Equal Rights 101 Hiring

Uploaded by CalifDFEH on 10.02.2009

Man: Hey, chica.
Woman: Hey.
Man: Did you go to that job interview?
Woman: Yeah, it was kind of weird.
They asked me a lot of personal questions.
Man: Personal questions?
What do you mean?
Was he hitting on you or something?
Woman: Ah, nothing like that.
The manager asked me if I attended church.
If I was Spanish, or Mexican.
And then get this.
He asked me if I was pregnant or if I had AIDs.
I said no, and then after that, he still asked me to have a
medical exam.
Can you believe that?
Man: Are you serious?
This is unbelievable!
It's the 21st century, and they're still asking these
You know, asking those questions is illegal.
Woman: Really?
Man: That's right.
Employers can't ask you any non job-related questions.
They can't ask you in your job application; they can't ask you
verbally during the interview.
They can't even ask their own employees.
You know, questions like, what your religion is, your national
origin, your marital status.
And they certainly can't ask you to take any medical exams, or
about any disability.
The California Civil Rights Laws say so.
Although I do hear that after you get hired, but before you
start working, they could make you go through certain tests,
like say drug tests, those are okay, as long as they're job
related, and everybody has to take them.
Woman: Where'd you get that information?
Man: You should really call the Department of Fair Employment
and Housing.
They're the California Civil Rights Agency.
They're really nice. Hold on.
Yeah, I thought so. Here.
You can call the number on the card, or check out their
website, and they have all the information you need.
Woman: Wow.
Great, well you know I owe you a cup of coffee for this.
Man: No problem.