MIDI Editing in Logic Pro 8 : How to Quantize in Logic Pro 8

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

The next thing I'm going to show you about is about quantization. Now quantizing is basically
fixing the notes so they're on point in time. It's going to bring it to the nearest bar
or nearest beat and make sure that each of your notes is played with whatever tempo you're
at. You know what I'm saying? And sometimes you can put swing on it and kind of really
fine tune the quantize to get it like certain feels and certain, you know you can delay
it a little bit to give it certain types of drag of feel. Things like that. What you can
do right here is, I have a part that I've already played and you've heard it many a
times, but what I can do is play it and you can hear how it's a little bit off. It's not
even really that off, it's more of a realistic feel, but if I wanted to change it, I could
go into my quantize options right here and just quantize that and it will quantize the
entire track. So now when I play it it's going to be more on. What I could also do is, I
could change it to different types of quantize. Like, I just did a sixteen A with a swing.
Like if I was to do it to one sixteenth so it's in sixteenth notes. But, I could also
just go down here within my piano roll and maybe just edit certain notes. Like if I heard,
maybe I just want to change these few notes, I could just quantize those notes. Make sure
those notes are on and play it again. So maybe I'll just go through the whole part and just
kind of fix up these little notes. Not really anything else. I connect both, I'll try kind
of, fix those up, so I'll quantize those, play from the beginning.