How to Use Autodesk Maya : Using Faces in Maya

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. If you
hold your mouse over your object and hold down on the right mouse button. There's one
selection we didn't talk about and that's the face. If you go ahead and select that,
you can see there's little squares that appear on the different faces of your object. You
can use the same transformations as we did on vertexes and edges with this as well. If
you hold down shift, you can select multiple faces. I'm going to move this up. Like I said,
you can use the same transformations. If you go up to edit mesh and select extrude, what
you can do is you can pull out faces. It extrudes the face. That also works on edges as well.
A neat little shortcut is if you hit G on your keyboard. That's going to repeat the
last command you just did. That's going to extrude my object again. You can keep doing
that as many times as you want. Also, if you go back up to edit mesh and select cut faces
tool, what you can do is it draws a line down your object. That's going to cut that right
in half. It only cuts the faces that I had selected. If I go back up to object mode,
select the object, and go to cut faces tool again. That’s going to cut my entire object
in half. Another cool thing you can do is under edit mesh, if you select insert edge
loop tool. That's going to also cut it in half. If you have an even number of sides,
it's going to go straight through your object and it's going to create a loop there, as
you can see, going around my entire object.