Sweet Lie (달콤한 거짓말) Part 1 (Eng Subs)

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Jiho? What are you talking about?
Whoa. He's good looking.
- Yeah. He's hot. - Let me see.
He reminds me of me five years ago.
Why are you showing that?
- Are you drunk? - Here are your cigarettes.
What'd I miss?
- Light. - Oh.
Do you know destiny comes in two forms?
You can either lift a book from
a shelf and see it standing there,
or you can run into destiny by accident in the most romantic way...
with his bike ramming into you.
Are you okay?
Is something wrong with your eyes?
Oh. I'm fine.
I hope your bike's okay.
I have to go. I'm late.
That's when everything changed.
My entire life began to revolve
around him until one day!
I'm glad we're here together...
Why don't you tell him that yourself?
Do you remember 8th grade gym?
Why would you bring that up?
I never told anyone how you peed your pants.
I see another secret admirer.
Minwoo! I've been looking all over for you.
Hansang. Hi.
Minwoo? What's your favorite animal?
I don't know. Elephants.
Who's she?
Her name's Ahn Hyelim.
I've been looking all over for you.
- Jiho! Look! - Let's get out of here.
What do you think about his friend? Doesn't he look dependable?
Our giraffe friends await us.
Can't you tell the difference between dependable and dorky?
This is right where I want to be.
That's when I realized that
a love like this can never be.
There is no place for me in his heart.
His heart will always belong to someone else.
"You smiled that smile, and it brought out the sun in me.
It changed me."
I told myself I'll ask him out once I finish the doll.
Hello? Who is this?
Who is this? Hello?
Mom! It's that caller again!
Aw. You're so adorable.
I sewed and stitched day and night till my fingers went numb.
In the end...
Well? Did you tell him?
Did you ask him out or not?
What about the elephant?
I can't even get drunk. I'm so worried about ratings.
I get drunk fine.
- Let's go. - I hate ratings!
Let's go.
I shouldn't have let him go.
I haven't had a single boyfriend in ten years.
I'm a nun without the habit.
Well? Did you tell him or not?
I told you recyclables go out on Wednesdays!
Hey! Get up!
Get up!
What? Who's there?
Ew. You stink.
Where's Jihoon?
Do I look like his mother?
He must be out drunk again.
You two are quite a pair.
It's our family's motto. To each his own.
Go away.
I'm late! No!
You'll be fired soon anyway.
Your shows always flop.
What do you want? Why are you even here?
Go away! What if I really do get fired?
Don't be late for dinner. Jihoon and I will be waiting.
I wonder if he downloaded the latest porn.
Hat! Hat!
You don't have to rush anymore.
I won't be late anymore.
They're canceling our show.
We posted the lowest ratings in the history of the universe.
Where are my cigarettes?
Oh. I forgot.
More people tuned in to static
than our show.
Who came up with the idea of a dating show for the elderly?
Can't you do better than that?
I'll try harder.
You reek of alcohol.
You're fired. You can get all the rest you want now.
Ew. You stink.
This is all Dongshik's fault!
Why'd he have to say that!
What just happened?
What just happened?
Hey! Stop!
Hey! Stop!
He's got my bag! Stop!
Hey! There's no money in there!
Hey! There's no money in there!
Is something wrong with your eyes?
Are you okay?
I hope your car's okay.
You have to be brave. Don't be scared.
Time and tide wait for no man!
- Hurry up! - I can't do it.
- What if he says no? - He's here. Go.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Let's go.
What's going on? Huh?
They've been going out for a while. He fell for her, as would any guy.
Jiho? Can I use this instead?
Make it a rush delivery... Please...
Make sure we come out pretty.
Let's take a picture with me!
I prayed every single night.
Why are they still together?
That ship has sailed.
You missed your chance.
Doctor? How is she?
She opened her eyes. She's awake.
Nurse. Ask that man to come in.
Yes, Doctor.
Ms. Unidentified? Are you feeling okay?
Isn't that your name?
ID Unidentified Kang Minwoo
Don't you know your own name?
Is it because you hurt your head?
I see you're up.
How are you feeling?
Are you in pain?
This was clearly your fault.
You shouldn't have run out into traffic like that.
You didn't have your wallet with you, so we couldn't ID you.
You should call your family. I have to leave soon.
Mister. She doesn't know her name.
It's like on TV.
She's got amnesia!
...am I?
Who am I?
It seems you have no memory.
Don't worry about it.
I thought you were passed out.
Passed out?
You were sleeping the alcohol off.
Amnesia isn't that common.
It only happens on TV.
What's wrong with her then?
She's got no apparent injuries. The MRI scan showed nothing.
This looks like dissociative amnesia. It's a psychogenic disorder.
It means you are suffering
from partial memory loss.
Otherwise, you have no problems performing everyday functions.
You know the multiplication tables.
You still know how to ride the bus.
You haven't suffered any damage to your learning ability.
What's 7 times 8?
Actually, it's 56.
That's strange. That's basic math.
You need to go back to your daily routine.
That'll speed up the recovery process.
You can go home tomorrow.
Home? Where is home?
What? Me?
There's nothing we can do except wait this out.
I called your parents already.
This is your fault, so you have to take her home.
Uncle! No!
Whoa. Look at all this.
What does this girl do anyway?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
I see what's going on.
She used to work at a club, and she got into debt.
She sees an expensive car,
and she sees it's her last hope
so she jumps in front of it.
You can't take her home.
She can go home tomorrow.
I'll leave my parents to deal with her once she comes,
but you need to check for missing person's reports.
Run her prints. Do something.
I bet she's doing this for the money.
She didn't look like the type.
I need you to report my phone
and credit cards stolen.
Sorry. I'm busy.
You don't even have a job!
You'd better do this! Or else!
You'd better do this! Or else!
This is getting way out of hand.
What am I going to do if his parents are home?
What do you mean you're not home?
Where are you right now?
My sister in Canada just gave birth.
Congratulations! That makes you an uncle!
My parents are on the plane right now.
Oh... I forgot...
They must have left in a hurry.
Your house is a little messy.
It's not a big deal.
This is how it is.
Do you remember where you live?
I meant, this is how I imagine it to be in my house.
You can stay in that room over there.
Thank you.
I have to get back to the office.
Will you be okay by yourself?
Really? All by myself?
Of course. I'll see you later.
Oh, my god.
Where is he?
Why won't he come to the phone?
We've got a ton of orders to fill!
Hey? Where were you the last two days?
Don't you know how important it is to deliver on time?
What's wrong with you?
Did something happen to your sister?
I've been begging Sewon to go out with me for ages.
I finally got her to say yes!
I can't reach your sister.
You didn't come home for days. I didn't know what to do.
What is the matter with your family?
To each his own. She's got her own life to lead.
Why's it so dark in here?
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Look at these fabulous lamps!
Minwoo. I'm here to clean your room.
Don't worry. I'm not a bad person. Oh... I love his smell...
Architecture! Wow!
Globe! Wow!
How've you been?
Where's your trunk?
He's kept it all this time!
That's so sweet of him! I love him to death!
Minwoo! I love you!
She must have vacuumed in here.
I'm Officer Jeong Hansang with the Sungbuk Police.
I'm not sure...
who I am.
I can't remember my name.
We still need something to call you
while you're here.
- What about Flyer Girl? - Stop it.
I think it sounds cool. Like a superhero. Flyer. Flyer Girl.
Hansang. Be quiet.
We've got a good system in place down at the station.
You must be in your early 20s.
More likely late 20s. Or maybe mid-20s.
You're of average height, and you've got broad shoulders.
Have we met before?
I can't say I remember.
I think I've seen you somewhere.
What do you think?
She seems okay so far.
In fact, she's kind of cute.
I told you she looks nice.
There's nice and then there's pretty.
They're not the same thing.
You should be careful though. I think she's after your dough.
Aren't you into the nice girl types?
I prefer classy, modest women.
He must have gone off to work.
Man. Today's a great day.
I thought you left for work.
Today's a Saturday.
You said it's only been two days.
You can't file a missing persons report after just two days.
She must be out drunk at a friend's house or something.
You can't file a report on a missing adult till after
a week has passed. I thought I made that clear.
Officer! What if something happens to her during that week?
What will you do then?
Why are you yelling at me for?
Look. Calm down.
You're not even her family!
You can't file a report unless you're a family member!
I can arrest you in for obstruction of justice! Do you realize that!
She just lost her job.
She's in a fragile state.
Hey! What'd you do this time?
- What are you doing back here? - I brought a picture of her.
Not you again!
Hey! Keep it down!
Officer! She's in her 20s, and she's got pretty big shoulders!
I hope you like it.
You didn't have to do this.
The rice looks really good.
The best meal wouldn't be complete
without fresh, fragrant rice.
This is why I love being a woman.
"The children remind me of angels in the sky.
Everywhere I go I smell the scent of you as I walk by.
It must be love. Love. Love."
"You smiled that smile, and it brought out the sun in me."
Where do you think you're going?
I'm freezing! Freezing!
Yes! Free one day pass at the gym!
I love coupons!
The lamps have brightened up the place. They're fantastic.
I think you can spice this up with a fresh coat of paint.
No. I'm happy with the results.
- Good work, Minwoo. - Thank you.
Is something going on? You look better than ever.
I brought you fresh fruit.
What's wrong with this lamp? Where's the switch on this thing?
That's one of my designs. You turn it on like so.
You don't have to mend those.
That's okay. I love to sew. It's relaxing.
I must have been a good wife in my past life.
Do you love me? Do you?
What should I do?
Minwoo's getting aroused.
This is the perfect chance.
No. It's too soon. He'll think I'm easy.
What's wrong with a kiss?
Wouldn't a kiss be okay?
I must shower first!
Go ahead. No one's stopping you.
I'll shower later.
Minwoo? How's Flyer Girl doing?
- Have you two hooked up yet? - Oh. Everything's fine.
I'm getting the results back from her prints tomorrow.
We can send her home once we know her address.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Hey! Wait!
I can't go home like this. No. I can't lie to him forever.
I'll tell him my memory's back. No! I can't leave!
I need to make my mark before I go.
Will tonight be the night?
What's happening tonight?
I was thinking of cooking a few more recipes tonight.
Will you go grocery shopping with me?
I should have bought you a shirt sooner.
I'm sorry it took so long.
No. I love it. I love Ralph Lauren.
You love Ralph Lauren!
Try some. It's really good.
It'll melt in your mouth.
You should do it for her.
Um... Excuse me...
I have a name, too, you know.
Call me Flyer Girl.
Flyer Girl. You have ketchup on your lip.
That's enough.
Didn't you say you need shampoo?
Why don't we go over there?
Where's the shampoo aisle?
This is really good, too.
Mom! Let's go!
- Hurry up! Now! - Fine.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. We need light bulbs! Let's go get light bulbs!
You must be looking for a lot in a woman.
Why are you still single?
I was too busy.
Who was your last girlfriend?
I shouldn't have asked.
Who was your first crush then?
Her name was Uldong.
She was the vice president of the 6th grade class.
I see.
What do you look for in women?
I like quiet, modest women.
Guys should be like guys, and girls should be like girls.
Oh. I also hate liars.
There was this girl in college
who used to lie all the time.
She was so fake.
I couldn't forgive her for that.
That's all I look for in a woman.
Where were you all this time? Do you know how worried I was?
Who are you? What do you want?
Do you know this guy?
Jiho. Tell the man.
We're really close. We're friends.
Who are you?
It's me. Park Dongshik.
Are you kidding me?
What's wrong with you?
- Hey! - What?
She's in shock right now.
You can't yell at her like that.
Don't you remember how I woke you up with my feet? Like this?
Remember how you came home drunk?
Do you live with her?
We're neighbors.
You shouldn't follow strangers to their house.
Let's go home.
I can't go with you. I don't even know you.
Do you think I'm lying?
I can see you know each other,
but you have to understand.
Flyer Girl is really confused.
What? Flyer who?
She's got two moles on her right shoulder.
She's also got a birthmark on her butt!
I'll go. I'll go with him.
Where have you been all this time?
Where have you been all this time?
There's mildew all over the kitchen sink!
Why did you turn your phone off?
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
Are you drunk again?
Fine. Fine.
You don't have to model our panties if you don't want to.
They weren't going to show your face in the ad anyway.
So this is my room.
Jiho? Is this for real?
Don't you recognize me?
It's me! Jihoon!
I'm your brother!
Sir. Please.
Jiho! I promise I won't stay out till late anymore.
I promise I'll quit drinking.
I've got a girlfriend now, so...
Really? You do?
I can't imagine how you managed to do that.
Why is she being weird?
Jiho! Tell me this isn't real!
This has to be a joke!
Jihoon! No!
She needs her rest!
This can't be happening!
No! Leave her alone!
This can't be real! It can't be!
This is all Dongshik's fault!
Why'd he have to show up? What am I going to do now?
- Jiho! - Hey.
I hate this!
How could this have happened to her all of a sudden?
What's wrong with this!
What will I tell your poor mother? How will I face her in heaven?
Don't you recognize me?
Oh... Oh...
Mom. She'll be fine soon.
Can I pay my credit card bill with her debit cards?
Hey. Are you feeling better?
I'll take those.
Do you even remember how to report lost credit cards?
Do you even remember how to report lost credit cards?
I can call the bank and ask.
Besides, I don't want to trouble you.
Your cell phone was reported lost.
Oh. That's strange.
Who called that in?
Who reported it missing?
Well... I... I...
She must have gotten into the accident
after reporting them lost.
- That's it. - That's absolutely it.
- You are so right on. - That's right.
You should go change. We have places to go.
We need to get your memory back.
This is going to help you remember.
You should go with Dongshik.
Poor Jiho.
We went to the same elementary, junior high, and high school.
Don't you remember?
I guess.
Remember how I used to save you
from the third grade bully?
Remember how we used to play the recorder together?
Dongshik? What do you want now?
What has four legs in the morning
but 13 legs at night?
What is it?
It's a monster. That's what.
That's so stupid.
Hey! That hurt!
You have really thick hair.
I can use it in games.
Stop teasing Jiho or I'm going
to tell your teacher!
Let's practice the recorder later.
Go away!
Remember how kids called you "the Yangtze" in high school?
Everyone knew who you were.
It looks yummy.
This one is good.
Did you get any White Day candy?
Han Jiho! I'm looking for Han Jiho!
That's me.
Take it. It's for you.
Who gives Chinese noodles on White Day?
You'd better eat that before it gets soggy.
Didn't you say you think it's romantic to ride a motorcycle with a guy?
Why don't you hop on that one?
Remember how you wanted to live at the zoo?
This is right where I want to be.
The pigs are over there.
Will you shut your trap?
Sheesh. You don't have to be that mean.
Will you guys stop fighting?
I got better at playing pool. I score a 75 now.
- Hi, Mr. Elephant. - That's not bad.
What's happening?
Aren't you coming?
I think I'm stuck!
Can't you get out?
- Pull her out! - No! Wait!
- Pull! - Ow! It hurts!
One! Two! Three!
One! Two! Three!
Pull! Pull! Go away! All of you!
You almost ended up living here. Remember? Remember?
I can't say that I do!
I know this is frustrating.
That's how I feel after I pass out from drinking, too.
Don't worry. I've got something else.
We're going back to the good old days!
Back to the Good Old Days
Jiho? Do you remember who I am?
Oh no. She really doesn't remember.
I thought this only happened in movies.
I never thought it could happen to someone I know.
This is awful.
Jiho. Come here.
Sit down.
This is too bad.
I guess you forgot how you used to have a huge crush on me.
You practically stalked me.
You're looking a lot prettier.
You used to copy everything I did.
I see you got a nose job.
Did you also get your eyes done?
Eunsook? Didn't you stay in touch with Jiho after school?
Do you remember Eunsook?
She looks a little scary.
We went to junior high together.
Remember how she wet her pants?
- Really? - What?
Hey, you!
Let's all have a drink.
I'm going to have to ask you guys to help me pay the check.
I'm going to have to ask you guys to help me pay the check.
- How much cash you've got? - I have some...
Or are you broke again?
Do you even have a job?
"You smiled that smile, and it brought out the sun in me."
I want Minwoo...
Jiho. Lunch is ready.
Look. This is mom. This is dad.
This is me.
Who is this pretty little girl?
That's you.
This is Dongshik. This is Dongshik's mom.
This is his dad. He's in England.
Doesn't he have that British look?
This is Sewon, my girlfriend.
You said I should give up,
but we finally got it together.
I'm sure you'd have been happy for us if it wasn't for the accident.
I guess you don't remember
how I borrowed money from you.
Yes! I won't have to pay back the $320!
What is he muttering to himself?
Did you tell the other kids?
About how I wet my pants in gym class?
"Who are you?"
You're supposed to be a writer. Couldn't you have picked a better lie than memory loss?
Love made me do that.
I'd still be with Minwoo if I hadn't gotten caught.
What if Minwoo finds out you lied? Wouldn't you have to leave the country?
Wouldn't he think you're a psycho?
How would you react if you were him?
I can't turn back now. I've come too far.
I don't want to die single. He might get a restraining order.
I've been dry and single for ten long years.
This is my last shot at love. This chance is a godsend.
You've gone bats hit crazy. I have to be more careful.
There are people out to ruin me.
There's Dongshik for one, and
that dork cop who took my prints.
Are you talking about the dependable friend of his?
Can't you tell the difference between dependable and dorky?
He's a cop now.
That's great.
I like guys with stable jobs.
How will you see Minwoo again?
Do you have a plan?
I'm five months older than you,
so let me give you a piece of advice.
Wait. Wasn't it your birthday last week?
I know! Gym pass!
Excuse me...
Flyer Girl? Is that you?
I didn't know you went to this gym.
I've been a member for a while.
You look exhausted.
I'm fine. I want to fill an hour at least.
I've been meaning to ask after you.
Do you think we can talk?
Yes. This is where Jiho lives.
Her bag?
Is he in the shower still?
These footprints are
the same size as my feet, so...
I must have taken dance lessons as a child.
Dance... Right...
Thank you.
Weren't your parents worried?
They passed away in a car accident.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
I'll let you in on something, too.
What do you mean?
My mom passed away, too, when I was nine years old.
I have a stepmother now.
I don't usually tell people this.
I'm thirty years old now,
and I'm finally beginning to know more about myself.
I find it hard to open up to people
because my mom died so early.
That's why I hate liars so much,
but after I met you...
Did you lose something?
Are you still going to the hospital?
Yes. What were you saying?
Nothing. It wasn't important.
You can always call me
anytime you're bored
till your memory comes back.
We live close by. I hope we'll see each other more.
- Will you excuse me? - Sure.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I need the ladies' room.
How does this happen? How could she get hit by
a car driven by the guy she had
a crush on ten years ago?
Hey! Mister!