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Hey, are you in a pickle about what to grow in your garden? Let me help you out with it.
You know, about once a week, I come out here and encourage my cucumbers to go up on the
fence. Just take a look at this: You see how these vines will begin to cling to this fence
-- this is what I call a space-saving technique. Cucumbers come equipped with their own little
tendrils, and they'll begin to tie themselves up to the fence. They do it all by themselves
-- all you have to do is encourage them. And so by weaving a few of these ends into the
fence, these tendrils will reach around and wrap around it and hold them there. And then
you have cucumbers hanging down all along this fence. It's a great way to harvest. Now,
this variety of cucumber is a lemon cucumber -- it's an Asian variety. And if you'll look
under here, you'll see, here's one right here -- one of our first. There you go, look at
that. These are really delicious -- I just love them. And they are really, really easy
to grow. Now, one of the things that you'll notice here: Look at all the blooms. It's
very important that we have pollinators. So, bumblebees, honey bees -- they're all welcome
to play around in the cucumbers and go from one flower to the next, because the more they
pollinate, the more cucumbers we grow. Let's go over to the next fence -- let me show you
a Boston pickling cucumber. So you can see here, these are growing very well also. You
can see, we're already getting some fruit here on this -- look at that, look at that
little cucumber. And here's some, here, as well. These will grow about 6 to 7 inches
long. And these are delicious, as the name implies, for pickles. Who doesn't love pickles?
Both of these varieties -- the lemon (which I really love fresh) and the pickling cucumbers
(I love in pickles), these are both Bonnie Varieties -- and what we've done is spaced
them about 4 feet apart. There are a couple plants in each one of these areas. And within
a couple weeks, these cucumber vines will cover this entire fence. It'll look like a
wall of cucumbers. And one of the things to keep in mind with cucumbers is you wanna make
sure that you go along and keep them picked, because they can get away from you. And what
you'll do is you'll get these giant cucumbers in here, like that one -- it's already getting
too large and it's already beginning to yellow. They'll just seem to grow overnight. You need
to check them regularly, because this is a perfect size for pickling -- that's what you
want. And you wanna keep these big ones off, because what they're gonna do is there just
gonna drain the plant of its energy. If you keep them picked, you're gonna get more and
more cucumbers -- you're not gonna exhaust the vines. Hey, if you're enjoying these segments
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to eHow Home. And hey, get out there and make some homemade pickles -- you'll love them.
I got a recipe on my website.