NFL mothers practice for tilt versus NBA mothers

Uploaded by PennState on 18.07.2011

Intro Music/Narrator: Some NFL mothers learn that it is not as easy as it looks. That’s right now, InMotion!
Set-hut…..there you go….< Narrator:These ladies are the mothers of current and past NFL players. And more importantly they are members of the PFPMA.
The Professional Football Players Mothers Association. It started close to 15 years ago. Their mission is simple. To help their sons navigate life in the NFL.
Chris Johnson: We basically educate ourselves what goes on inside the NFL. So if we’re educated, information they really don’t pay attention to
we are up on it. Especially if they don’t have wives. So we kinda gather all that information to try to get an understanding so when questions come up or issues arise we are
as educated as they are. So we can help them out and say, ‘Hey did you know such and such is going on? Do you know you have a deadline to get this done?
Narrator: Beside watching out for their sons the association has become a fund raising machine organized by its members to help the local communities that their sons have become a part of.
And a little more.
Chris Johnson: And that’s part of giving back to the community. Because in order to give back you have to find a cause to give back to.
Like the Boys and Girls Clubs. We donate money to them. Food banks in different cities. We donate to them. Coat drives.
We donate to them. We did a food drive with Campbell Soup about couple years ago.
Narrator: But this weekend the ladies got together for a fund raising planning session of sorts.
The NFL moms will assemble with the NBA moms to play an organized game for charity. Last year it was basketball and they lost.
But this year it is football and the ladies have a certain “ace in the hole.
Larry Johnson: Well yeh, you know that is easy. My wife is part of the NBA Mom’s association and she asked me about this
about five months ago. I kinda played ______ahhh… saying I don’t think I want to get involved. She kept nagging about it.
I realized I could get come brownie points, so I better do this. So I kinda got roped into it. But it has been fun. It really has. I really enjoy it.
Narrator: Larry Johnson, a Penn State football assistant coach and father of Nittany Lion great, Larry Johnson
put the mom’s through the paces complete with a film session, play book, drills and actual game practice.
Chris Johnson: Everything is full speed. You do not walk. You do not drag. He wants to be on time.
If he wants 4:00, he really means 3:45. So it has been kinda fun. But I have seen him in action before so I am kinda like used to it. Everybody else is like ‘is he crazy or what!
Narrator: So by the middle of the second day of practice all the players had a better appreciation for what their sons did.
Connie Davis: I have the utmost respect for EVERY player on EVERY team. Not just my son. But to have to do this!!! This is just … Oh! …
Narrator: By the end of the day, all participants were happy to sweat a little and push their bodies to help charities that help others.
Larry Johnson: We’re playing for a great cause. At the same time we are going to have fun. But you like to win. But we are going to win for our autism.
Outro Music/Narrator: For inMotion…I’m Curt Parker.