Daniel Gildner vs. PolskaGenetics - Push Day

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Hello, a very warm welcome! My name is Daniel Gildner,
today is Push Day with Mischa. Today we are in Switzerland,
I'm really looking forward to this...
Mischa junior champion, 1.90m tall, okay! In a moment, we will see what that means.
I spoke to him briefly beforehand... around 102-103 kilos.
At the moment I weigh 96kg at 1.76m. Let's see what kind of weight he can really lift?
I hope you enjoy it.
Hello everyone, welcome to all BodybuildingRev fans!
Today I have a home advantage, we are in Switzerland, at the Colosseum Gym in Studen.
Today I'll be training with Daniel Gildner. I'm really looking forward to this.
As you all know, Daniel Gildner rocked the German championships last year, a successful athlete.
He has just been to Miami, too... I'm interested to see what happens and I'm sure we'll have a good training session.
He said 103 kilos...but I actually weigh 106kg... but you can see that the low-carb diet that he recently followed has really taken affect.
Now we'll do another warm-up set... it's a normal set for Daniel, but never mind.
Note the movement, how he stands so narrow...
Another extra portion for Daniel...
70kg military press, now you have to sneak up on the weight, then it will be lighter...
then you'll take it by surprise!
Come on!!!
RAW without a belt!
Come on now!!!
Now we'll add a bit, 75 kilos...not exactly “raw”, but it doesn't matter, the muscles will grow properly then,
because today we are not working on the back, but on the shoulders, right??!!
Come on!!! Let's go, come on! Yes! Come on! Let's go! Yes!
Very nice!
That was just a half set of shoulder press for me, but... not a bad performance.
Come on now, last set, go for it...
Yes! Come on! Come on now! Fucking come on, push it!
Come on... no momentum, come on! Come on, yes!
Come on now, come on!
Come on now!
Very good!
Good set!
Yes, very good...
Great stuff! Now on to the next one…
Now we'll do my plan which is as follows, we've done military press. Now we'll do a few cable flies.
As it were, to wear out the chest. And then followed by two chest exercises, dumbbell press and dips.
The idea is to wear out our shoulders and chest a bit
so we can just press with the chest in the last sets which will compensate my deficit a little because my shoulders are quite dominant compared with my chest.
Give me another six months and it'll look exactly the same! If not better!
Now show me again without any momentum...
No, just joking!
Incline bench press!!! I don't think we need to add anything here to be honest.
Now I'm really going to go all out! This is the last exercise that will demand coordination from me,
then there'll be dips and they are actually easy. That will be about really burning out the chest muscles again.
Have I got a green light?
Green light, all clear!
Okay, come on!
Come on, let's go! Yes...
Have a strong chest... come on, let's go!!!
Yes... come on!!! Come on now! PUSH!!! Yes! Come on! Come on now!!! Great! Come on now!!! PUSH!
One more!
Come on! Great stuff! Great stuff! That's hard.
Yes, I would say it's time to take off the stupid sweatshirt! I'm bursting inside it.
Yes??? Then take it off!
I think you're going to have to help me, I can't do it by myself!
I wasn't joking!!!
Mischa did 80 kilo, now I will too! I don't really want to hammer him into the ground now...
so first set warm-up, a nice 40 kilos, and then we'll start...
Come on now, we don't want to talk too much here...
Help the first rep or what?
Okay...come on! Let's go! 1...2...3...4...easy ...6... 7...come on!
Great stuff... now we're training!
Now we're training!
Come on!
Come on! Great stuff! Come on! Yes!
Yes! Come on now! Come...
Great stuff! Come on!
Until failure! Come on now!
Great stuff, come on now! Slow eccentrically... come on now!
Nice stuff!
Nice stuff... well done!
Go up again... yeah?
Now I want to see something!
Come on, let's go... let's go now!
Come on!!!
Come on now!
Come on...
One more...
Come on...
Come on exitus... come on... come on!
Right up to failure!
Now here some real motivation... last set! Now we are really going to go for it again!
...just with 40ies, but who cares?
Come on now...
Come on!
Show what the strong bodybuilders can do.... come on natural... let's go... come on!
Stop thinking about it! Come on!
Come on now... last one ... come on now!
Let's go now ... come on!
Come on now...
Nice stuff!
That is a form... the blood vessels are almost bursting! Come on now!
Come another three!
You can do it on your own...
Come on... yeees!
And now the last one, come on
....come on....
Come on one more as a lap of honour...
This one is my truly favourite chest exercise. Now to finish, a bit less weight, so I've only got two discs on.
But we'll do that now to burn out the chest again... focus on stretch in the lowest position!
Really puke out your chest! And now this is really gonna hurt... let's go “Gironda Dips” baby!!!
Should I do it without a belt or what?
You can do it with a belt...
I might have another one... I'll check quickly.
He wants me to go without a belt now...
Come on now... let's have a good set, come on!
Let's go now...
Come on... wide arms... come on triceps... let's go!
Come on cleanly... clean movements... keep going... come on now.... those are the good ones... come on... keep going!
No chance mate... but I'll get down to business with the last one!
Come on!
Right down! Really stretch your chest... stretch it!
Yeeeees... come on! Really clean...
Three to go!
Two to go!
Perfect... nice!
Come on give your all, come on! Keep going...
Pump it, come on!
Keep going... come on... pump it!
Come on now... anyone can train like that...
come on! Let's go now, come on! Up! Fucking hell, come on!
Come on, keep going...
Come on, keep going...
Come on now!!!
Man, come on now grit your teeth again!
Come on!!! Come on hold it!
Keep going...
Yes, great stuff!
Game over!!! Game over!!!
Now we'll go up again... now let's see a decent set! Let's go, come on!
Now I want to see something!
Come on!
All out baby!
Come on!
Very nice!
Come on now...
Take a deep breath!
Come on!
Three to go, come on!
Come on now!
That hit home.
That was it!
The worst is over!
Now a bit of triceps... for our egos!
When I see THAT then I know what I have to do in six months! Great cut!
I'm not in the cutting phase at all.
Yeees, two weeks after the competition!
It's a year since the competition!
You want to get wide?! Come on, let's go!
You can whine when you get home, come on!
Yes! Keep going... Nice movement! Come on! Yes... come on now! Come on!
Keep going... come on now... whining... come on no whining now, come on!
Keep at it... just a little bit more, come on now! Come on...Push!!!
Come on!
Last one!
Nicely pumped eh... loads of carbohydrates. Not like what Mischa just said, on low carb...
No, no....
No, no... no more!
No more...
I would say that was a cool training session! I really enjoyed it. I must say Daniel showed no mercy...
that really did surprise me. He was just like me... exactly the same level!
It worked well and we really motivated each other, that's essential as Daniel has said a few times.
It is very important to motivate each other, if you don't have a training partner, then at least good music,
something emotional so you can really go for it! That's the only way you can catapult yourself to another level!
If you enjoyed this, then make sure you give us the thumbs up... and who knows we may do one or two training sessions together again.
Like and subscribe our shit! Peace the fuck out!!!
That was it then... that was it from us... no, you go first!
Either Rammstein or a good training partner, it has to be something...
Shit...sweaty hands!
Where is he?
Here he is... the little dwarf is here!
So... end of training... ahhh
So the session is almost changed ... ahhh
Almost over!
A warm welcome to you Natural....... once again!
Yes welcome dear BodybuildingRev fans, today I have a home advantage,
we are in Switzerland at the Colosseum Gym in Studen. Today we.... eeeerrrr
Today I'll be training with Daniel Gildner. As you all know, Daniel Gildner, a successful athlete, rocked the German championships last year.
I'm really looking forward to seeing... what this little dwarf... that's a bit too harsh!