ENG SUB_ MBLAQ_VIXX _PLAYFUL Teams epi 2 (2) End

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I guess i learned how i should try first without worrying too much. Improving VIXX's variety skills, the last session: "Sock wrestling" What can you learn
from it? You can improve your quickness and strength, and it affects when you dance on the stages.
he has a competitive spirit. LET'S GO! You shouldn't go out. Lee Joon watches, Oh wait! one step back. Sunbaenim! I protect Ravi! taking off your team's sock?
Ravi'sout. I'm out, out, out. Other's pain is my pleasure (poor JOONIE)
HYUK, go first, get a head start! He's a shield.
mir is at a crisist! a crying baby Mir came LAMO~@@ MIR on fire O_O ..N and Ken Win ..
It's leader versus leader. Mir..Say a word to each other. What are you looking at? Speak informally. there's no such thing (as sunbae-hubae)
Seungho-ya. You make a mistake. Semi final, let's go! Sacred KEN give up, I'm scared! Evil Seungho can't hear hubae's desperate cry. Please get my
socks! No one touches!he's using his feet. the long-awaited, final match, let's go!
I just though, i should take the sock off. Crowds entering makes it worse! What about teamwork they're been building up? Finally had to stop.
the scene of a real mental breakdown. No way! You're gonna debut in no time, and work together. I can't do it. I'm going home. You have to do
it! Checkyour faceon TV later, see how evil it was. Rematch, Let go! it's so exciting. it surely is a finalmatch.
Excited referee, Mir They're total beasts, not human beings.Let's go for another round. Whining Seungho (MBLAQ'S leader/26)
There was no fair play, no meaning. We just had fun playing. In order to make the final evaluation, What's the next game? To decide the winner: the
extra round,"high pitch match" If you feel like it's impossiable to hit the note without ripping your vocal cords, use your "chance". We'll do whatever
we can to hit the note. it's just the first one, take it easy.
no sign of laughter! a serious match Until 6 octaves, still being serious. No fun, but just amazing! Finally, something's happening!
HYUK uses the "MBLAQ chance" Can Mir save HYUK? A prefect example of high note match was shown at the expense of his nipples. I'll use the chance.
(Burden) Why do you use it after him? Seungho does his very best to warm up his voice. Which Re is it though? Reeee!!!!!!! Miiiii!!!!!!!!! I approve!
There's no other way, I'll use the chance. Is Thunder gonna survive in the high pitch war?
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LMAO~ ...LAUGH !!
I just thought that they were good at recording the show.
Finally, every match has ended. the sun set down. They have much better reaction after meeting MBLAQ~ today's winner is...thunder and hongbin get
the prize! Today, I've learned that we do Variety by using our bodies.Then, are you going to give the meat to thunder sunbae? Or is VIXX going to take .
it? Be honest, be honestVariety is about bring honest You gotta be honest. You really gotta be honest, you're so tried. I'm short of blood cause I'm
old. Yes, I'll give it to the sunbaenims. aw!!! everbody happy what he said Quickly..THANK YOU! (LEE JOON) LOL..I'll give you an explanation to clear
up any misunderstanding . It's really busy at first, you can't grill the meat. When you live in the drom, even ther're two restrooms that peoples get to share
one, Right? it take an hour. Even when the work finishes at 1am, you get to sleep at almost 3am. you guys don't have the time to eat. When are you gonna
eat? We have a lots of time cause we're on break. a lots of time cause we're on break. With a glass of wine. We're talking about this, and the kids are all
like "ah" but LEO's like...LOE's usual expressions Give it to LEO, have it! don't wanna eat this.It's LOE's We'll just give it LEO hyung too. Now, it's about MVP.
10minutes before the ending, MBLAQ was carefully choosing the MVP. today's MVP is..LEO's Rising star of Variety, LEO ..LEO was active as ever
LOE..CONGRAT to LEO's who have inprove his variety ! He's crying.Are you crying? Don't cry! Please express your happiness.1 it was lots of fun. 2 and I'm grateful
for MBLAQ sunbaenims for the god laugh. 3 I'll be VIXX's LEO who work harder.Both in varietys and Stages, I hope they became the number one singer. VIXX FIGHTING~!!
MBLAQ FIGHTING~!! I never knew i would laugh this hard today. We're the ones suppose to be funny.I think there were many thing tolearn it was a very good
opportunity~ THANK YOU~!! It's just the begining. Don't lose your dream, and i hope you continue to run for it. They work hard now, but peoples only recognize
it when you work . The recording have to be done anyways, have fun doing it When it finishes late, you're not happy. You can curse them when it's over.