss bank on line.
Enter the password of white lotus.
Quickly. -Come on.
All right, I will enter it.
Got it.
Got it, Chief.
Now, enter your account number.
Come on.
Look at that, Chief!
Rogue, you thief, Rs. 5100 crore, in your account?
From where did it come?
Chief! Chief! The money is being transferred.
My money.. my money.
Stop it, Sheeba, stop it!
I.. I can't stop the transfer.
Try again.
No Sir, I can't.
Someone stop it, stop it!
All the money has been transferred.
Nothing is left in his account.
I am ruined!
Rogue, you are telling lie!
You only have transferred it to someone else!
Tell, to whom you have transferred.
No, I take oath of my children that..
..I don't know, how this happened.
You are telling lie! Speak out!
He has taken away, my whole life's earning! He has.. he..
Who? -Tell, who, who has taken it, speak.
You rogue, why don't you speak, you thief.
Which friend? Tell, which friend, speak. -Chief!
Whose friend? -Chief, he is suffering from heart attack.
Oh no! He is dead.
He's dead.
Oh God.
The death of former chief minister..
..Mr. Ram Manohar Kalia in police custody has caused..
..heavy loss on the government.
The chief of revenue intelligence..
..Veer Vijay Singh, is made responsible for this.
He died of heart attack.
You can see the doctor's report, if you all wish.
Move now, move back, move back please. -One more question please..
Sir. -Move aside.
Sir one question..
I will not leave you. -Move back! -Idiot.
Will you please keep quite?
Sir, I want to ask you one question.
Can I answer to the lady? -You can ask.
Is it true that you have been removed..
..from the post of chief of revenue intelligence?
I am a loyal servant of this government.
I will serve this country till the..
..government asks me to do so.
Thank you, let's go.
You are a killer, and you will be punished for that!
Major General Veer Vijay Singh is in deep trouble.
He will be suspended and placed under arrest.
Forgive us, Sir.
It was our great mistake to doubt you.
I have come on behalf of everybody to say sorry.
I don't want anybody's sympathy.
Let's come to the point.
Mr. X is still alive.
He is the man who has shown Kalia all the way.
CBI was behind Kalia.
He wanted to send all the money out of this country.
The main players became friends..
..and Shetty and company came into the picture.
Their game was going very well.
Now every one is dead and we have no clue.
We couldn't catch Mr. X, though we have tried our best.
Luck too, plays very funny with human beings.
Sometime it goes along with him..
..and sometimes it against him.
Even after the death of Jani, we got that reel..
..that was our luck.
Kalia died without disclosing anything..
..that was the luck of Mr. X
Sir, we can't change luck, but at least we can fight.
How much time do we have?
Seven days.
Only seven days?
Yes, only seven days.
And what if the job is not done within seven days?
Then I will arrested for killing Kalia and sent to jail.
We will not let this happen, Sir.
Vikram, Sheeba, Victor, and Chief, we are a team.
And we will fight.
Thank you Victor, and yes we will fight.
Vikram, it's all right.
It's all right.
I want more personal details. Keep trying.
Morning Victor. -Morning Sir. -Did you get any information?
Sir, as per your instructions, I got all the details of..
..Euro Swiss employees. Fortunately, we got..
..an Indian lady in New Zealand branch.
And she is in a very good position.
That's good news.
I don't think there will be any benefit.
The case of Bofor's case is running since last 15 years.
They haven't yet told who has eaten 50 crore rupees.
And our's is a case of 5000 crore.
Even if we point gun on their head, they will not say.
Yes, but once we have reached here..
..we will find some solution. Moreover, the world is selfish.
From now on, you are the in charge of this mission. -Sir.
By the way, what's the name of that girl?
Sir, Sonal, Sonal Joshi.
Sonal Joshi, quite pretty.
My name is Sonal and yours.
Vijay Chauhan from London.
Oh! Of course, but why did you come to New Zealand?
To flirt with you.
Vikram, why are you joking?
I wanted to be away from my father, he stays in London..
..and so I, I can't say all this.
You should understand the brain of this modern people.
What should I understand? -She has come to New Zealand..
..to say away from her parents.
So.. I will tell this line to her and she will hug me..
..and we will be dancing around some trees.
This is what going to happen, isn't it?
What do you know about a woman's heart?
So why don't you tell me about woman's heart, teacher.
Every woman wants true love.
She goes a long way in search of that love.
Sonal has come from England to New Zealand..
..only in search of love.
How come this happen?
There might be thousands of guys who wants this..
..beautiful, young, educated, girl from a good family.
"The light of love is everywhere.."
"..and the one who is in love is very lucky."
Vikram, it's not easy to get true love.
Sonal's heart is also in dark.
After seeing you, she should feel that..
..you are also in search of true love.
We should take advantage of this.
We have to lie a lot in our business.
It's not wrong to tell lie for the cause of good, Sir!
Did you ever thought..
..what will happen to poor Sonal, after this mission?
What will happen?
Like others, her heart too, will be broken.
What more else can happen than this?
As per the intelligence reports, every officer of..
..Euro Swiss Bank, has a computer micro chip..
..through which they can verify the bank accounts.
This microchip looks same as a sim card of a mobile phone.
With this, we can know all the secrets..
..of Shyam Manohar Kalia's bank account.
And yes, this Vijay Chauhan is a person's original name.
He stays in London and his father is a big business man.
Euro Swiss New Zealand branch has been told that..
..Vijay Chauhan is starting a big business there.
So, they will be waiting for you.
Since, Sonal is the only Indian working there..
..you will be surely sent to meet her.
These are the passports, case file..
..and for you, the port folio of Vijay Chauhan.
Vikram, there are five stages of our mission..
..and only three days are left with us.
In this three days, first you have to introduce..
..yourself to Sonal, then friendship and then love her.
And through fake love, you have to find out..
..where the sim card has been hidden.
To obtain the sim card is the fourth stage.
And fifth is to know..
..every secrets of Shyam Manohar Kalia.
Clear. -Absolutely.
All the best. -Thank you.
Best of luck, Sheeba. -Thank you.
Take care.
The reports of intelligence are correct.
She stays in Auckland towers and every morning..
..around 9 o'clock, she leaves for bank.
Mic check, mic check, mic check.
Excuse me.
I am Vijay Chauhan, InfoTech International
Yes, we have been expecting you.
Would you wait here for a moment please?
Certainly. -Ok.
Hello John.
Sonal, Mr. Vijay Chauhan is here. -Oh! Ok.
We want his money.
I will make sure we get his business. -Good.
That is him. -All right.
Carry on. -Ok.
Hello Mr. Vijay Chauhan, my name is Sonal Joshi.
Ms. Joshi, how do you do?
I am doing fine, thank you.
I have heard lot of you.
Nice things or bad one. -Good one, of course.
You have come for the first time New Zealand and..
..on behalf of my bank, wishes to invites you for the dinner.
Wow! Dinner, really. -So, you have come here in New Zealand..
..only in connection with the business.
No, actually I wanted to be away from my father.
He stays in London and so I came here.
What a coincidence!
I too, came here for the same reason.
Our thinking are very close!
What are you thinking?
I am surprised by God's creation.
He makes people meet in unimaginable situations.
I was also thinking the same thing.
"My heart is a star, my heart is mischievous.."
"..my heart is unconscious wanderer."
"My heart is, my heart is mischievous.."
"..my heart is unconscious wanderer."
"I am not aware of the heart beats, and is in solitude.."
"..and not aware of your tune of love."
"My heart is.. my heart is mischievous.."
"..my heart is unconscious wanderer."
Sheeba, Victor here. -Yes Victor.
How is our hero's romance going on?
Stage two completed.
Means, they hands are clasped..
..and looking into each other's eye.
That's right, that's true, it's happening something like that.
You keep your eyes opened.
Don't allow him to love faithfully.
"What is love, I learned from you, dear."
"There is a shadow at every step and every moment."
"I always feel your fragrance, my dear.."
"Relation of our hearts should never be broken.."
"..for any reason, today my life is shining."
"My heart is.. my heart is mischevious.."
"..my heart is unconscious wanderer."
Victor, Sheeba here. -Hi Sheeba.
The micro chip which we are searching..
..she wears it like a necklace in her neck.
Our hero's hand is very long.
Till now where has it reached.
Don't be in lose, for the sake of a necklace.
I will loose, and then also, I will be the winner.
Sheeba, take care.
Today is the last day, will you be able to get the microchip.
I don't know. -But what will you say to her?
Don't know. -But you must have thought of something.
Nothing. -But Vikram.
What should I say to her?
I will do what I have to do.
"I don't have any ambition and complains."
"You fulfilled the faith of others."
"I came to know very late that I will not be yours.."
"..and my heart is plain like a plain paper.."
"..let the clouds fall like a rain of love."
How do you feel for me?
I like you.
That's all, nothing else.
I like you very much.
I.. I wanted to tell you something from my heart.
Meeting you all of a sudden like this..
..is like dream come true.
We know each other only since last two days.
But I feel like we know each other since very long.
Perhaps, this is love, isn't it. Truly..
..don't you feel like that?
Should I tell the truth!
The truth is, I am not Vijay, I am Vikram.
I have come here..
..for an important work of Indian Intelligence.
Vikram, don't be a fool.
You are putting this mission in danger.
Vikram, Vikram, don't do like this.
You are joking.
Don't do this. Vikram, Vikram!
This is not a joke.
Second truth is that, I am fed up of telling lies.
You are very beautiful, Sonal.
You are very innocent and wonderful.
But I don't love you.
Fun of two days, is not about love.
Love is like a wall, which is made up of bricks of sacrifice.
And I can break the heart that has made the wall.
And the last truth is that, I have not come here for you..
..but only for this, for this computer microchip.
For this? What do you expect?
Do you want to rob the bank?
No, a corrupted politician from our country has hidden..
..Rs.5000 crore in your bank account. We arrested him..
..but the money was transferred..
..and before he could tell anything..
..the politician died of heart failure.
If such a big amount goes into the hands of enemy..
..this could be very dangerous for this country.
When I measured your heart against my country..
..in my mind's scale, I found you heart is very light.
But today I understood that..
..every person is important to every heart.
And nobody can be measure in like this.
I am sorry, Sonal.
Today, I broke your heart.
But after knowing you, I was forced to tell the truth.
By God's promise, what I have said today..
..is nothing else, but only true.
Good-bye, Sonal.
Vijay, I mean Vikram.
Take this, with this card, from any computer..
..you can find the secrets of any account.
Bank opens at 10 o'clock.
Return this card to me with in one hour.
Otherwise the bank will have doubt on me. -Sonal.
Even I have measured with the scales in my heart..
..with life of Sonal and India and found that..
..life of Sonal is very light against India. All the best.
Why did you put the mission in danger?
Because I couldn't tell any more lies.
I love you Sheeba.
I love you and only loves you, Sheeba.
Chief Vikram. -Tell Vikram.
We got all the details of money.
There was Rs.5100 crores in..
Shyam Manohar Kalia's account. -From that 100 crore rupees..
..has been transferred to Meer Jafar's account.
Meer Jafar?
You mean, that terrorist? -Yes Sir.
This is a very bad news.
There is more bad news. -What, tell?
Rs.5000 crore has gone into some Kala Khanjar's account.
Chief, who is this Kala Khanjar?
I knew it. -But Chief.
I knew it. -Who is this Kala Khanjar?
Kala Khanjar is one of the biggest terrorist organisations.
And helps all other deadly terrorist..
..around the world to spread terrorism.
Tell me, what made you come here?
Minister, you will have to spend some time for me.
Now through internet..
..we are reaching the web site of Interpol.
This is Kala khanjar.
One among the world's most wanted terrorist group.
India is surrounded by terrorism from all the sides.
And our army men are fighting bravely, since many years.
They why should be afraid of this Kala Khanjar.
We should be afraid of.
As per the reports from the Interpol..
..Kala Khanjar not only has deadly weapons..
..but also has a nuclear bomb. And, the bomb has been..
..priced by this group for Rs. 5000 crore.
From where did they get the nuclear bomb?
Ten years before, when the old soviet union broke..
.. lots of these kind of nuclear bombs were missing.
And one of those bombs now this group has.
Now this bomb has been sold out.
Look, it's not there in list of Kala Khanjar.
From Shyam Manohar Kalia's secret Swiss account..
..Rs. 5000 crore has been transferred..
..to the account of Kala Khanjar.
And from the same account Rs. 100 crore..
..has been transferred to Meer Jafar's account.
From this it is clear that, this bomb..
..has been purchased to ruin and destroy India.
And now, somehow Meer Jafar, will smuggle..
..this bomb into lndia, and may be..
..he must have brought in, by this time.
Oh my God! Who has done all this?
We have asked the same question..
..to late Shyam Manohar Kalia. Listen.
You have transferred to somebody's account.
Tell, in whose account you have transferred.
No, I take oath of my children that I am not aware of this.
You are telling lie. Tell.
All that I have earned in my whole life..
..he has taken away. He.. -Who! Tell! Who is he?
Friend. -Which friend?
Who could be the best of Shyam Manohar Kalia?
I can ask this question even to you.
What do you mean?
I mean, wearing this white clothes..
..doing black marketing, people's representative..
..tried to hide people's money in foreign country.
Now the money has gone into the hands of the enemy and..
.. today the same money is being used to destroy India.
Whatever is earned by doing sins, will go in sin.
But the sinner is some one and the public has to suffer.
Who could be the friend of Kalia..
..and enemy of this country.
It could be any one of you.
Weren't you Kalia's friend?
Veer Vijay Singh, this is not time to remove the skin.
I agree that most of the politician is corrupted.
For the downfall of the ruling party, we could do anything.
But no politician can betray his country.
Veer Vijay Singh, you are given..
..the responsibility of National Security Command.
All charges against you will be void. Government is with you.
Ok Sir, ok.
Hold on, why did Jani take this photo?
Perhaps he was trying to show something.
Because, we found this photograph..
..in Kalia's drawing room, when we searched his house..
I see.
What is on the right side of the frame?
Perhaps, it's some one's shoulder.
Sir, it's quite possible that Jani was trying..
..to take his photograph, but the camera was out focused.
If there is someone in front of the photograph..
..then the shadow of that person must be there..
..on the glass of the photo frame.
Through computer can you focus it?
Let me try Sir.
Someone's face is there.
Make little sharper the focus. -Yes Sir.
Who is this?
How could this be? It's not possible.
He was already dead. -Who Sir?
Kalia's friend, Dost Khan.
I met Dost Khan for the first time during the war of 1971.
We won the war.
But the question was when and where to surrender.
'Lieutenant Veer Vijay Singh, tomorrow you have to meet..'
'Lieutenant Dost Khan of Baluch Rifles at 11 o'clock.'
'He will be holding white flag. Tell the enemy..'
'..that if he doesn't surrender within 24 hours..'
'..then there will be no soldiers left alive to surrender.'
'Any doubt. -No Sir.'
'What do you want? Peace or war.'
'I wish to slit the throat of every Indian and throw away.'
'But my coward general is begging for peace.'
'Then you will have to surrender within 24 hours.'
'Do you agree? Your silence says that you have agreed.'
'Let the army surrender! But Dost Khan, in this life..'
'..will never surrender to any Indian.'
'Remember that. -All the best, lieutenant Khan.'
Then what happened, Sir?
The day 16th December, 1971, is a very important day..
..in world history. Look at this photograph.
This is a famous picture of surrender.
I am there in it and also Dost Khan.
You are listening news read by Ashok Verma.
In the war between India and Pakistan..
..Pakistan has surrendered to India.
On behalf of India, Major General Jagjit Singh Arora..
..and General Niyaazi from Pakistan..
..has signed the surrender papers.
At the cost of around of three thousand Indian soldiers..
..new map of Bangladesh, is created.
After the surrender, Pakistan totally collapsed.
The army officers of Pakistan..
..wanted to take revenge at any cost.
And Dost Khan was erupting like a volcano.
Whether it's Hindu or Muslim, treat every Indian as enemy!
An Indian's name should be written..
..on every bullet of yours.
He was working in Pakistan's embassy..
..for five years in Delhi. During this period..
..he made friendship with the corrupted politician, in India.
He opened and intelligence network..
..in Mumbai and Delhi. Look at this footage.
A 'Iftaar' party is going on in Pakistan embassy.
Watch carefully.
What should I tell you about Pakistan's army?
After the surrender of Bangladesh..
..our soldiers were made prisoners in Indian jail.
The hands in which once there used to guns..
..were carrying baskets made up of mud.
Our soldiers have become Sadak chap in the process of..
..preparing the road from Delhi to Meerut.
Have you seen the result of surrendering..
..it is worse than slitting the head.
Why Dost Khan wasn't arrested..
..even after having solid information?
No one from the embassy's can be arrested, like this.
And so, he was deported from India..
..but he became ISI chief in Pakistan.
Immediately joining this organization..
..he started spreading terrorism..
..badly in Punjab and KashMeer. Meanwhile in Pakistan..
..army came into power. As per our information..
..he was killed in jail itself, thinking that..
..he belongs to Nawas Sherif's group.
And so, after that, we closed his file.
This Meer Jafar, salutes Dost Khan.
You are five minutes late.
Don't repeat this.
And second thing, your irresponsibility..
..could make lose to our mission.
The Indian army is one step behind, in this area.
Use disguise!
Like this a small kid can also identify you.
I will try, I am not a getup expert, like you.
No one will recognize you.
You are right. After escaping from Pakistan Jail..
..I have changed my figure so many times that..
..I don't even remember my original face.
I don't remember anything, my home, and relatives.
I don't know anything, and if I knew something then..
..it is my aim, and save my community.
Come in, unit four.
The bride has reached point four, over.
Well done, over and out.
Ahmed's unit has brought the bride to point four, now..
..it's your unit's responsibility..
..to bring the bride to point five.
How much time it will take? -36 hours.
The next 36 hours is very important for us.
Get ready the attack team. -Target.
There is one officer in Indian army, and his way of thinking..
..matches with that of mine.
He is Veer Vijay Singh, eliminate him.
Sir, we are being followed. -Yes Sir.
Good, I was waiting for the same.
I am the prey, and myself is the hunter, cover me.
Stop firing, I want him alive!
Driver! Bring the vehicle.
My name is Irfan.
I want the name of the man who has sent you. -No.
Tell the name. -No.
Tell the name. -No.
Tell the name. -No!
Name. Tell me the name, you idiot. -No!
It's of no use.
They will give their life, but will not open the mouth.
I think we should use the other method.
How time it will take?
Four hours. -Let's go.
Make it fast as the effect of the..
..injection will not last long.
Tilt down the light on top, yes down, down.
Now you are looking like Meer Jafar.
It's matching 70%, the rest 30% depends on your talent.
That you leave it to me.
We will make Irfan sit here.
When he comes to sense, he will be having this view.
He has lost the power to think and..
..will only believe what he is able to see.
And the truth is that he has tried to escape..
..and that was the last thing, in his memory, right.
Correct, now what will you tell him?
That he has succeeded in escaping and right now..
..he is with Meer Jafar, in the headquarters' of Afghanistan.
Well done.
He is coming to his sense, is everything ready?
Yes, everything is ready, come, let's go.
Ok everybody, all soldiers, go and hide.
Militants, take your positions.
Supreme commander!
You have succeeded in escaping from enemy.
But you are still injured and needs to rest.
They have caught me supreme commander..
..but I didn't disclose anything.
Very good, but unfortunately all your colleagues..
..have been killed, but I have recruited..
..new army of brave men, right.
Yes, you are right.
Help your brave soldiers, and give the reports.
I knew that nuclear weapon has already reached India.
Stupid! Not like this, speak likd a soldier.
When did the nuclear weapon reach India?
On 12th December. -Where?
In Vasai village, near Mumbai. -Now where it is?
Ahmed's men will be bringing it to Delhi.
When will it reach Delhi? -On 16th December.
Tomorrow is 16th December, that means..
..the weapon will be reaching Delhi, tomorrow
Ask him Victor, it's where in Delhi. -Where in Delhi?
That I don't know, Dost Khan will receive it.
And after that, I was to execute as per his orders.
You are very courageous, Irfan.
After this war, you will also be promoted. -Is it true?
Glory to it.
16th December!
Sir, welcome to National Security Command.
Thank you, are we under the ground. -Yes. -Come Vikram.
We are so below the ground that..
..even nuclear explosion can't affect us.
From this centre we can reach..
..any corner of the world, through Indian spy satellite.
Victor. -Vikram.
What's the progress?
Sir, we have sealed all the anti-points in the city.
We are watching every vehicle carefully.
More than ten thousand forces are being deployed for this.
Sir, there is a 3D map of Delhi on this screen..
..through which you can see live picture..
..of any part of the city. -I see.
What's happening on this screen?
Tell the position of the satellite.
Sir, right now our spy satellite is near an American sea.
Why in America? The problem is in Delhi.
Focus it immediately on Delhi.
Right Sir, initiate command change.
Bring satellite to ZX1. -Yes Sir.
Victor, on which screen are the images of India Gate?
On screen number four, Sir.
Get us India Gate, please.
Sir, G.K Gupta reporting from India Gate.
We are detecting everything with the metal detector.
Weapon is yet to be found, Sir.
Keep searching and stay alert. -Yes Sir!
Technology is very impressive, Chief.
But as we know that the nuclear missile..
..has been brought in to the city..
..we have to find some other way to locate it. -How?
There is an army of more than one lakh people..
..and they can locate the places..
..where we can never reach.
Army? You are talking of which army.
Remove the straps. Come out. Sir, as per the orders..
..I have brought the leaders of beggars.
Come, come. -Come.
Watch it very carefully, the images shown on the screen.
Sheeba, explain to them. -Sir.
We are looking for a cylinder which is pointed from the..
..front side. It is six feet long, two feet in breadth..
..and weighs around the weight of two persons.
The front side is deep orange in colour and..
..the colour of the cylinder is military green.
On top it's marked in Russian language..
..in English it's CCCP. On top of the cylinder..
..there is a meter to fix the time, exactly like this.
And, a sound comes out of it, listen carefully.
Look.. look.. -Raju, keep quite.
We have called you to search it out.
The bride is coming within a short time.
This is remote device. -Good, on time.
Ms. Jingo Shukay, bring the bride to old bungalow.
I am Dost Khan speaking. Confirm my voiceprint.
I want an exclusive voice command.
Only command of my voice should work.
Move Biz!
Easy, easy, bring it.
Keep it slowly. The drape should not be removed..
..from the face of the bride.
Slowly.. slowly.. keep it slowly.
I have told you to..
Don't you know that how punctual I am?
Today, after 30 years, the time has come to take revenge..
..and you wanted to let this opportunity go away.
Open this, open it!
Good, thank you.
Smile friends, everybody in his life..
..gets surely an opportunity to fulfil his aim..
..and in our life, today is the opportunity.
And today, prove this to the world.
Good work, Jaffar.
Thank you.
Be careful.
My bride will go to her in-laws in this, today.
Because of this cover, no satellite can detect this.
Sir, I reporting from old bungalow.
A child has seen the nuclear bomb. Over Sir.
Search that place nicely and..
..send that child with someone here, to the headquarters.
Right Sir. -It's good news.
What have you seen in old bungalow?
What have you seen? Tell me.
Chief, leave this child to me for some time.
He will be frightened of interrogation.
Please carry on. -Thank you, Sir. -Come.
Greetings, professor Vijay Agnihotri..
..from Bombay school of music and fine arts.
Welcome, professor Agnihotri.
But, you were to come yesterday, then why so early.
Look, I have not come here not only to play..
..but to win and for that it is necessary to know..
..what the opponent is doing. Come on boys, come on.
Check all the items.
Let the police do their duty. -What is this? Big box?
Come on. -Why is it so heavy? Open this and show me.
There are plenty of buttons, why?
And why this numbers are not stopping?
Sir, this is Japan's latest sampler.
Thousands of sounds come out of this.
You must have seen in Michel Jackson's show.
Cover me.
This is latest sir, you should understand.
But I have not seen this kind of instrument before.
Believe me sir, this is a musical instrument.
Then only I'll let him go from here. -Sir, sir.
Sir, why don't you understand? Please sir.
I don't know anything. I want proof.
Darn it, come on, come on.
Wait a minute. Eagle nine to Charlie one, please come in.
Eagle nine to Charlie one, please come in.
Matter very urgent, please come in.
Eagle nine, this is Charlie one, carry on please.
Sir, a team has come from Bombay music school.
The have got the same counter..
..which we are searching for. We want your order, Sir.
A while ago, at roadblock, eagle seven too..
..had same doubt, but nothing came out. Clear them.
Is that ok. -Right Sir.
You can take this. -Ok, thank you Sir.
Time to go, let's go. -Who are all these?
Hello Sir, excuse me, you..
I am professor Vijay Agnihotri..
..from Bombay school of music and arts
I am Shweta and represents International festival of music.
Fine. -Come, I will arrange for your luggage.
Sure, thank you, wear the caps.
Pappu, my name is Vikram, I have got guns and vehicle.
Do you know that I am spy.
Spy! -Yes.
I too, wanted to become a spy.
It's not easy to become a spy. Spy could see everything.
He understands everything and never forgets anything.
I too, could see, understands and never forgets anything.
Is it so? Then look, have you seen this?
What is this? Rocket ice cream!
Correct, and who was eating it?
That beard person. -Beard person.
Was it this one. -Yes.
But one more guy was there.
This is the other one, like vulture.
I knew this already, so what's new in spy Pappu.
Spy Pappu has seen that vulture slapped that..
..beard fellow and said that don't you know that..
..how punctual I am.
Punctual? -Yes.
Punctual? -Yes.
Today, after 30 years, the time has come for taking revenge..
..and you wanted to let go this opportunity.
And then what happened? -Oh my God!
All stations red alert. -Initiating Sir.
What happened? What's going on Chief?
Dost Khan will explode the bomb, today itself.
Exactly after one hour and twenty five minutes.
I am thankful to all of you, for giving support to me.
You will have sufficient time to move out of Delhi..
..as the blasting is after eighteen hours.
Why are you saying this? -Because today is Vijay Divas,
16th December.
Before 30 years, exactly on this day, at 11.50..
Pakistan has signed the paper of surrender.
They will explode the bomb exactly at 11.50, because..
..he is very punctual of time, and..
..this is time of taking his revenge.
We have got the time, but we do not know the place!
Where has he hidden the bomb?
Search! Search! -Sir.
Excuse me, Mr. Agnihotri, when will you be participating..
..in this part of the competition now or in the evening?
Who will be seeing the evening?
I will fulfil all the ambition now.
It's around 30 minutes that Dost Khan has gone..
..out of old bungalow. At the most, he must have 10 kms..
We have find if he has gone inside the city or outside.
Sir, if Dost Khan wants to explode the bomb..
..in one hour and twenty minutes and his aim is to..
..destroy whole Delhi then he will have to explode it..
In this area. And this has to be the epic centre.
What do you think, Victor?
Sir, this man is neither afraid of death nor us.
He will take whole Delhi, along with him.
Focus the satellite on the epic centre..
..and check the radiation. -Yes Sir.
Can the level of radiation be checked through satellite?
It's not easy.
But if the cover of the weapon is opened, it's possible.
Sir, the satellite is detecting the radiation.
This is coming from Institute of music and fine arts.
No men of ours will be in uniform.
Enemy shouldn't know that we are following him. Let's go.
This is, Dost Khan, recognize my voice.
I want to change the time of farewell of the bride.
One hour and twenty minutes.
Did you vacate the first floor of the building? -Yes Sir.
Take all the exit points under your control. -Ok Sir.
No black cat commando..
..should come out with out my orders. -Right Sir.
Be absolutely normal, no should have any doubt. -Yes Sir.
Raju, you wait in the vehicle. -Ok. -Let's go. -Yes Sir.
Chief, look at the stage.
Stay alert and keep me covered.
He has got remote triggered device..
..which can blast in seconds, let's shoot him now.
No, he must be alive, till the bomb is defused.
His men must be there all around.
We will have to finish them first.
And that too, without letting know any one..
..otherwise the men of Dost Khan will start firing..
..on the crowd and he blast the bomb in this confusion.
Yes, you are right.
Could you identify?
Yes, no one can escape..
..with the transmitter having this frequency.
Signal identified.
Jam his transmitter, so that neither..
..he receives any call nor could he make any.
Transmitter jammed.
Everything is ready? -Yes Sir.
We have to win. -Jai hind. -Jai hind.
Victor, twenty degree, northeast.
Blue trousers, shirts with white dots, got it. -Got it Sir.
Alpha to Tango, reaching target three seconds.
Targeted sighted. -Locked.
Get ready to shoot.
Three, two, one.
Story ends, come.
Target thirty degree, southwest.
Blue and white shirt with brown stripes.. and black trousers.
Approaching target.
Bravo in position, target locked.
Tango, he is very near to stage, distract him.
Call him towards you.
Tango, take him, now.
Victor, the crocodile himself has fallen into the trap.
Black jackets, long hairs, recognize him.
Approaching target area in seven seconds, Sir.
Meer Jaffar, my lost twin brother, forgot beard at home!
What happened? -I don't know Sir.
My aim was perfect, Sir.
Shoot him again. -Sir.
Where is Dost? Where is he?
Chief, he has worn bulletproof jacket.
Give me the permission to hit his head, Sir.
No, permission denied, alpha, you handle him.
Where's Dost?
Go and find Dost Khan!
Alpha to bravo, black shirt, black pant..
..is running towards stage, stop him. -Got it.
He should not escape at any cost.
Bodybuilders, knife will be in and muscles will burst, out!
Come on move.
Bravo here, target down.
Reaching back to position in twenty seconds.
You have gone Victor.
Meer Jaffar. -Stupid.
Meer Jaffar speaking, I am hit with a bullet.
Everyone here is..
His time has come to an end.
You can't stop him from dying!
Tango, ten degrees north, orange shirt, get ready.
Come on Victor, there is no time left, come on.
Bravo, are you all right, need any help.
No Sir. This is my mission, I will finish it alone.
You this side and you that side.
He is also dead!
Come on. Come on.
Listen, talk in our language.
Why are you talking in our language?
If you have guts talk in Hindi.
Then listen in Hindi.
Hail India!
Is there any one left? Is there any one?
Bravo signing of..
..father forgive me for leaving the job halfway.
In the name of father, the son..
..in the holy spirit.
Victor, victor.
Sheeba, brace yourself. You should be proud of him.
No tears, target sighted, get ready for the act.
Dost Khan!
Move aside!
Time for the farewell of the bride is to be changed.
Move! Move!
Right now..
Chief, are you all right. -Defuse the bomb, go!
Drop your gun, Dost Khan.
Down on your knees, now.
Perhaps this is locked with some password, Sir.
Not yet defused, about three and half minutes are left.
One minute, uncle.
Vikram, I have a programme for opening the passwords.
Give me a chance to defuse the bomb, please.
Chief. -Charlie nine this eagle one.
Take Raju immediately to Alpha. -Yes Sir.
I don't need you, I am fine. Go away doctor.
What are you doing Vikram? This is not a toy.
Are you ready? -Yes one second.
Got it!
Want to change the time of farewell of bride.
This is the password. -Then enter it.
Wrong password?
I think the password is same, but will open it with voice.
Record my sound.
Want to change the time of farewell of bride.
Make it fast.
Enter it.
What happened?
This can only opened by the voice..
..of the person who has locked this.
Dost Khan!
Chief, I don't understand what to do?
You can't do anything, Veer Vijay Singh.
This won't recognize any other sound.
It's like a faithful soldier like me..
..and will never surrender to an Indian.
Two minutes, only two minutes is left..
..for the destruction of your Delhi, only two minutes.
Two minutes!
Two minutes!
Tell me officer..
..can you save it.
Veer Vijay Singh, do you remember..
..the surrender of 1971?
You have partitioned my country in to two.
Chief, you be close to him, we will record his sound.
Raju, record the sound, quickly.
Recording. -Chief, Dost Khan's sound is being recorded.
The password is want to..
..change the time of farewell of bride. -I got it.
Dost Khan, what you will get by taking..
..the lives of innocents, please stop it and defuse you bride.
Bride! So you understood the lap of bride.
Bride and key! -Yes.
Cut it, and paste it quickly. -let me cut first.
Cut it. -I am doing it, I am doing it. -Paste!
Let me cut it first.
Bride and key.
Sir, we got bride and key, make him speak the rest.
Veer Vijay Singh, Veer Vijay Singh, you can't die like this.
Khan. It's time for me to go.
No! Your time for departure will come when..
..my bride will open her drapes.
Time for farewell, time for farewell!
Yes, yes, I am doing it. -Make it fast.
I have done it.
Time for bride's farewell..
Time for bride's farewell..
Cheif.. -What's left?
Only change, come on chief.
Want to change it, then change it.
Tell nothing will change to your back up team.
Can you change history? Can you change..
..the surrender of Bangladesh, when you partitioned..
..our country? Can you change it?
And you are telling to change.
Got it! Got it! -I know, I know, one second. -Quick.
I am doing it, one second. -Nine, eight, seven..
..six, five, four.
I know it and am doing it. Wait, wait, wait. -Raju.
Want to change the time of farewell of bride.
Enter it, enter it. -Yes, yes.
Set new time, set new time! We have done it.
We, have done it, Chief, we have done it!
You can't catch me alive!
What do you thought, I came here to talk rubbish with you.
He knows every plan of our country.
Beat him and keep him alive, take him away.
The war is not over, the war is not over, General!
Give me a break.
I can do it myself.
Thank you, doctor.
Chief! We have won it.
Dost Khan has said it right, the war is not yet over.
We have kept our patience and is enough.
Search the terrorist and finish them of.
That's your new mission.