Marvelous Melmo (Merumo) - Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Wake up, ma'am.
Please come with me.
But I...
Don't hesitate.
Tell us your name, ma'am.
I'm Hiromu Watari.
Excuse me, where am I?
Please be quiet.
you are dead.
What do you mean I'm dead?
That's right.
This often happens.
You remember the drunken
driver, right?
But dead?
I cannot
believe such thing!
Everyone who dies in a car accident says that, but a fact is a fact.
I don't want to die.
I have three kids.
A girl in elementary school,
and one in kindergarten,
and a one-year-old baby!
My husband isn't with me!
At least 5 years,
if I could live for 5 more years,
the kids will become bigger,
and then, it's okay for me to die.
Melmo, Totoo,
I don't want to die!
I did it!
I solved the puzzle ring!
I've been trying to solve this for three years!
Oh, congrats for that!
Madam, I solved it!
I solved the puzzle ring!
I don't have time for that!
Madam, that puzzle ring is the one of destiny.
The fact that he solved it means...
that you've gained a chance to change your destiny.
In other words, Madam, it means that
one of your wishes can come true.
whatever it is, tell us your wish.
Then, please let me live again.
That's the one thing we can't do.
Something else, apart from money-related ones,
for example, the well-being of your kids,
What did you say you wanted?
What did she say?
What did she say?
That can't be...!
What did Madam wish for?
She wants all her children to be adults!
We can't help it.
Now, the funeral is over with this.
And about your lives from now on...
I'm the only relative you have,
so even if you don't like it, I have to take care of you.
But my house isn't that big either,
and unlike your mother,
I don't really like kids that much.
So you should also
keep that in mind.
Do you understand?
Excuse me,
you don't have to live with us, if you don't want to.
How dare you speak of such offensive words!
From now on, I am at least
going to make you call me your mother.
I'm going to take you in, without getting any money!
You understand, now?
Right now, you don't have anyone else to depend on!
Shut up!
How come,
Why did you die?
Come back.
I miss you.
It's okay even if it's for a little while.
Please tell me what I should do.
You poor thing.
It was tough, right?
I won't let you go now.
Let's go anywhere.
I came here
to meet with Melmo for one more time.
Are you going to come again?
There's nothing I can do.
All right, Melmo?
Please listen to what Mommy
says well from now on.
Keep this Miracle Candy well
so that you don't lose it.
This candy,
if you eat a blue one, you will get older by 10 years.
If you eat a red one, you will get 10 years younger.
If Melmo wants to become a grown-up
for some occasion,
then you should eat this blue candy.
And eat the red one for coming back to your age.
All right?
Keep it preciously, and don't tell anyone about it.
Then, Mommy
has to go now.
be happy.
I entrust your little brothers
with you as well.
No, don't leave!
Good bye.
I became big!
I'm an adult!
It feels weird.
What should I do?
What would be the red one like?
It changes everything!
Where are you hiding?
Come here right now!
Do you guys know where Melmo is?
What a troublesome kid she is!
If you don't come out, you'll get in trouble!
Who are you?
Who are you?
Of course, I'm the mother of those kids.
What are you saying?
The one that just finished her funeral couldn't possibly be alive!
Then, please take a look carefully.
You should check
whether I'm real or not.
How is it?
I'm right, right?
I don't know whether you are a ghost or not,
unfortunately, this place you are standing now is mine!
I'm not going to let you do that!
Give it back to me, please.
How ridiculous!
What a violent girl!
Come in!
The black one and the white one!
I'm going to take it back!
It's her!
You stupid!
How is it, do you see how I am like?
I'm home.
It was tough, right?
I'm your mom.
By mom you mean,
the real one?
Of course!
I came back from the heaven because I was worried about you guys.
From now on, you don't have to live with that kind of scary woman.
Mom will take care of it!
Yes. You don't need to worry.
Where is Touch?
My gosh!
How many candies did you eat?
Touch, hurry and take this candy, so you can go back.
What a trouble...
What should I do? He's too young now!
Was he like this in mom's stomach?
I'm in a big trouble if I don't bring him back.
If he's like this, he can't take the candy.
That's right!
Candy might melt in water!
It melted!
If you get this water on,
you might...!
Mom in heaven,
Please bring my cute Touch back!
Thank goodness!
Touch, you are now born twice.
Now don't do it anymore.
Where has she gone?
That bottle is not here!
Totoo took it? No way!
Eat this.
If I tell you to eat it, then eat it!
I'm going to make you into an egg!
It's dangerous!
What are you doing?
Is something wrong?
Why didn't you stop?
You almost hit him!
My mother was
killed in an accident because of a guy like you!
It's not my fault.
It's because you are horrible at driving!
Make an apology!
What an interesting girl.
You are making a comment on my driving.
I will take you to a drive.
Take a look whether my driving is bad or not.
Totoo, go back to the house.
Put a bandage over your wound.
Mom, you are getting in his car?
Don't worry.
I will be back soon.
How is it?
I will show you even cooler things.
It's dangerous to drive like this!
I beg you, please stop it.
This is messed up.
Please stop!
Which aspect in the world of this kind of driving is "cool"?
It's enough!
Shut up!
You made a comment about my car and my driving.
I'm going to prove you that I look cool.
Let me go.
Stop now!
Stop it!
Stop it!
That's right!
Let me go!
You need a key to unlock this.
This key...
That's right!
Doesn't other person matter to you?
I don't need a relationship with others.
Even if you get to kill them?
The one that gets killed is the fool.
I don't have time to take care of such ones.
What a horrible....
Look at me.
What happened to this one?
Am I having a strange dream or something?
Are you really that girl?
What in the world has happened?
It's really a girl!
She peed on me!
Shut up!
Be quiet!
Good, good. Don't cry.
I beg you, stop it.
How harsh...
My! She changed again!
You cannot act like that way anymore!
Drive well!
Grandma, the car is being unstable.
What's happening?
What kind of driving is this?
Help me!
It's scary!
Here! Hold on to this.
This one...
It's hard for me with this strength.
Hold onto me tightly.
With this, both the car and I will..
There's a rock to hold onto.
If I can get there...
The car came.
A car from your house to pick you up...
No! I don't like a car!
No more cars! I don't like it!
I don't want to get in a car!
Totoo, welcome back.
You, playing all the time.
Hurry and come in.
Mom, buy me a ship.
If you behave, I'll get you one.
What's wrong?
Why are you staring at mom's face?
It feels like you are not my mom.
How come?
You are not my mom, as expected!
You are not my mom!
How did he notice?
How am I different from mom?
An adult and a kid,
what's the difference between them?
Is there only an age difference?
If not, is it a difference in their size?
No, it's not true.
For both human and animals,
there are many cases in which the sizes of both kid and adult are the same.
There's even a case in which a kid is stronger that an adult.
Then, what is the thing that a kid doesn't have but an adult does?
There is a kid that is really looks like an adult.
Such kid has everything that an adult has.
However, only one thing,
there is one difference between a kid and an adult.
Take a close look at these two horses.
The parent horse teaches
the baby horse that what he's
trying to eat is a poisonous one.
Like this, an adult has wisdom
that he has gained through life and experience.
That wisdom
is what only an adult has.
An adult teaches what he has learned through a long process
to a kid and a kid remembers what he hears from an adult.
Please look here.
I don't want a fake mom.
You are my sister, right?
I'm sorry I fooled you.
How did you know it was me?
You didn't have mom's eyes.
Mom has mom-like eyes.
Listen carefully.
That aunt is after our house.
No, I don't want her to take our house!
So, someone has to become an adult and protect this house!
From time to time, I'm going to become an adult.
But it's a secret, okay?
Let's do our best together!