ICE returns historic documents to Russia

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 07.12.2010

Today, quite simply, we right a wrong.
We return to the government and people of the Russian Federation
historic documents that were stolen
from Russian archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg
between 1994 and 2002.
31 Documents that bear the signatures
of many notable Russian figures throughout history.
Like World War II General Zhukov,
Elizabeth, the Czarina,
And the last Czar, Nicholas the Second.
Agents from our office,
ICE's office of Homeland Security Investigations,
were able to locate the documents
through five U.S. auction houses
throughout the country.
It's not every day that we have events like this,
that mark wonderful cooperation
between Russian and American law enforcement.
a cooperation that helps to bring
pieces of Russian history back home.
It's enormously important to us
and we're extremely grateful
for ICE, Mister Morton, for you,
and for the people who work with you.
We at ICE will remain vigilant.
We take very, very seriously
our responsibility to investigate
international art theft
and the theft and sale of
international cultural heritage and antiquities.