How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

Uploaded by allrecipes on 30.11.2010

Chicken thighs are in such demand for so many recipes.
And if your family loves dark meat, then you'll want to have these versatile pieces
on hand for grilling, roasting, or stir-fries.
Did you know that when you buy deboned chicken thighs at the grocery,
that you're paying a premium price for them. Why not save money and debone them yourself?
We'll show you how in just four easy steps.
You need two simple tools:
A clean cutting board and a sharp kitchen knife with a long narrow blade.
A fish fillet knife works great.
Step one: Detach the drumstick. If the thigh is still attached to the drumstick,
bend the leg to locate the joint where the thigh and the drumstick meet.
Think of the joint as a ball and socket place the thigh skin side down;
slice between the two.
You might hit bone it first but you'll know you found the right spot when
you're knife slices through easily. Set aside the drumstick.
Step two: Cut around the bone. With the thigh skin side down,
cut down through to meat along the length of the thigh bone.
Carefully cut around the cartilage at one end of the bone, until you can
pull the bone away from the meat.
Keep your knife close to the bone, and never cut towards your fingers.
Step three: Remove the bone. Grasp the end of the bone and pull it away while using
short scraping cuts to free the rest of the meat from the bone.
Step Four: Trim up. Trim off bits of bone, cartilage, fat, and tendons.
If you want skinless, and boneless thighs, just slip off the skin. You can use this
same method to remove the bone from the drum stick to.
For ready to cook convenience,
why not debone a bunch of chicken thighs, then wrap and freeze them for when your ready to
use them. Frozen thighs will keep our about nine months.
For another way to save money,
don't toss those bones. Make your own flavorful chicken stock with them.
It's delicious and easy to make.
Or you can freeze scraps to make a stock later.
Remember, anytime you handle raw chicken wash everything it touched with hot, soapy water.
Now that you know how easy it is to debone chicken thighs, you can start
saving money by doing it yourself.