Perfect Match Gel Polish Tutorial Part3-French Manicure

Uploaded by lechatartist on 03.11.2010

Welcome back! This is Kanika,
and today I’d like to walk you through
Step 3: How to Do a French Manicure
using the Perfect Match Gel Polish system.
By now you should know how to prep the nails
and apply a solid color from watching steps 1
and 2 in this video series.
Designed to meet the challenges of traditional nail polish,
new Perfect Match lasts up to 14 days with no chipping,
virtually no drying time, and a flawless high shine.
And it comes with a free matching nail lacquer.
We have a huge selection of vibrant, consistent colors
of the highest quality.
Step 1, you will need your Perfect Match Clear Base Gel
and at least a 36 watt UV light.
We will begin by applying a thin layer of
Perfect Match Clear Base Gel to the entire nail.
Press firmly and work the gel into the nail.
See how I use the brush as a guide to get closer
to the cuticle without touching it.
Make sure that you cap the free-edge
and take long strokes to smooth the surface.
Place all 5 fingers into the UV light and cure for 1 minute.
Step2, we will be using Paloma as the base for our French manicure.
Let’s empty out one side of the brush,
just as you would with the traditional nail polish.
Then apply a thin layer to the entire nail up to the cuticle.
I am using Paloma on our model today,
but you may choose any pink, such as Pink Daisy or Le Princesse,
from our large selections of color.
Notice how I am using my brush. Guide it alone the cuticle
and sidewalls to avoid gel polish from touching the skin.
Take long stokes to smooth the surface, and cap the free-edge.
Cure for 1 minute.
A second layer may be added if you prefer a deeper pink tone.
Then cure for an additional 1 minute.
Step3, you will need Perfect Match Flawless White,
Lint-Free Wipes, Design Brush Cleaner,
Dampen Dish, and a Gel Brush.
Squeeze a generous amount of Design Brush Cleaner
into your Dampen Dish.
Now let’s use the Perfect Match Flawless White
to create a French.
Gently apply the white to each nail,
make sure it reaches above the natural smile line.
And allow your brush to glide smoothly
across the nail for a more even color.
If necessary, after you have drawn your smile line.
Wet your Gel Brush with Brush Cleaner.
Dab to remove excess liquid, and now using the
flat tip of the brush make a clean French smile line.
Remove any product from the skin
before placing the hand into the light.
Cure for 1 minute.
Step 4, let’s finish up with our Perfect Match
Top Gel Sealer, Nobility Gel Cleanser,
and Nobility Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil.
Now we will apply the Top Gel Sealer.
This will go on a little thicker than the base and color.
Let your brush glide gently across the nail,
and make sure to cap the free-edge on this final coat.
Cure for 3 minutes.
Saturate each nail and wipe with Gel Cleanser.
To completely remove all tack gel residue,
you want to apply pressure to effectively produce
a clean, smooth, high shine finish.
Finally, add a touch of vitamin enriched cuticle oil
and massage in to replenish the skin.
You have just completed your Perfect Match Flawless French Manicure.
See how thin and nature looking they are,
yet durable and long lasting.
Thanks for joining me, I hope you found this video helpful.
And for more information,please feel free to give us a call
or look us up online.