Meet Daily Grace: VICE Today 007

Uploaded by vice on May 24, 2012


RYAN DUFFY: Today, we meet a web personality that you may
remember from the Elf and the Glory Hole, and we get some
more tips on staying classy.

GRACE HELBIG: When I was younger, I wanted to be in the
Swim With the Dolphins program.
I also wanted to be a veterinarian.
I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast.
I wanted to be a professional horseback rider.
The idea of making money on the internet was nowhere in my
brain ever as a possibility.
No way.
Well, it was confusing because every time I told my parents
that I make web videos, my mom thought it was porn.
Welcome to the internet!

I'm Grace Helbig, but on the internet, I go by Daily Grace.
I host My Damn Channel Live Thursdays, and I have a daily
vlog called Daily Grace.

GRACE HELBIG: I think it's time for some ass play.
So I grew up in beautiful, beautiful South Jersey.
But I grew up in a family of brothers.
I have two brothers and three stepbrothers.
And I really thought they were the funniest people in the
entire world.
I remember one day on a car ride, I was doing an
impersonation of Cartman from South Park.
That's Kenny's creamed corn.
CARTMAN FROM SOUTH PARK: And you will respect mah
GRACE HELBIG: Doesn't sound anything like Cartman, but
they loved it.
And the one day that I did make them laugh was the day I
was like, so validated and was on such a pursuit to keep that
feeling going.
Michelle and I lived together senior year and then moved to
Brooklyn together after we graduated.
MICHELLE VARGAS: And we're GraceNMichelle.
GRACE HELBIG: Welcome to the brand new--
GRACE N MICHELLE: Totally T1tz Tuesday!
GRACE HELBIG: So when I moved to Brooklyn, Michelle and I
were doing our GraceNMichelle.
and I was working for Viacom at the time in project
management, all while doing improv at the
People's Improv Theater.
And I am not good at managing projects.
And I also wanted to really pursue a more creative
lifestyle than sitting behind a desk.
So I quit.
GRACE HELBIG: How do you say it in Spanish?
And through the theater I got a casting call for a web
series called Bedtime Stories.
That was the first thing in New York that I ever booked.
GRACE HELBIG: Hansel and Gretel.
Hansel noticed the witch walked kind of
funny and took a shot.
Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?
Why, yes, that's true.
Hansel removed a tube from his pocket and said, then Lubricil
may be the answer.
Come back next time when you'll hear the fable of the
Elf and the Glory Hole.
I didn't realize that it was a web series going up on
And Rob Barnett, the CEO of My Damn Channel, called me in and
said, we want someone to host our website.

GRACE HELBIG: If you guys missed yesterday's show with
Michael Showalter, here's a clip.
MICHAEL SHOWALTER: What do you think about Skittles?
BETH HOYT: I have nothing.
I just, I had some today.
MICHAEL SHOWALTER: You had Skittles today?
I didn't buy them.
They were just in front of me, and I would never refuse a
bowl of Skittles.
I like the sound of the clink-clink of the Skittles.
What about you?
MICHAEL SHOWALTER: Skittles make a
lovely clink-clink sound.
GRACE HELBIG: They do make a lovely clink-clink sound.
So it's not just, here's a bunch of content.
Watch it.
Instead it'd be me, going, hey, what'd you
guys think of this?
What'd you think of this?
Let's have an internet dialogue with each other.
A coworker doesn't seem to understand the concept of
personal space.
How do I tell him to step back?
This is my suggestion to you.
You get up real close to him, super-duper close--
well, he's already probably close to you.
You just say, listen, friend.
I have unpredictable diarrhea right now.

Do your farts smell as good as you look?
No, they don't.
And then it grew.
Four years later, I'm making a video every day.
I get to do my own comedy pieces every day.
I write, shoot, edit all of it myself from home.

These are business expenses.
A lot of my day is just sitting around
playing with toys.

What is Grace at home?
Grace at home is pretty mellow, pretty low-key.
Until this guy goes on.
And then shit goes crazy.
There's my face.
Total magic.
Record audio.
Record video.
Hi, guys.
And the [GARBLED]

Get away from me, flies.
So I don't know if you guys saw the Jim Carrey vlog
proclaiming his love for Emma Stone.
This is a message for Pat Sajak.
Can I buy a your dick in my vagina?
I'd like to solve the puzzle.
The internet is great because--
the reach.
It can just reach so many people at one time.
I could never do that on a stage at the
People's Improv Theater.
I can reach 100 people, maybe, at that stage.
But I can reach 100,000 people when I post a video every day.
They appreciate the work that I put into it so thoroughly.
I just got a PO box a little while ago, so people send fan
art and all kinds of stuff.
People are so talented, and it's crazy.
It's so crazy.
These kids are insanely talented.
And look.
Look at that.
That's insane.
I make web videos, and then people make this.
Hey, guys.
It's Friday here on Daily Grace, and you
know what that means.
Sexy Friday.
Sexy Friday.
Sexy Friday.
It's a lot of teenage girls that don't want to be the
pretty, vapid girl.
They like being awkward or silly or weird or funny.
And I want to keep them feeling like they should do
that, and that there is a place for that, and it's fun
to be that way, and to just enjoy themselves.
So I think--
it sounds cheesy, but the thing that I want to do is
just to keep these girls feeling good about themselves.

RYAN DUFFY: So Grace gets really cute t-shirts from her
fans, and I get letters from inmates with
weird stains on them.
Next up, we're going to teach you how to get from point A to
point B without looking like a complete and total dipshit in
the process.
This is Etiquette Update with John Martin.

JOHN MARTIN: Here are some rules for airport travel.
When you're in an airport, you always walk fast, to the left,
on moving sidewalks and escalators.
Know those people on the right?
People in sweat pants.
Or velour pants.
Those are what failed businessmen become
when they have kids.
Those are their kids.

Dropped an ice.

Spend $400 a year on a decent credit card.
It'll get you in the airport lounge.
And the beauty of that is it'll get you away from
numbskull Floridians with low-hanging pants.
No one wants to look at that as they're boarding a 12-hour
flight to Mumbai.

RYAN DUFFY: Etiquette tips from a guy who can't even sip
a gin and tonic without spilling on himself.
Thanks, John.
Thanks for watching another episode of Vice Today, and
come back for brand new episodes
every Monday and Thursday.
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