Homemade Moroccan Lamp | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 07.11.2012

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I have this friend named Mitchell. She has a background in set design and she comes up
with some of the coolest combinations for stuff that you just might walk on by, not
even notice. Today, how to make your own Moroccan style lamps. Hey, I'm coloring in my studio.
You know those cool Moroccan lamps that everybody has, that all the stores online are selling
and everything now? And they're about $50 to $200. And you hang them outside or inside
or you can put them on a table. But we can make them. And I think that we can make them
for free. I'm gonna start by making the tiles with Shrinky Dink plastic. Now, there's two
ways you can do it. One, is buying the Shrinky Dink plastic, and it's got a rough one side
and a really slick other side. And what you wanna do is color on the rough side. The other
way is to use to-go containers. Now, you have to use #6. #6 is the only kind that won't
either melt or catch on fire. I'm just gonna color in -- I'm using Sharpie markers because
they are alcohol based. And if you use a water soluble marker, it will fade away. But if
you use a permanent marker, it will get actually darker as the Shrinky Dink plastic shrinks.
Okay, I got this sheet colored. I'm gonna go ahead and start cutting out some tiles.
Now for my lamp, I wanna have matching pieces. I'm gonna make a pair of each piece I cut
to make sure that I have more than one each piece I cut. But really, it doesn't matter
what size because we haven't cut our little windows out yet. Okay, so, we're gonna put
our tiles down. And if you wanna use parchment paper, you can. I bought this tray specifically
for making Shrinky Dinks on. Now, I have preheated my toaster oven, that I keep in my studio
at all times, to 325 degrees. Now we're gonna put them in for 3 minutes. Ta-dah, aren't'
they adorable? I decided to make it out of this plastic -- this is a coffee can, a plastic
coffee can. And so I walked around looking for different bases. But what look what I
actually found -- an old planter. So I'm gonna use this as my base. This little cheesy 70s
incense holder will look really cool on top. I have gone ahead and painted outside one
a metallic color. Eventually, I'm gonna patina them all. We're gonna do a painting technique
on all of it. Alright, now we've got all the little tin punch holes in and our windows
made. And now I can start putting the stain glass pieces in. Okay, so I've done one side
of this, but before I go any further, I wanna go ahead and get my cord in, because I'm gonna
push my cord through this back hole. I know it fits, okay. I'm using color. They don't
have to be untangled. Wad that's left over from Christmas, where only half the lights
work, those are actually the most ideal Christmas lights. This is an Art Department trick. This
a wood finish stain marker. And let's plug it in. You all, this is a coffee can with
Christmas lights and Shrinky Dink -- I made with stuff I already had around my house.
It's cool. It turned out cool.