Introduction to Penn State Science

Uploaded by PennStateScience on 11.12.2009

Male voice: It incumbent upon as human beings to increase our knowledge of the universe
in general, and of ourselves, and of the world around us, because we never know when the
next really big discovery is going to come or where it is going to come from.
I think it's important as human beings to understand our planet. We have the capability
to destroy habitats all over the planet, and until we understand them we can't really take
care of them. Male voice: We're trying to find out things
about the universe that we didn't know before. Trying to answer questions about the universe
that you might not even think of posing. Male voice: We don't do it because we know
we're going to solve cancer from our research crews tomorrow, we do it because we don't
know what we're going to find. Female voice: Penn State is positioned, not
only in terms of the quality of the faculty and the facilities, but in the quality of
the students that we get, to be a real leader in creating the next generation of scientist
that will make the discoveries that change the world.
Male faculty: A lot of students think you have to know what you want to be before you
ever come to Penn State as an undergraduate student. In fact, I didn't have a clue when
I started as an undergraduate. This is a learning experience. The program for an undergraduate
at Penn State is built so that you can take a look around in your first few years.
If you find a field that excites you, you will be good at it, and you will have fun.
Female faculty: We've tried to come up with several different ideas, and if they don't
like those we can introduce them to somebody else who does something different. We don't
let them fall through the cracks, we'll eventually help them find a niche.
Male student: I decided that I really like sports statistics. I went to the stat department
and they told me to major in math, and get a stat minor, and try to volunteer for a team
on campus. I changed my major to math and started taking statistics for the women's
lacrosse team. I love sports, any kind of sports, so to be able to take my major and
apply it to something I love, it's a lot of fun, I enjoy it.
Male voice: I really discovered i had a fascination for things at the molecular level. I really
benefitted from being at a very large university with world-class researchers but at the same
time being in a relatively small program with fairly small senior level classes.
Male voice: For me, I think the undergraduate experience at Penn State, largely because
it was so diverse. So from a well-rounded perspective in creating that platform for
development, you couldn't ask for a better place.
Female student: I think an advantage of having such a big school is that there are so many
different types of students here with so many different interests. It feels small, you run
into people you know on a daily basis. Female voice: The one thing you do notice,
each class is all new people. I really enjoyed getting a breath of fresh air with each class
being totally different. Male faculty: We really do strive to help
personalize the education and provide the student with a more reasonable environment,
a smaller environment, in which to grow. Female student: The professors in the college
of science are a really great resource. Not only are they brilliant people that are publishing
on important things, but they're willing to talk to you, they want to get to know you.
Male student: I transferred from Penn State Berks campus. I met with my advisor after
the first week of classes to make sure everything was up to par and things were going right.
The people in the Eberly College of Science are here to help, and they're phenomenal in
what they do. Male faculty: Academic advising is a very
much hands on process. We like to get students involved in their career decisions very early,
as we make intelligent decisions from the day they walk in the door.
Female faculty: Students are really encouraged to follow the coursework they are really interested
in. We find that students learn more and better enjoy their undergraduate careers if they
take classes that they really like. Male voice: A student has a very broad range
of choices when they come to Penn State. Male faculty: This is a blast, I love it,
I'm having a great time. These kids are heads and shoulders above any of their contemporaries
in any forensic science program in this country. Female faculty: I know that some students
have worked in the lab and said oh, this is what I want to do, or oh this is not really
what I want to do. I thought I did but now I know I don't. I know I've helped them figure
out what road they want to take. They graduate and are happy because they get a job and it's
a job that they're looking for. Male faculty: I love what I do. I mean, the
opportunity to help a student develop into his or her own, it's amazing. It's a good
feeling, I feel like I'm contributing to the future.