The Summit Bechtel Reserve | The Boy Scouts of America Push Adventure To The Next Level

Uploaded by TheBechtelSummit on 28.02.2011

The future of Scouting is being shaped
in the mountains of West Virginia.
It's called the Summit Bechtel Family
National Scout Reserve.
The Summit, for short.
And there's nothing else like it on earth.
It's high adventure.
The Summit sits on more than 10,000 acres
in one of the greatest outdoor
playgrounds in the world.
It's a gathering and more.
The Summit is the new permanent home
of the National Scout Jamboree.
It's the future, shaped by you;
today's Scouts.
You're setting the course for the
next century of Scouting.
And it leads to the Summit.
The Summit will host the
2013 National Scout Jamboree,
and plans for the largest youth gathering
in the world couldn't be bigger.
It began with a history-making
50 million dollar donation
from the Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. foundation;
the largest in Scouting history.
And with millions more in charitable
giving since then, the 2013 Jamboree
at the Summit is shaping up
to epic proportions.
Visitors will have some amazing spaces
to share with us at the inaugural jamboree.
and large parts of the Summit will be Scouts only
during that time. Also, 2013 will be the first year
to include Venturing at the jamboree.
Themed sub-camps will dig deep into
the action sports that are at the center of the Summit experience.
Get ready, the 2013 Jamboree will
be like nothing you've ever seen.
The Summit is the Boy Scout's fourth national
high adventure base. And it's going to be intense.
The high adventure base at the
Summit Bechtel Reserve will be a chance for Scouts
to take on a load of outdoor challenges
all in one place.
The result is friendship, leadership and memories
that will last a lifetime.
The Summit is an opportunity
for every Scout to come away with
unforgettable experiences forged in adventure.
The Summit puts everything cool about
Scouting in one place.
This setting,
this experience,
this kind of Scouting. It's life changing.